Channelings/ Ashtar-Command/ Alien-Cultures: ET's Journey To Earth

  An Extraterrestrial's Journey to Earth


  The following is an encoded open-eyed meditation:

  Imagine yourself being approached by someone you respect, who offers
  you the opportunity to go to another planet. What would you say if
  that person were to tell you that the work involves co-creative
  interaction by learning to understand communication patterns between
  different cultures in the universe? What would your mission be and
  how long would you stay?

  What if this person offered you the possibility to integrate into
  physical body of the beings living on that planet? Would you choose
  to come in your own humanoid form, or prefer to come into a body
  indigenous to that planet? How would these beings respond to your
  presence? Would you be able to learn more about their culture by
  having assumed their physical shape ? If you did what challenges
  would you face?

  A choice, a decision, a step into the unknown...

  Suddenly you are rising up through the clouds, above the mountain
  peaks, through the ozone, drifting further, higher and higher until
  you come to a beautiful mauve planet. Glistening temples adorn the
  highest mountain peaks. The night sky emerges, shifting the pinkish
  sky to a brilliant golden fuchsia red, while in the distance three
  smaller moons rise to watch over this ceremonial transition of

  Regaining your inner focus, awed by the world you see, you question
  if you could work in this strange land. Imagine yourself on this
  planet, in a body different than your own, living in a culture where
  the people are not made of flesh and blood, but of light, color,
  sound and frequency. The inhabitant's overall physical appearance is
  humanoid, but they are extraterrestrials. Their physical structure
  is composed of a luminous light. They have a presence, a glowing
  radiance, a warm gentleness. Their eyes are black, wilh no visible
  pupils, three times the size of their human counterpart. Their eyes
  are used to connect deeply to each other's soul, allowing a blending
  of their total energy and vision. Their bodies are tall (6- 7ft) and
  have a luminous white glow, with no ears, a tiny nose and a small
  narrow mouth used to occasionally emit certain frequencies of sound.
  I am Shaari, an extraterrestrial being. This is my planet Arcturus
  and this is what I look like.

  On this planet there is a semiphysical density, allowing these
  beings to change their physical form through thought. To create
  movement they gracefully levitate, glide and then transform into a
  stream of small particles of light, dematerializing, only to leave a
  trail of their presence behind. Everything is instantaneous. Thought
  propels form. Clarity gives precise direction. They are healers of
  consciousness and thought. Some of these beings have wings and use
  them to emit harmonic sounds and colors that vibrate through
  harmonically-attuned feathers that extract denser thoughts in one's

  If you were asked to work on that planet what could you contribute
  to their culture? Could you teach from your own heartfelt perception
  and experience? How would you feel to have left your own family and
  mate on Earth? Could you venture in and out of the physical body for
  occasional journeys home? What kind of obstac les would you
  encounter? Could you provide technologies, as well as teach concepts
  and philosophies that align and awaken that culture to a more
  expansive version of their own potential?

  That happened to me...

  My name is Shaari. I am a female extraterrestrial, who integrated
  into a human female body in 1989. I am a commander in the Star
  Command, an interplanetary organization consisting of many
  extraterrestrial cultures and universal beings. I have lived and
  worked most of my existence, approximately 750 years, within this
  command. I was born a Pleiadian/Arcturan hybrid and was created out
  of the thoughts of a Pleiadian and Arcturan council. As such, I do
  not have a mother or a father, but refer to these councils as an
  equivalent to what you may call parents. I have the Pleiadian
  inquisitiveness in seeding consciousness and the Arcturan ability to
  heal the integration of thought in a variety of cultures. In the
  Star Command I work as a holographic healer and interdimensional
  teacher. I assist other interplanetary representatives in shifting
  and aligning their consciousness prior to interstellar travel. In
  our realm, thought propels form and clarity of thought assures the
  manifestation of this instantaneous reality.

  In the Star Command we travel beyond the speed of light, we travel
  at the speed of thought. Any misalignment of one's thoughts can
  alter the trajectory and co-ordinates of one's mission. An imbalance
  of one's thoughts while travelling through Stargates or other
  interstellar phenomena, may result in the total fragmentation of
  one's life form and shuttle craft.

