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  14. AS WE GROW




  Inter- and Transpersonal Relationships

  Divine Design Mates and Team Mates





  Planets, Signs, and Aspects




  23. MOTIVE


  25. VISION

  A Vision

  The beginning of The End and The Beginning

  Systems and Institutions

  Forms and Structures

  Structural Disintegration

  The Role of an Evolutionary Agent










  The Buttons

  "Agony and Ecstasy"

  "Crime and Punishment"

  "I Don't Want"

  "Look at Them, They're..."

  "I'm Afraid"




  "I'm Right (you're wrong)"

  "I'm Unworthy"


  "I'm a Victim"



  Issues # 1-23 were channelled by the original inhabitants of these
  bodies. Issues # 24 &25 were written by the first team of walk-ins,
  Zal-zen and Zol-taire. Issue # 26 was written by the second team of
  walk-ins, Malenchen and Maruna.


  A Transdimensional Expression by Starbuilders

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  November, 1990: Issue


  We would like to share our insights on the topic, "the Child
  Within." This concept implies that there is a separate, abandoned
  "child entity" within ourselves, needing to be healed or to be let
  out to play. Our interpretation of this concept is somewhat
  different. We see the Child simply as Spirit - that dancing,
  spontaneous, free, eternal part of ourselves that does not need to
  be healed, just expressed. The Child is healthy; it is the adult,
  carrying dysfunctional pictures of reality, that seeks healing.
  These dysfunctional pictures, which are accepted as reality, are
  what block Spirit's free flowing expression.

  The most direct means to embodying child-like qualities is to
  identify yourself as a servant of Spirit, because the Universe
  rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality. And your
  identity is a major part of your picture of reality.

  We do not seek to become children, although, at head, we are child-
  like. We seek to manifest our divine and ecstatic nature which is
  older than time, yet eternally young.

  December, 1990: Issue


  It is useful to know that we are not our emotional, physical and
  mental bodies. But since we became official inhabitants of these
  earth bodies, we have found that we must learn to love them.

  The psychological matrix links all three bodies together. Whatever
  affects one, affects the others. For many people, the mental body is
  easy enough to deal with. But how do we master the emotional body,
  say, if we lose a lover?.

  In Earth's karmic, limitation system, there are two common responses
  that are built into the system itself. One response is to take the
  experience into the mental plane and rationalize or deny it. This
  has the effect of sweeping it under the rug. It doesn't go away, but
  lurks in the background until circumstances bring it out again. The
  other response is to fight it. Fighting it gives it strength - it
  feeds the fire. "Whatever you are fascinated with, you get more of."
  It tells the Universe that the experience is real. So the "fight or
  flight" strategies only propagate limitation. Is there an

  Yes, there is. You can take a stand for your inner truth. This
  shifts the entire perspective; instead of working within the
  framework of a dualistic reality, trying to manipulate yourself (or
  others), you simply take a stand for and work within your own
  reality framework.

  January, 1991: Issue


  Mistakes - doing something wrong, not getting it right. We judge
  actions as wrong by comparing them to our idealized versions of "how
  it should be."

  Whether we've done something wrong when performing an everyday task
  or strayed off the spiritual path, mistakes are an effective means
  of keeping us down. That's The Karmic Way. But who says these
  actions are really wrong? are mistakes?

  Mistakes are what students make when they are trying to follow
  certain rules of behavior. They strive to do it right; and for them,
  right is something they have read, heard or picked up from some
  outside authority.

  How about masters? Do they make mistakes? Masters are not servants
  of form - their actions reflect the imPULSE of the INFINITE MOMENT.
  Learning to do it "right" is inconsequential. Expression of Spirit
  is everything. So, when beings are following Spirit, can they make

  You have a right to make mistakes - to be completely and stupidly
  wrong. (Note: This doesn't work when it's tried by the ego; the ego,
  in its third-dimensional reality base, does make mistakes.) When you
  volunteered for this Earth mission, you knew that you would be
  temporarily cut off from your lines of communication with your
  spirit (your guidance system for "perfect" behavior). To incarnate
  into a Karmic Educational system requires that you make mistakes, at
  least until you wake up and smell the coffee of YOUR OWN reality.
  Just say NO! to uptight, caffeine systems that were never really

  Don't put yourself at the mercy of SOMEONE ELSE'S reality system. Go
  ahead and make mistakes; and, if you are so much into NOT making
  them, we encourage you to start making them consciously. (Try to do

  "Master Rules" are tools that help us flow in the moment; they
  aren't for the Ground Crew to ponder. The principles governing
  Master Rules are essentially different from Student Rules, the
  former being organic, the latter being mechanical. Indeed, Master
  Rules are not rules at all. They are much softer and more flexible
  than the HIGH PRICED brand, yet stronger than any spider-web
  illusion any student can spin.

  Master Rules guide you in living FREE, like disposable "moment
  directives." Where do these moment directives originate? Why, from
  the Heart of the Universe, of course. Are they available in stores
  or through adult education classes? No, but you can obtain them by
  simply acting.


  A method we have run across for dealing with negative encounters is
  the "Everyone I meet is my mirror' theory. It states that if you run
  into someone who is acting, say, obnoxious, you must look inside
  yourself to see how you are obnoxious. This is beneficial: You are
  taking responsibility for your problems. Ultimately, however, this
  exercise can lead you into a mirror maze, complicating life more
  than simplifying it. How does this happen?

  First, this theory implies that the entire Universe exists only to
  reflect "you." But you might consider that if everyone is your
  mirror, you must be theirs, as well. This must be true unless you
  believe that you are the only conscious being in the Universe.

  Second, it puts you in the position of being responsible for all of
  the sins of the world - a precision tool for martyrs. After all, if
  it weren't for your negativity, events such as war, famine, plague,
  and mass murder couldn't manifest, right?

  Lastly, since each interaction is a lesson, you are put into the
  role of a student. You must ask yourself, "What must l learn from
  this experience?" And that is a long and joyless road to travel.

  When a master experiences a parade of obnoxious people, he doesn't
  label himself obnoxious. He knows that the Universe rearranges
  itself to accommodate his picture of reality. This means that, at
  this point in time, he accepts obnoxiousness as part of his picture
  of reality.

  Finally, remember that whatever you're fascinated with, you get more
  of. So it is your fascinations - not other people - that are your
  mirrors of reality.

  February, 1991:Issue#4


  Some beings are concerned that they are failing to live up to some
  "contract" that they allegedly signed before coming to Earth. This
  contract sets a time table for completing specific spiritual goals.
  We see this as simply another method of self abuse which ERODES YOUR
  SLACK! You must have SLACK - that indefinable knowing that says,
  "Relax, everything is all right"- in your moment to moment
  experience so that you can easily and gracefully follow your Spirit
  without hesitation.

  With this contract hanging over your head like the sword of an
  archangel, who can have slack? REMEMBER THE "OUT CLAUSE" in your

  Dance freely in spirit. Give yourself a break. Let there be SLACK!

  March 1991: Issue # 5


  As a master becomes securely grounded in his ability to channel
  higher dimensional energies and entities (including his own Spirit),
  and lives the implied realities, new doors open. The cycle goes like
  this: First, he receives and embodies these energies, and then he
  projects them outward. This enriches the energetic field of the
  planet (which is concurrently evolving that field in its own way).
  In this enriched state, the planet is able to support even higher
  frequencies and realities. The cycle then repeats itself.

  When masters meet, they can evoke an intense bombardment of
  transformative energy which the Planetary Consciousness receives, as
  well. As the masters' energetic configurations link together, the
  off-planet teams - using this strong, synergistic configuration -
  lay down expanded grids. This phenomenon will become increasingly
  evident as these groups grow in number and capacity.

  Viewed from a slightly different perspective, one can see a link
  between all of the masters on the planet today: This is a "group
  meeting" on Earth. Although the gridwork created by this loose
  association may appear weaker than that of more closely knit
  associations, the fact that it is a world-wide network allows the
  establishment of global energy configurations.

  MAY 1991: Issue


  It is useful to know what your priorities are. This allows you to
  focus your consciousness and fine tune your perspective. Here is a
  partial list of our current priorities.

  1. To follow our spirit - our navigational gyroscope - without

  2. To use our vehicles (bodies) as channels for extraterrestrial and
  interdimensional energies and entities;

  3. To facilitate the development of fifth dimensional (and above)

  4. To work with others who are serving the New Civilization;

  5. To fulfill our mission on this planet;

  6. To translate our experiences in terms of "The Big Story,"
  including the most apparently trivial events;

  7. To encourage and allow positive, synergetic relationships to

  8. To let go of forms or structures that restrict or inhibit the
  of Spirit;

  9. To participate in "Small Story" drama with our consciousness

  10. To participate in Small Story drama with our consciousness
  attached (bottom of the list)

  This allows us an unlimited range of experience. When we explore
  these deeper options (including "The Pits"), we know that it's a
  Iow-priority (but esse9n thesential) option that Spirit is man
  resting Our lack of enthusiasm for low-end experiences tells the
  Universe, "Don't bother repeating this, really." Consequently, that
  kind of experience will man rest ess and less frequently.

  June 1991: Issue #8


  You've probably noticed that Time is behaving differently. In the
  old days, you could count on Time, rely on it - dependable Time. As
  more and more Light pours into the third dimension, time (a
  sequencing device) is being cleared away - shredded. Is this

  Well, we are at The End Times (Times End). But what we are
  experiencing is more than just a play on words. It is an opportunity
  to live beyond the time-bound genetic, sociological, and
  psychological demands implied by this medium.

  Instead of relying on time sequencing, which includes planning ahead
  and scheduling of all sorts, it is becoming more and more imperative
  to STAY LOOSE and open to SPIRIT'S SCHEDULE. As Time wrinkles, what
  may have been an appropriate plan for tomorrow (or the next moment)
  may be totally inappropriate when the designated time arrives. Why
  is that? Because change is occurring incredibly fast. Following your
  schedule without hesitation will cause you to miss out on more
  beneficial experiences and to collide with unpleasant, devolutionary

  REMAIN CENTERED, FOLLOW YOUR SPIRIT; it will be your only reliable
  guide (and what a guide it is!) during this period.

  Practice following your Spirit without hesitation every day. That
  will be your anchor as time goes Ioopity-loop.


  The mental body has it tough. It thinks it has to control the course
  of your evolution. It has to do, say and even think the right
  things. Here is an analogy of how it operates.

  A stream of smoke slowly rises from a glowing tip of incense. As it
  drifts upward, subtle air currents stretch and twist the smoke into
  exotic, swirling shapes.

  Look...Our lives are the smoke: The Breath of the Cosmos blows
  through us, shaping us. Our mental bodies desperately attempt to
  keep the fragile, expanding lines together. In vain, it grasps at
  experiences, trying to shape them to its will. Yet, our direction is
  constantly redefined by the force of the Great Plan.

  Some feel that this free-flowing movement will lead to disaster. But
  others, who embrace this form of freedom, know that there is nothing
  more secure than to surrender to this Force, for this Force is the
  Movement of Life itself.


  We have noticed that many beings want to be perfect right now. They
  want a formula or advice about how to instantly move through blocks
  and karma; they want to wake up immediately. Why? Because they don't
  feel good in their current state of awakening. This is natural. So,
  if your Light body manifested in your physical body right now, your
  problems would be over, right?

  We I, yes, your problems would be over. The amount of energy that
  would surge through your physical, emotional and mental bodies would
  blow you right out of this dimension. Imagine running 750,000 volts
  of electricity through a 7.5 voit light bulb. The light bulb is your
  physical body. Your emotional body would experience such joy that it
  would rip out its seams - like a determined 300 pound person forcing
  himself into a pair of size 28 silk pants.

  Your Earth bodies are dynamic, energetic structures, precisely
  balanced for your current evolutionary state Their evolutionary
  advancement into lighter forms is a step by step process. Evolution
  has its own sequence; sometimes it makes tremendous leaps, at other
  times it crawls along. But whatever its pace, Personal Will is
  powerless to change it.

  Here is some useful information for those who are inclined to push
  and rush: You are perfect already. Now how is that handy? When you
  are feeling bad, left behind, left out, or rejected, just realize
  to relax and enjoy the show. WHO SAYS YOU HAVE TO BE HAPPY TO BE


  Have you ever felt that you were "chosen" to do something special in
  your lifetime? If this is true, put it in words: say, "I have been
  chosen to do something special in my lifetime." Do it now and note
  how it feels.

  After you've explored that, try saying: "I have volunteered to do
  something special in this lifetime." Do it now and note how it
  feels. Chances are you will feel more empowered.

  JULY 1991: Issue #9


  Dedication is one-pointedness. When you are dedicated to something,
  you increase the amount of life force available to the object of

  We dedicate ourselves to the establishment of a New Civilization. As
  Evolutionary Agents, we did not come to this planet to seek
  enlightenment. In the Big Story, our Spirits radiate what we are:
  Light. We are not here to be Spiritual Teachers or Gurus; by living
  our purpose others will sense truth.

  We are not here to be perfect. Perfection is a mental construct - an
  idea or an ideal - which can be used to place demands on ourselves
  and others. in the Big Story, we are perfect in our current state of

  We are not here to search for our Soul Mates or even our Team Mates.
  They have a knack for showing up at just the right time.

  We are not here to make friends. This apparently happens when viewed
  from a Small Story context. But we do enjoy communing with others of
  like intent, experiencing whatever new "alloy" we create by coming
  together. It's exciting! We are not here to impress anyone. That
  would require that we manipulate ourselves to find favor or
  advantage with another being. Our blessing is that the Universe
  loves us. Are we not One with the Source? Furthermore, to serve the
  Darkness by manipulating ourselves and others, would be supporting
  the principles of the Old World.

  We are not here to seek acceptance. Sure, it's nice when others
  accept us. But if acceptance requires bowing to a multitude of their
  demands, then we will live without their acceptance. We are not here
  to teach others. The teacher/student polarity perpetuates the
  educational system. Expressing the Master Within BRINGS FORTH the
  New Civilization.