  I spent most of my early years on board various ships. I was always
  fascinated by how a variety of cultures create their existence
  through thought. As a result, I began to work with the keepers of
  the Akashik realm. I specialized in holographic symbology,
  developing a level of expertise in recording these symbols and
  transcribing corresponding information from the Akashik records.
  These records are a vast universal resource library containing the
  choices and decisions of souls and their consciousness. The Akashik
  records are frequently used to align interplanetary travelers with
  their vision, objectives and intentions prior to entering a
  multidimensional journey.

  I also have a family and a mate called Mishar. He is a male Arcturan
  extraterrestrial, a fully initiated councillor and healer, working
  as a commander in the Star Command. He has the ability to utilize
  his wings to shift consciousness, by running different frequencies
  of color, light and sound through a series of harmonically-attuned
  feathers. His extraterrestrial body is quite tall between 6'4 and 7'
  embracing a wing span of at least 6 feet. On board, Mishar works
  with the high level councillors by monitoring weather patterns
  caused by the fluctuations of thought in any mass consciousness.
  When observing the changing weather patterns of Earth, he often
  utilizes very high frequencies of sound to balance areas in the mass

  My invitation to Earth .....

  My mate Mishar and I had just resumed from the planet Ur, where we
  had been observing and assisting the development of consciousness of
  a primitive life from. Our return journey brought us to the fourth
  quadrant of the Earth's solar system. There, located behind the
  Earth's sun, our ship the West Star was orbiting. The West Star is
  our mother ship and houses several hundred thousand Intergalactic
  representatives, most of them extraterrestrial. It is under the
  command of Veyares and operates under the strict directives of
  Ashtar, the Star Command and the Intergalactic Council of Twelve.

  On arrival to the West Star, Mishar and I were quickly escorted to
  our respective healing chambers. There we were issued new
  "uniforms," replacing the traditional blue and gold garments with a
  silvery-blue liquid light that covered our form. This coating
  reenergized and raised the vibratory rate of our light bodies,
  allowing us to maintain a higher connectedness to the ship. This
  exchange in uniform was also significant of a change in command, a
  promotion of sorts.

  We were then escorted, in procession, past the atrium located in the
  center of the West Star. This atrium is massive, highlighting
  hundreds of mezzanine levels, each acting like a greenhouse of many
  types of interplanetary vegetation. From these mezzanine levels,
  thousands of beings and former students honored our presence as we
  entered into the high council chambers. Within the chamber only a
  few councillors remained, along with Ashtar, Bashar, Veyares,
  Solara, Torin and Councilor Aarah. They formed a circle around us
  and I thought that maybe Mishar and I were about to be reprimanded
  for over-staying our welcome on the planet Ur.

  To our delight, Councilor Aarah and Ashtar offered Mishar and me the
  opportunity of our lifetime: to assist in the quantum leap of
  consciousness of an evolving planet and its species. This assignment
  would involve consciously integrating into a life-form indigenous of
  another planet. It meant living, learning and interacting within
  that culture. It would challenge us to learn the vital communication
  links that would make it possible for the Star Command to interact
  more directly with the citizens of that culture.

  We were given the choice of one of two assignments: the first choice
  was integrate into a primitive life form that was just making the
  shift toward conscious realization. The other assignment involved
  integrating into a human body, to learn and decipher their
  communication patterns in order to prepare them for conscious
  extraterrestrial interaction that would set the foundation for
  intergalactic trade and technological exchange. The work on Earth
  would be for a duration of thirty years, after which we would return
  to our ship and assume Veyares's command of the West Star.

  The West Star is scheduled to undertake a large portion of the
  visible interaction with Earth's inhabitants in the next century. To
  date, Mishar has not received an invitation from a conscious human
  to integrate into a male body. I, however, integrated a little over
  three years ago, and still have conscious recollection of and am in
  contact with Mishar and my ship on a regular basis.

  The Integration ....