  We are not here to follow "New Age" rules. The New Age is an
  umbrella term covering a multitude of beliefs, models, techniques,
  and approaches, some of which are riddled with half- truths (and
  serve the Forces of Darkness). Following Spirit is the only rule we

  We are not here to find The Answer. We know that it is beyond the
  grasp of the rational mind anyway. Instead, we live with the faith
  that The Answer is indelibly imprinted within the very texture of
  our Being.

  We are not here to find true and pure love, for that is at the heart
  of our essence.

  We are not here to Save The Planet or to save humanity. The Old
  World is dying, giving way to the New World. Both the planet and
  humanity are transmuting. Our purpose is to direct our attention and
  energies towards the New to bring it forth, not resurrect the Old.

  The more concentrated we are in our purpose, the more strongly the
  Universe, our off-planet team and other miraculous beings send us
  their love, support, expertise, and everything we need to complete
  our Mission.

  March 1992: Issue

  "In the Old World, Life is Cheap;  In the New World, Life is Free."


  Oh, yes! Spiritual development is a most satisfying experience.
  Every day is different. Every day you are alive. You become more
  pure -purer love. You see into things. And no matter how jagged they
  may appear, you see them softly...clearly. Although your tendency is
  to give others the benefit of the doubt, you are sometimes firm,
  sometimes even fierce, but never malicious.

  As you unify internally, you find you can naturally and gracefully
  wear the infinite masks of love. As you joyously surrender to
  spirit's gentle urgings, your life miraculously unfolds: No longer
  fighting, no longer struggling, you find peace.

  Surrender is part of the growth process. The emotional body begins
  to consistently enjoy the more higher and refined states. The mental
  body, now relaxed, relishes the easy flow of insights and
  perceptions. The physical body grows lighter.

  Relationships change. Friends, who have placed certain requirements
  and expectations on you, fade from your life: You are no longer for
  that; the "shadow you" has vanished. You live by a new truth; it
  says, "it is right to be faithful to my spirit." You
  begin to see that expressing spirit is life - and compromise, death.

  If you have outgrown your old identities, why continue to wear them?
  Let them fail away. As your sense of identity begins to change you
  come to realize, "What am I but an echo of something divine,
  indefinable, eternal?" You know your identity is anchored in truth.
  To sacrifice it on the altar of fear or social convention is
  sacrilege. But sacrilege is a road we all must travel for a time
  when we work within a karmic system. We sleep with the planet and
  awake with her.

  As we grow, we no longer avoid our illusions; doing so gives them
  reality status. We look at them, one by one, as they move across our
  consciousness, like small, gray clouds on a spring day. But these
  dark patches leave no shadows, for we fix our minds and hearts on
  the radiant sun. Focused on the Light, we see that our lives are
  full. When something departs from our lives, something even more
  magnificent enters.

  As we grow, all things are renewed. Simple, effortless knowing
  replaces knowing it all. Natural give-and-take replaces striving.
  Letting go replaces struggle. Faith in an abundant Universe replaces
  fear of lack. Contentment with our current state replaces our desire
  for unobtainable perfection. Living in the moment replaces the
  search for spiritual liberation. The effortlessness of "just being"
  replaces the need to be right. The certitude that real power comes
  from surrender to spirit replaces the quest for Personal Power and
  the need to control.

  As we grow, we realize that the New World will flourish without
  having to fight the Old World; resistance gives life - and the will
  to live u to the Old. We are exalted through love, not resistance.
  Our roots are deepened through peace, not struggle. We expand
  through creativity, not conformity. As stepping stones across the
  sea of time, we are firmly set in our way; yet, we are as mutable as
  the water we cross over. Do you see us in the distance? Do you feel
  us in your head? We are you.

  The door ahead is open; a great Light shines through. Power emanates
  from that place. It is our Light, the Light of our Lives, the Light
  from the sky that moves through us. Yes, our future awaits. Our
  future is now! Live eternally today.


  We dance our dance /we sing our song /yet, /the moves we make /the
  sounds we say /are not our own: /A mouthpiece /for the Mystery.

  We are not alone.

  In this stillness, /like light /flashing from failing /crystal
  snowflakes, /the gleam in our eyes

  reflects pristine places, /silent shores, which are /at once
  unknowable, /and yet... /The moves we make /the sounds we say /are
  not our own: a prism /of living Light tones.

  We are invisible.

  A circle is round /by definition: /life is short, some say. /but all
  the logic /of all the world /cannot capture /the feeling of being
  beyond, /yet here...

  It's like /the moves we make /the sounds we say /are not our own.
  /Yet, we are. /We are: /Timepieces for eternity.

  May 1992: Issue


  That's how we see the formation of the New World - as the merging of
  Pools of Light. In this analogy, masters radiate Light; when they
  gather, their Lights blend and form pools of Light. The number of
  these pools increases as more and more masters awaken. Eventually,
  pools begin to merge, forming lakes.

  So the cycle goes: The evolutionary climate continues to heat up,
  waking up even more masters; lakes become bays, bays become oceans -
  until finally the world is covered in a sea of shimmering Light.
  This is how we see the Ascension: Pools today, oceans tomorrow.

  It is good to bathe in these Light pools as much as possible; their
  energy supports one's 'beingness." Beingness -"to be"- simply means
  accepting how (and who) you are in the moment; there's no need to be
  more than you are, or to fear that you are less than you are.

  Therefore, masters - just being themselves - will be playing their
  part in co-creating this special layer of Light. Other forces are at
  work, like the Planetary Consciousness, that are creating their own
  particular layers, as well. Once formed, all who are pure of head
  will share in the joys of living in this ecstatic medium.

  JULY 1992: Issue #17


  We are going to address different aspects of relationships, from
  personal to transpersonal, and their qualities in the co-creative

  Everything in life is a relationship. Everything. When you read
  these words there is a relationship of one picture of reality mixing
  with another. If you are sitting down, your body has a relationship
  to the chair; if you're outside, the wind brushing your hair
  constitutes a relationship. There are also relationships between
  your spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental bodies; and, of
  course, relationships with other beings.

  Inter- and Transpersonal Relationships

  Perhaps the kind of relationship that attracts the most attention is
  the personal relationship between two beings. These third-
  dimensional unions include lovers (physical relationship),
  "boy/girl" friends (physical, mental and emotional body companions),
  and spouses (a legally committed lover/companion). The friction of
  the male/female polarity is pronounced in these relationships.

  "Soul Mates" are beings who have been with each other in previous
  lifetimes on Earth. It is a Fourth Dimensional, or astral,
  association. Part of what goes on between them is that they must
  continually work out stuff along the way. In this sense they could
  be called "karmic mates." Intense interactions, including loving,
  hurting, and even killing one another, act as strong bonds that link
  beings together from one life to the next. Many Soul Mates marry; as
  each participant has played both the male and the female roles in
  their many incarnations together, the friction of the male/female
  polarity is less pronounced. This makes the relationship more
  comfortable and, therefore, more attractive.

  Soul Mates can have a deep sense of interpersonal bonding that can
  add balance to the darker elements of the relationship. On the light
  side, the interpersonal aspect confers a great deal of respect for
  the partner's sovereignty. The dark, personal side expresses itself
  as the mutual acceptance (and many times encouragement) of
  dysfunctional traits that have either developed or were inherent in
  the particular union.