  I integrated into a human female body in 1989. The body I integrated
  into belonged to a woman, early thirties, professional, employed in
  computer graphics, who channelled and conducted personal growth
  workshops on the side. In January of 1989, this woman was involved
  in a serious car accident, during which she gained conscious
  recognition that she had completed her life purpose and thereby
  requested within Universal Law to be able to leave the Earth plane.
  She wanted to provide her body as a vehicle for another being of a
  higher consciousness to use. Rather than allowing her body to "die,"
  she felt that a being of a different origin within the universe
  could utilize this opening to provide a greater perspective and
  insight on upcoming planetary changes. For this to occur it required
  a total exchange of souls within the physical body. Between January
  and June this woman's guidance and Lightbrotherhood, engaged in a
  series of intense deliberations, in which the guidance was assessing
  this woman's intention and integrity as to her continued request to
  leave the Earth plane.

  Under the sanction of this woman's guidance, the Intergalactic
  Council of Twelve and the Star Command, the opening was prepared for
  me to engage into this exchange of souls. The Intergalactic Council
  of Twelve includes beings from the Angelic and Extraterrestrial
  realms. The Star Command is a group of interplanetary
  representatives composed of extraterrestrials from many diverse
  universal cultures that act as a service department to the Light
  Brotherhood. This exchange was highly unconventional and to date
  there are only 230 fully integrated in-body "walk-ins" with
  conscious recollection and access to their realms. Each integration
  is unique and each involves an exchange of souls with a physical
  body. Not all "walk-ins " are extraterrestrial. They have come from
  a multitude of dimensions and universes.

  On July 14, 1989 the permission for me to integrate into this
  woman's human body was granted. She was teaching a workshop on a
  tiny Island in the Pacific Northwest. I was stationed in a smaller
  shuttle craft on the south side of this island. In the early
  afternoon with the fog rising slightly off the water, I was waiting
  for my final orders.

  The woman was conscious of what was about to occur. Her guidance
  instructed her to depart the workshop area and by herself to hike to
  the south part of the rocky shores of this Island. There she met
  with her guidance to see if she still wanted to undergo this
  exchange. The guidance facilitated this exchange and instructed her
  to lay down on the rocks and continue a series of rhythmic breaths
  to move her light body and soul out of the physical human form.

  During this time I was receiving my last instructions from Ashtar,
  Torin and Aarah who were hovering in my shuttle craft just above
  this beach. As my extraterrestrial body started to dematerialize, my
  soul began to envelop all areas of my consciousness. I remember a
  fast spiraling stream of light that rapidly embraced me, lifting me
  in concentric motions toward the beach and the human body. An
  equally powerful stream of light rushed past me towards the shuttle

  Within an instant I descended and entered the body through the left
  side of the head and shoulder. There was an incredible silence.
  Everything that I was familiar with had just shifted. There I was in
  a body that felt like concrete. Nothing moved, everything felt very
  heavy. I fell into a deep trance-sleep-like state, only to awaken
  and to find the tide rising all around me. I had to move, but how?
  As I started to think about moving, these awkward fleshy limbs began
  to respond and jerk and twitch. Finally, I managed to get on my feet
  and eventually made it back to the workshop site. The people there
  were wonderful and took care of me in all ways.

  The Earth body's motor functions were confused by my increased
  electromagnetic energy. The body would frequently twitch violently,
  the speech patterns were robotic with no rhythm. The voice had
  totally changed and the eyes could hardly function. In general the
  body was rejecting the presence of my energy. Eventually, I adjusted
  some 6 months later. Following the exchange, the soul and light body
  of this woman remained on board the West Star for a period of
  several months. She eventually was aligned and was able to return
  directly to her Oversoul.

  And so, my life began here on Earth ....

  My mission is to bridge the gap between human and extraterrestrial
  communication and to establish the potential for technological
  exchange and interplanetary trade. This will be accomplished through
  a series of education programs geared at training individuals for
  the prospect of extraterrestrial encounters, by providing
  experiences and teaching participants what to expect from an
  extraterrestrial. This will include interplanetary decorum,
  clarifying universal principles as viewed by extraterrestrial and
  the consciousness of Earth. In addition, our objective requires
  deciphering interdimensional messages and integrating the overall
  findings into practical solutions for planet Earth.