  There are also group "Soul Mates." They are relationships in which a
  cluster of individuals moves through many lifetimes together. The
  comments about Soul Mates apply to Group Soul Mates as well.

  During transitional times such as these, many Soul (and Group Soul)
  Mates get together and have their karmic slates wiped clean. This
  frees all evolving parties from karmic "sins" that have bonded them
  in the past.

  Divine Design Mates and Team Mates

  Divine Design Mates are Evolutionary Agents working closely, yet
  independently, together while on the Mission. The Divine Design Mate
  relationship is fifth dimensional in nature, and is based on love,
  not fear. As Divine Design Mates recognize, express, and accept
  their androgynous nature, they transcend the friction of the
  male/female polarity. Divine Design Mates complement each other in
  their knowledge, skills, talents and insights in such a harmonious
  way that they are able to be together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  Team Mates are masters whose Missions are aligned. All who are
  working for the co-creation of Heaven on Earth are Team Mates.
  Teams Mates need never meet, nor do they even need to like one
  another. Spirit will sometimes even keep them apart.

  There are relationships called - "Group Soul Mates." These differ
  from group "Soul Mates" in at least two ways. First, Group Soul
  Mates are Team Mates here on a Mission. Second, the members of a
  Group Soul are a single entity. Here is a mental picture that
  describes a Group Soul. Imagine that each cell in your body is an
  individual, conscious entity. Each cell has its own name,
  preferences, and talents. They all share the same overall goal. In
  this analogy, your body, as a whole, would be the Group Soul, and
  your individual consciousness would be the synergetic consciousness
  of the Group Soul.


  Spirit puts beings together in whatever combination it chooses. You
  can fight it, you can moan about it, or you can be totally ecstatic
  about it, but spirit will always have its way. Surrendering to this
  truth can relieve much suffering and struggle by allowing you to
  move freely, however spirit directs.

  August, 1992: Issue # 18


  Karma and the astrological functioning of Saturn are related. Both
  deal with the concepts of "payback," fate, and "the way it must be."

  There are channeled entities who declare that karma is Universal;
  that there is no escape, nowhere to hide. Yet, quite a majority of
  beings exist in karmaless states - the state of Grace. They are
  without the need or inclination to incarnate into a karmic

  Perhaps certain planets choose a dense, karmic environment to allow
  beings to experience the pressure of limitation; this has a
  strengthening effect.

  Perhaps karma is just something your spirit puts over its eyes for a
  moment so it can sleep, and dream of small adventures of life and
  death, of success and failure, of being "nobody," of having the
  power to hurt or help, of having to "be good" in order to be free of
  pain, of thinking it has to know something.

  Perhaps karma is the dark, intense colors on the palate of history
  that allows grand civilizations to rise and fail more quickly than
  you can turn the pages of a book.

  Perhaps karma is something you can not (or need not) fight or try to
  please. Perhaps it is no more than the very act of pushing - and its
  results - by those who have chosen to sleep.

  Perhaps it is the illusion of control and the hollowness (or
  frustration) that follows its exercise. For nothing is permanent
  within the karmic system except the struggle for balance. And
  nothing is permanent outside of the karmic system except balance.

  Karma may be no more than a whispered word, meaningful to dreamers.

  December, 1992: Issue


  Greetings. I am Agon. As part of a group soul perhaps I should
  address myself as "we" are Agon. Both are correct. Indeed, in a
  perfect Universe, all is correct. The human, linear mind measures
  perfection against an arbitrary model of correctness; but it is no
  more than a model. We are all, in one way or another, going back to
  the Source. Even those in the process of going away from the Source
  are ultimately going towards It. In reality, the Source is
  everywhere; no one can stray.

  The part we are playing on this planet is but a small part of our
  greater selves. As multidimensional beings we have spent eons in
  exploration and in the ecstasy of experiencing our Beingness in the
  Heart of God. And the reality that we have come to this planet to
  express is a beautiful one. It is a poignant, cosmic love story. We
  channel our love into this plane; it enlightens everything that it

  We are extraterrestrials serving the awakening of the Planetary
  Consciousness. We serve each other with selfless love. For the first
  time on a grand scale, the freedom of Spirit, the Love that is
  Divine, the movement that is fluid, the inspirations most high, are
  all made manifest on Earth. Our purpose is the establishment of this

  Our group efforts flow flawlessly, like great flocks of birds in
  flight. For, indeed, as our spirits touch, we, too, fly. We love you
  and invite you to participate in this beautiful recreation. We are
  not dreamers; we live the dream. The sun shines on our faces and we
  are awake. The great joy that fills us is no less than the pulse of
  God, the bliss of dancing spirit's divine dance.

  We cannot go wrong. We are One and our strength permeates the very
  core of matter, matter which, as the days go by, becomes
  increasingly enlightened itself. We are One. Our destiny is in the
  hands of Spirit. Regardless of where the road leads, we follow.
  There is no danger; there is only love. We live our purpose as this
  living entity called Earth transforms. And there is nothing else we
  need do - no struggle. Besides, to struggle against the forces of
  evolution is useless.

  There are no particular forms that define us. We are diverse. We are
  where we need be, when we need to be there, doing what we need to
  do. And our forms are optional. Any one will do. Like smoke on a
  windy day, we mingle and then are gone. Or, our energies shower like
  sudden rain on an apparently clear, autumn day, and we move on.

  We are as natural as the day is long. Like sand in your hand, yes,
  we are passing. It is our essence we offer in this moment; a memory
  of a time and place beyond itself, yet, eternally present.

  We are Masters in Service to the All-That-Is. And we are here to
  serve you.

  We Serve You In Light.

  January, l993:Issue # 21


  Astrology is a symbolic language that originates, as do all symbolic
  systems, from the sixth dimension. It is a concise language that
  lends to the understanding of archetypal behaviors.

  In common fortune-telling practice, astrological symbols are
  interpreted within a third-dimensional context.  It answers
  questions related to relationships, health, career, and money -
  concerns of the emotional, mental, and physical bodies.

  Fourth-dimensional interpretations deal with topics such as
  spiritual development, karma, and past life considerations.

  Viewed from a fifth-dimensional perspective, the signs and planets
  are archetypal patterns shared by all humanity, which Evolutionary
  Agents can transmute. Once a pathway has been cut through the
  pattern, others who wear that configuration (wavelength) can then
  follow the path to liberation.

  Planets, Signs, and Aspects

  Viewed transdimensionally, planets are entities; they are sources of
  conscious energy. These entities interact with each other via
  specific interdimensional vectors. The signs of the zodiac act as
  lenses which color or shape the planet's energy. When another
  planetary consciousness interacts with the Earth consciousness, it
  also influences the inhabitants of Earth, because Earth and her
  creatures are one.

  Before manifesting a physical form, spirit takes into account how
  the planets are relating to each other. Because just as genetic,
  religious, karmic, and sociological factors weigh in determining
  one's experience and disposition in life, so does the astrological
  configuration. To demonstrate its importance, take, for example, the
  moon. Among other things, the moon represents the emotional body.
  The sign that the moon occupies defines the emotional body's
  characteristics (sensitivity, degree of "wetness," strength,
  texture, and so forth).

  Mercury represents the mental body, our bio-computer. The sign that
  Mercury occupies indicates the brand of computer we will be endowed
  with. Air signs (especially Gemini) provide the computers with
  exceptionally precise computing power; in astrology, air symbolizes
  communication. A mental body shaped by an Earth sign would be
  slower, yet more solid and enduring in its logic. Water signs add
  intuition and emotion into the calculations of the mental body.

  Aspects are specific angular relationships between the planets as
  viewed from Earth. There are several kinds of aspects. Take, for
  example, the "conjunction." Planets are "in conjunction" when they
  occupy the same degree within a sign. The most common example of
  this aspect is when the moon is New; the moon is in the same
  position as the sun. Aspects modify the character of each planet
  involved; they symbolize the qualities of planetary synergies. In a
  conjunction between, say, Mars (a rapid, direct force) and Mercury,
  the mental body would be untidng and capable of lightning-fast, on
  the fly, calculations.


  The astrological configuration at the time you are born is unique.*
  (* Critics of astrology contend that many people are born in the
  same hospital [location] at almost exactly the same time, yet they
  are not exactly the same. But they are different because of many
  reasons, including genetics and especially, because their spirit's
  utilize planetary energies in their own unique ways ) The sun, moon,
  Jupiter - all of the planets - have a definite position in the sky.
  A Natal Chad (or "Birth Chart") maps these positions and the
  relationships between the planets. The Natal Chart remains the same
  throughout one's life. The planets, however, continue traveling.

  A transit occurs when a traveling planet aspects a planet in the
  Natal Chart. For example, when the sun has moved exactly half-way
  around the zodiac (180 degrees) since one's birthday, the sun is
  said to be transiting "in opposition" to the natal sun.

  Transits act as timing mechanisms that open specific, dimensional
  doorways for a certain length of time. Cosmic gears align, allowing
  the entry of planetary energies.

  The transiting planet indicates the character and scope of the
  energy being transmitted; it a so reveals the area of life that is
  impacted. Say, for example, Venus (associated with harmony and
  partnerships) transits the moon (the emotional body). Third
  dimensionally, one can expect to experience harmonious feelings or
  enjoy pleasant company. Fourth dimensionally, the astral body will
  move about freely, being very tolerant of and friendly with other
  astral bodies. Fifth dimensionally, there will be less likelihood of

  Planets are constantly forming aspects between themselves as they
  make their way around the sun. These aspects can be assessed without
  regard to any individual's Natal Chart; they are global in nature. A
  full moon is one example of this: The sun is in opposition to the
  moon. Global transits influence humanity as a whole, not just
  individuals; they are aspects to the planetary consciousness.

  Transits are more powerful than ever before, because
  extraterrestrial teams are refining the zodiac grids. This permits
  the higher-dimensional vibrations of the planets to penetrate into
  this dimension.* (* In part, because of this refinement, the "Age of
  Aquarius" will not simply be a third- and fourth-dimensional "New
  Age"; rather, it will be an octave leap into another dimension that
  may or may not have Aquarian characteristics. It's a whole new

  To conclude, astrology, like any other form of delineation and
  communication, is a tool for making sense out of chaos. And
  astrology is mutating. Because of the work that is being done to the
  grids, we can expect to experience more awe, wonder, and miracles.
  The doors are being widened - thrown open. Life will be increasingly
  ecstatic for those with an expanding capacity to receive, embody,
  and express these new energies.

  February, 1993: Issue


  "The Group" is the name of the first entities the Starbuilders Team
  consciously channeled. The year, 1990. "Ceeda" was the spokesman for
  this group soul, whose members included Orlon, Kendon, Lenon and
  Zendon. Each member had their own special function and distinct
  personality. Part of their service to us was to help expand our
  channeling capacity by "drilling" into (and thereby expanding) the
  upper chakras.

  "I am Ceeda. We are from another dimension, a distant place. By
  looking into the heart of this one [the channel], we can see the
  condition of [your] group consciousness; it is like looking through
  the hole of a telescope to view millions of stars.

  "There are many levels [of phenomenon] that you are not aware of.
  Your words, for example, create forms which we can see. But it seems
  that you are not fully conscious of the implications and forms
  created by 'simple words.'

  "We did not know the concept of 'male' and 'female' until now. By
  looking, I can see attributes of male and female in the others [of
  my group]. It is an interesting concept. By your standards, you
  would consider us a female entity.

  "We are a group soul of Light that spins like a galaxy. We are
  lighter than your air; ethereal you may call us. We [are so fine
  that we] could fit within the spaces of your air particles.

  "We are aware of a process for evolution called 'breaking patterns.'
  This sounds violent to us. We need not break nor injure anything to
  transform. The simple [higher] conscious observation of a pattern is
  all that is necessary to transform and transmute it. Focused
  awareness is a key to transformation. The Light of consciousness
  changes all.

  "The degree of density on this planet is so great that we [in our
  form] could not possibly survive here. You must be very courageous
  to dwell here."


  How are "allowance," "forgiveness," and "tolerance" related? When we
  forgive another, we are implying that they did something wrong, but
  that it's okay now. We can forgive ourselves, as well, for doing
  wrong. When we tolerate another, we are inferring, to some degree,
  that they are doing something wrong, but we let it pass. Both
  forgiveness and tolerance are reactions that stem from the "right
  vs. wrong" polarity. Allowance, on the other hand, is not a
  reaction, nor is it a value judgment imposed upon an action: it is
  an action (or inaction) directed by spirit. Allowance is not passive
  or weak, nor does it avoid; it is positive and straightforward. Like
  forgiveness, you can apply allowance to oneself and to others. But a
  good place to start is with yourself.

  What is allowed, what isn't? One of the characteristics of this
  particular Universe is that it allows everything. Therefore, in
  order to be completely in sync with the Universe it is necessary "to
  allow" everything.

  Accepting whatever experience the Universe is offering in the moment
  may be difficult at first, unless one has a deep faith in the
  ultimate benevolence of the Universe. But after a while, you begin
  to rely on your experience that the Universe is safe and that you
  are in the hands of Spirit. When you allow yourself a full spectrum
  of experience, you are relieved from the pressure of denial.

  Denial is simply saying "No" to what the Universe is offering; it is
  resistance to the Eternal Now. Denial indicates that there is
  something rejected, hidden, or unaccepted within yourself. Once you
  begin to allow, you expose the avoided information for what it is -
  a shadow reality.

  To allow - to say "Yes" to life - doesn't mean that you must submit
  to the dictates of another or be a willing victim of circumstance.
  To the contrary, going into resistance shuts down the chakras and
  drastically limits the options for creative, evolutionary action.
  When locked into this low-energy state, you revert to manipulation
  and fighting. Conversely, being in the same situation but in the
  state of allowance, you remain in communion with spirit.
  Consequently, you act most effectively, not against a foe, but in
  harmony with your inner being. There is no need for a defense or
  offense, for there is no enemy to contend with. There is allowance.


  A motive is the apparent reason for doing something - the motivating
  force behind what we do. If there is no motive to do something,
  chances are we won't do it.