  Currently there are raging controversies and many highly exaggerated
  reports of extraterrestrials and what they really want from humanity
  with little focus on what they truly have to offer. What I represent
  is balanced communication and a broader perspective. This is based
  on my on-board memory, as well as my regular visits to the West Star
  to see my family and attend to official duties. I am here for the
  transition phase of our Universe, to learn human communication
  patterns and to relay what has been received through transmissions
  back to the Star Command.

  The upcoming planetary changes, will not only affect humanity, but
  the entire dynamics of the interaction between all interplanetary
  cultures.  The common link between extraterrestrials and humanity is
  Earth. The existence of extraterrestrials and humans is an integral
  part of evolution of this sector of the universe.

  Many people have a limited perspective of what extraterrestrials
  are. This view is narrow and is based on humanity's perceptions of
  what is possible and what is not. Extraterrestrials have
  traditionally seen the Earth's inhabitants as being experiments in
  consciousness. To extraterrestrials, the human potential is a
  curious prospect, an adventure in thought-control that revolves
  around restricting beliefs and attitudes.

  Humanity on the other hand, views the expansiveness of
  extraterrestrials and the interaction, as a domain that needs to be
  conquered and requires pioneers to explore. Both human and
  extraterrestrial realities have tasks to conquer. The greatest
  obstacle will be to suspend judgement, to open one's heart to a
  level of reverence and cocreative acceptance of both cultures. A key
  factor is recognizing that the continued existence of planet Earth
  is a common interest for both extraterrestrials and humans. When
  this occurs, technologies from both realms can assist both cultures.
  Co-operation and tangible integration of these technologies can then
  and only then, become a practical reality.

  Both cultures need to go beyond perceived expectations and
  projection. This co-creative existence is in compliance with the
  Earth's life purpose and direction of becoming the University of the
  Universe. The Earth is a living being, with a soul not unlike yours.
  She is choosing to house and educate a multitude of interplanetary
  races from all the universes. The evolution of Earth, as a project,
  holds a common bond beyond the next few millenniums. Above all,
  growth cannot proceed unless it is grounded and practically
  applicable to the planet's own vision and needs. This requires
  astute levels of observation, first within the self, discovering the
  resistance and limitations, then transforming obstacles that have
  prevented one from recognizing and accepting another culture within
  these infinite universes. It requires an examination of one's ego
  and ethics, to look at projection in respect to the planetary
  growth. It requires clarity in communication, followed by a
  unification of universal principles and a recognition that both
  humans and extraterrestrials can contribute to each other's
  existence. This bridge needs to be based on education and the
  ability to refine and handle one's energy, even in times of
  adversity or rejection. This is a time to reintroduce a sense of
  balanced objectivity and mutual honoring toward a new future.

  What you are creating each moment has never been done before and
  probably will never be done again. In this time of transition,
  grounded thought put into practical action, while remaining open and
  accepting without expectation, can bring forth miraculous solutions
  and results.

  I leave you with a quote from Sananda, as given to me in an
  Intergalactic meeting held in a sector above the Swiss Alps January
  1, 1992.

  "There cannot he universal peace unless every being recognizes each
  other as valuable contributor to God, Goddess and each other. This
  process includes the acceptance of all living creatures, regardless
  of their culture or multi-dimensional origin. It requires a
  transcendence of ego and judgement; to be open to allow the magic of
  acceptance to flow and work as a catalyst of unification and change
  within all universes. So be it ."

  Shaari: This material is not channeled, but is taken from the
  conscious recollection of Shaari's own knowingness. Although Shaari
  can channel, the majority of her work is done in a conscious state.
  On occasion Shaari may channel Abraham of the Bible and
  Intergalactic Council of Twelve, as well as Malaya, a consciousness
  of the Goddess. Abraham facilitated the walk-in procedure as
  requested by the former occupant of the body.