  We seldom scrutinize the real motives behind our actions. They are
  either rationalized into something noble, ideal, or practical, or
  the mental body quickly glimpses the real reasons and dismisses
  them. But self deception and delusion, in themselves, are
  inefficient tools for co-creating a New Civilization.

  Motives reflect our pictures of reality; and the Universe rearranges
  itself to confirm and conform to these pictures: Why not let our
  motive be the co-creation of Heaven on Earth?

  When the mental body is chattering away, setting up THE NEXT BIG
  PLAN, or just figuring out how to respond to a situation, we ask it,
  "Why would I act this way?" Our knowing then reveals the real motive
  for the action. Is it to make money? Some beings spend their life
  chasing dollars, either for security, power, or self-worth. (Joseph
  Campell commented, "If you live your life for money, you lose your
  life.") Or, will The Plan bring respect, love, acceptance, or
  support? This practice is good for the mental body.

  Once you become Activated (i.e., you become cosmically energized -
  your evolution speeds up tenfold), you are a viable, evolutionary
  tool. By acting solely from the motive of co-creating Heaven on
  Earth, your energy is optimally deployed. (Following spirit is
  motive enough.) If you find that your motive is different from co-
  creating Heaven on Earth, you can simply scrap the plan before you
  start it. Time, energy, and resources are saved for the next
  appropriate evolutionary project, and sometimes you spare yourself
  an unpleasant experience.









  March 1993: Issue


  A Vision is a practical gift from Spirit. It is practical because it
  can add clarity to one's direction in life. It is a gift because it
  reveals divine information about the cosmic scheme of things.

  A Vision acts as a guidepost which points one in a certain
  direction. Martin Luther King, for example, had "a dream" (a Vision)
  that set the tone for the rest of his life. If you treat your Vision
  as real and your affirm it through action, then the Universe will
  rearrange itself to accommodate that picture of reality. Spirit can
  motivate you to manifest new forms by flashing you a Vision.

  A Vision is a visual event that takes place within one's
  consciousness; it may be as simple as the presentation of a single
  symbol or a picture. The event may last only a second, but in that
  brief moment the picture can transmit an entire, full length story.
  It's as if the picture were alive, talking to you. The words,
  however, are not transmitted linearly, but in a quantum manner,
  communicating thousands of words in that moment.

  Spirit can update and revise a Vision. It can even present a false
  Vision in order to guide one to a certain point. But regardless of
  spirit's intent, it seems best to act upon it without question. It
  is a gift from spirit; that's what makes it important.

  This unconditional acceptance may be a problem for some people: What
  if it's a Vision from The Dark Side? This is easy enough to detect.
  If it feels creepy and devolutionary, then the Dark Forces are
  playing with you. Send them to the Light. But as a master, you will
  know a Vision from an illusion.

  Finally, Visions are individualistic: One person's Vision is another
  person's hallucination. Follow your Vision.

  A Vision

  "In the vast reaches of the oceans of space, a small, glowing orb
  floats effortlessly: it is the Earth. To the immediate left of the
  planet, a cosmic tidal wave towers over it, posed to crash upon its
  shores at any moment. The great tidal wave dances with transcendent,
  luminous colors; the smaller, leading waters race across the planet.
  The crash of the main wave is imminent."

  The beginning of The End and The Beginning

  Regardless of what's been said, endings of eras can be joyous. True,
  doomsday stories abound. There are alternate realities that play out
  these kind of apocalyptic fates. (It has been said that George Bush
  was re-elected in one of those scenarios.) In this Vision, however,
  "The Ending" is an ecstatic transformation of form and
  consciousness. It is how an individual perceives this transformation
  that determines whether it is "The Beginning" or "The End."

  Systems and Institutions

  As the mutational waters drench the very fiber of the planet,
  structures, systems and institutions that resist the call to lighten
  up will demanifest. To date, the most striking example of this was
  the rapid and relatively peaceful dissolution of the Soviet Union -
  now you see it, now you don't. The public just didn't believe it. In
  the Cosmic Wave Vision, all governments that reject the sovereignty
  of all beings will go the way of the U.S.S.R. (Even if the One World
  Government manifests, it, too, must submit to the dictates of the
  Divine Plan. It would be "The Last Hurrah of the Old World.")

  Because of their very nature, financial institutions will pass. As
  The Wave washes clean the dense, third-dimensional forms of the
  planet (including flesh and bone physical bodies) and manifests
  fifth-dimensional Light forms (including "physical" Light bodies) in
  their stead, who will need cash or a credit card? Light Bodies don't
  need dense, third-dimensional food to survive, or to own a home or a
  car. The same goes for the insurance industry: If perfect health is
  a given, and the illusion of death has been transcended, who needs

  Then there are businesses and corporations in general. The object of
  business is to make a profit. As profit won't be a motive for action
  -fifth dimensionally, everyone's motive is service to spirit - then,
  pool!, business is history. Marriage, the ancient institution of
  spouse ownership, will pass, as well. Spirit is in charge of putting
  together and ending relationships. No one owns anyone - not even
  themselves. In the New World, everyone knows that everyone is in the
  hands of their spirit.

  The media is an organization of people that feeds fear- based
  pictures of reality to the mass consciousness. This, too, will
  disappear, for its cameras are focused on the passing of the Old
  World. In the New World, local and global interaction will be
  totally ecstatic and experiential, similar to Group Soul
  interaction. This does not imply that humanity will be a homogenous
  entity. To the contrary - each being will display their true
  individuality and uniqueness. The common denominator shared by all
  will be a fifth dimensional perspective.

  Forms and Structures

  How an individual deals with form and structure determines how he
  will deal with evolutionary changes. From a third dimensional point
  of view, social structures are things - real objects. Governments,
  businesses and societies are some examples; they seem to have an
  objective existence all their own, like there's "a government-thing"
  stalking around somewhere out there. Take, for instance, a "decaying
  society": Where is this society thing? In Mansfield, Ohio? It is the
  third and fourth dimensional hypnotic illusion that makes it appear
  this way. From a fourth dimensional point of view, certain
  structures, such as "the government of the Anti-Christ," are cast in
  the-never-ending-battle-between-good-and-evil scenario; conspiracies
  abound. Fifth dimensionally, these forms are simply temporal
  illusions. So, just what are these alleged "things"? We define them
  as such: All institutions, systems and organizations are simply
  people (some with titles, some wearing uniforms) performing tasks,
  in buildings.

  Governments, businesses, banks, the AMA, the Astrologers Guild, are
  just people, usually shuffling around lots of paper, building or
  manufacturing items, or performing services. What an individual does
  within a particular institution defines his role in society. For
  example, an individual who sits behind a counter within a "bank"
  building and exchanges paper with its customers is a "teller''; if
  he has a gun, he is a "guard" (or, a "robber").

  What an institution does within a particular society determines its
  role in society. We call an institution that dictates laws to the
  other segments of society a "legislature." Every individual and
  institution functions in relationship to someone else. The nature of
  the relationship is what defines them.

  Relationships are governed by agreements. For example, a person who
  takes a job makes an agreement with the company to work for a
  certain amount of money. If he steps outside the bounds of the
  agreement, the boss may fire him. Because large-scale social
  agreements bind people who disagree with the specifics of the
  agreement, the governing institution hires people who may use force
  and punishment to coerce obedience. In cities or states, force is
  administered by a police force (another structure), nationally, an
  army (another structure). In addition to titles and uniforms, the
  people in these organizations have weapons, as well.

  The preceding is not intended to be a lesson in sociology. The point
  is that if you look at the forms and structures on the planet, you
  see people relating to one another. The forms and structures - the
  names that we call these groupings of people (i.e., "the
  government," or "The Church") - are just mental constructions.
  Relationships are what is real.

  [Note: If you have seen the "thing" (or noun) called a "government,"
  an "army" or any other organization that is other than people
  working together, stop reading here.]

  Structural Disintegration

  So the Soviet Union crumbled; the b g, (Western) WORLD THREATENING
  FORM just demanifested. But the buildings are still there (and are
  still being used); almost all of the people are still there.  The
  people are just relating in somewhat different ways, using some of
  the buildings for different purposes. The only thing that has
  changed, aside from the names of some cities and countries and the
  titles of some people, is relationships.

  In the New World, we see immortal co-creators interacting to produce
  transcendent, multidimensional layers of sound, and totally mind-
  bending, iridescent, Light forms. Relationships are ecstatic.

  The Role of an Evolutionary Agent

  Evolutionary Agents play many roles. At different phases of their
  awakening, they explore various third- and fourth-dimensional
  teachings. What they are really seeking, though, is fifth-
  dimensional information and energy so that they can feel at home
  again. They also want to know how they can serve the Mission.

  The original Activators and the following waves of Wake-Ups act as
  Pillars of Light, providing structural Integrity for the New
  Civilization as it emerges. It is a joy watching this organic
  infrastructure develop, twisting and molding itself beautifully into
  surprising new shapes, creating new relationships between individual
  Agents and groups of Agents.

  So what is the role of an Agent? First and foremost, to follow his
  spirit without hesitation. This adds the touch of Divinity to
  relationships. The forms that develop in the wake of these
  interactions serve the Mission.


  The New Species is more than an improved version of the human race.
  The nature of this evolutionary leap is quantum and alchemical, even
  more miraculous than transforming lead into gold. The true essence
  of mankind will be exalted, but the form in which it will shine will
  hardly resemble the old form at all.


  We are living our lives on the assumption that this Vision is true.
  As we open ourselves to that probability, we are infused with the
  energies and wisdom of our Future Selves who live in that future
  probability. We are becoming our Future Selves today.

  As dancing Shiva embraces the Planetary Consciousness, we hear Doom
  and Destruction predictions. This is understandable: the eyes of the
  Old World are fearfully focused on its own demise. Those with fear-
  based expectations will live their lives in accordance with that

  On the other hand, those who are in the process of manifesting their
  Divinity will take a stand for their integrity, for transpersonal
  love, for openness, and for following their spirit.

  In short, structures and forms pass; how you relate to them is what
  is important. If you can relate with acceptance and love (including
  your relationship with your current form), then regardless of what
  forms and structures you encounter - on any dimension - you will
  fare well.

  The New Species is alive and emerging. It waits patiently as the
  veils of time unfold, revealing itself as part of the cosmic destiny
  of a planet, a destiny where love is the glue of relationships and
  forms shine with Heavenly Light.

  May 1993: Issue


  (Please read these definitions with the understanding that behind
  all phenomena there is only love. In relationship to the unfoldment
  of the New World, everyone on the planet is contributing to the
  Awakening in the precise context that their Spirit has deemed

  When we [Zal-Zen and Zol-taire] arrived in these bodies, we noticed
  that our perspectives were quite different from the perspectives
  held by the previous inhabitants. So we began redefining and
  expanding certain pictures of reality held by these Ground Crews
  that we felt were limiting.

  The Ground Crew: The mental, emotional, and physical bodies. It
  serves spirit by functioning as a bio-periscope that spirit can use
  to directly probe, experience and explore third dimensional reality.

  The three components of the Ground Crew (the above mentioned bodies)
  function as one system. The mental body makes plans, develops
  strategies, and directs the conscious actions of the physical body.
  It wants to maintain control. The emotional body feels; it is the
  sixth sense. As a bio-mechanism that can navigate the astral realms,
  it psychically "knows things" beyond the limitations of the five
  senses. It desires love and acceptance. The physical body is the
  material focal point of these bodies - the physical vehicle. It
  seeks to survive, multiply, control space and know its place in its
  community. Each of these bodies is in constant interaction with the
  others; what affects one, affects all.

  The Master Within: We are all vast, loving, multidimensional beings.
  In current reality, the Master Within is the fifth-dimensional
  aspect of ourselves - our "Higher Self." The Master Within is not
  "up there" in the sky somewhere, but "inside."

  Ego: If the Master Within allowed the Ground Crew to act strictly on
  its own instincts, ignoring all input from Spirit, you would have
  100% ego. In short, ego is the Ground Crew directing the course of
  its life. It is an individualized aspect of the Planetary
  Hallucination [See Issue # 26].

  The "I AM": The I AM can be defined in many ways. Ultimately, it's
  the All-That-is. Stepped down, it could be your spirit. But for
  practical purposes, we define it as the Master Within. The Master
  Within embodies our fifth-dimensional perspective, the perspective
  we want manifested on Earth. This definition simplifies an identity
  question: "Am I the Ground Crew, or am I the fifth- dimensional
  master?." (Actually, this is a paradox; we are both. So, I AM a
  fifth-dimensional master participating in a planetary drama in a
  human body.)

  This definition also leaves the I AM open to upgrading. Once Heaven
  on Earth has manifested and we are expressing our fifth-dimensional
  reality in our Light Bodies, the I AM will shift to, say, the sixth-
  dimensional Master Within: The next step up. Like that, we follow
  our progressively higher aspects back to the Source, dimensional
  step by dimensional step.

  Reality: There is no end to the number of realities that exist. You
  can say everything is real; you can say nothing is real.
  Esoterically, both are correct. But it's practical to define reality
  as the picture of reality that the Master Within knows is true. Like
  this, there's no need to rely on outside authorities to tell you
  what's real.

  Vision: A Vision is an encoded, visual picture presented to the
  conscious mind by Spirit. It is a higher-dimensional reality viewed
  from a lower one. It is also an overall, higher-dimensional picture
  of reality that one carries inside (the knowing of the I AM).

  Hallucinations: Anything not conforming to the picture of reality of
  the Master Within is an hallucination. Whenever a master identifies
  himself with an experience not in alignment with his fifth-
  dimensional reality, he is hallucinating.

  Integrity: To remain in one's integrity one needs to act in
  accordance with what is true for the Master Within. To stay centered
  in the experience of the "I AM" is to be in Integrity. it also
  implies that if you say something behind someone's back, you should
  be able to say it to their face.

  The Awakening of the Planetary Consciousness: [a.k.a: "The
  Ascension," and "The Second Coming of Christ."] Planets are
  conscious entities. Like humans, planets can sleep. Earth has been
  asleep for eons allowing beings to experience the illusion of lack
  and limitation. All of these experiences take place within her (the
  Planet's) domain of consciousness; everything that has ever happened
  on the planet was because she allowed it. But now she awakens into a
  new form. Like awakened masters who display "halos" - golden auras u
  so will the planet shine when she Ascends into her body of Light.

  Heaven on Earth: The Master Within's picture of reality as
  manifested on Earth; Earth functioning in a fifth dimensional mode.
  Co-creating Heaven on Earth is not just an idea or an ideal It's a
  way of life, lived as if your Vision of Heaven on Earth were real.
  As the Universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of
  reality, every time you take a stand for your Vision, a little bit
  of Heaven on Earth manifests. That's how Masters "do their Vision."
  Teachers: A teachers role is to disseminate a body of information to
  students, to be sure that the students "get it right" and "pass."
  The teacher is generally positioned above the student, because the
  teacher has information that the student needs in order to get it
  right and pass. Those masters who are playing New Age
  teacher/student roles are serving the Awakening of the Planet by
  stepping down fourth- and fifth-dimensional information into the
  third dimension.

  Masters will populate Heaven on Earth, not teachers and students;
  the latter will "pass" into history. Here is an analogy describing a
  similar situation. Some time ago, (home and) buggy manufacturing was
  big business. Then someone came along and invented the automobile.
  At the time, those with foresight probably predicted the demise of
  the buggy business. But it is likely that the public met that
  prediction with skepticism. After all, there were millions of
  buggies around. Where were the cam?

  We are in a similar situation today: there's a planet full of
  buggies (teachers/students) and just a lot of talk about cars
  (masters). The evolutionary process, however, is not concerned about
  the abundance of old models; it dispassionately dismantles them so
  new ones can manifest.

  Ground Crew Health: This encompasses more than just "mental health,"
  as it includes the condition of the physical and emotional bodies.
  There are two ways in which to measure the health of the Ground
  Crew. The first is to see to what degree one's consciousness is
  identified with the Ground Crew; the second is to see to what degree
  one participates (and identifies) with the Old World.

  For the first, the more you believe that you are your Ground Crew,
  the farther out of touch with yourself - the master - you will be.
  This misplaced identification is responsible for tension, anxiety
  and unusual behavior patterns and keeps the individual in "auto
  search" mode -always looking, perhaps in the eyes of others, for a
  clue to his true identity. Usually, this creates only a mild to
  medium neurosis. Wild and heavy distortions arise when "The Search"
  lands him "safely" in the arms of an Old World structure and he
  embraces it unabashedly.

  Leaders or authority figures of the Old World (or those who have a
  lot invested in it) usually embody much of the psychosis of the
  structure. Religious leaders, for example, generally claim to have
  exclusive communication rights with God. Heretics - those claimants
  of unauthorized truth - are usually reprimanded, sometimes outcast,
  and, in the past, were executed. Leaders of nations must have the
  resolve to push the (nuclear) button and destroy the enemy. This, of
  course, could destroy all human life on the planet - friend and foe.
  And although these are extreme examples, the logic is rational
  within the context of Old World logic.

  The media promotes neurotic perceptions and behaviors with its "a
  little fear is healthy" logic. Fear is an alien concept to the I AM;
  it is a prime tool for control by the Dark Forces. Alignment with
  this perspective makes a Ground Crew neurotic. Align yourself with
  any Old World perspective and you will become diseased in one way or
  another. The more staunchly you "stand behind the issues," the more
  alienated from your spirit you become.

  Neurosis and psychosis are terms describing the degree to which one
  is hallucinating. Even those beings who are acting psychotic are in
  the hands of their spirit, doing what they're supposed to be doing.
  Fifth dimensionally, they're just hallucinating.

  Pillars of Light: Advanced, other-dimensional energy fields are
  interacting with the fields of consciousness of the planet.
  Planetary Transition Team members arrive to ground and stabilize
  these forces. As the energies intensify, Team members become more
  and more useful. They stand as Pillars of Light as the Old World
  continues to be dismantled and plunges headlong into history. These
  Pillars provide support for the sprouting New Civilization.

  It's a Jungle Out There...: The Divine Plan says that it's time for
  Planet Earth to wake up, so Planetary Transition Teams show up.
  They're either born into human bodies or walk in to them. A jungle
  of illusion covers the planet. Here is their story...

  The first Teams wake up, unsheathe their machetes of truth (their
  Vision) and begin hacking their way through the jungle (by taking a
  stand for their Vision) towards the Path of Light (fifth-dimensional
  reality). Finally, they succeed in cutting narrow, energetic
  pathways to the Path of Light. A small stream of the Light filters
  into the jungle darkness. This stirs other sleeping Team members who
  then awaken and begin hacking away toward the Path. Naturally, their
  angle to the Path is somewhat different; so as they chop through the
  jungle, they widen existing pathways and create new ones. (This
  makes it even easier for subsequent waves to move through the
  jungle, because the initial trails have already been blazed.) More
  Light enters, prompting the next slumbering wave into action.

  The next wave does the same thing, moving towards the Path, clearing
  illusions. Rivers of Light flood in. This geometric progression
  continues until a point of critical mass is reached; then, the body
  of the main wave of Light rushes in, effortlessly whisking away the
  remaining underbrush. Machetes are set aside. Heaven on Earth is

  August, 1993; Issue


  The longer we're on the planet, the more we appreciate the work that
  other groups and individuals are doing to contribute to the co-
  creation of Heaven on Earth. This Mission is not a one E.T. job;
  it's a grand undertaking, interweaving the skills, energies and
  perceptions of millions of beings. Some beings are hacking away at
  various levels within the Old World while others are blazing trails
  in the New World. All of these levels of work blend as one.

  We would like to say to all who desire to serve the Mission more,
  but feel they aren't doing enough: Every time you take a stand for
  your truth or follow your spirit without hesitation, the entire
  Mission moves one step forward. And even if you become caught up in
  the Every Day drama, cosmic forces can still work through you.
  Besides, just your intention to serve more moves you in that

  The Mission is about love. Love yourself first. Allow peace to enter
  your life. All is unfolding, and all is well.


  One of the first things that we noticed upon entering into these
  Earth bodies was the importance of remaining in our integrity. What
  this means to us is this: We are E.T. Masters who have come here for
  a purpose - to co-create Heaven on Earth with other Masters.

  We see many other masters who appear to be awakening. But they are
  not awakening: Masters never sleep. It's the Ground Crew - the
  emotional, mental and physical bodies - that sleeps. As it sleeps it
  dreams (with the Planetary Consciousness) the realities of fear,
  injustice, lack, self-doubt, and denial. These are "hallucinations,"
  bad dreams. When we began dealing with other beings (and with our
  own Ground Crews), we saw how important it was to avoid, if
  possible, participating in these hallucinations. Because when we
  accept hallucinations as real, we temporarily step out of our
  integrity as masters. We co-create Heaven on Earth with other
  masters most effectively by staying in integrity. When our Ground
  Crews suggest that we hallucinate, we just say no. If we do begin to
  hallucinate (and spirit allows us to be aware of it), we use various
  technologies in order to bring us back to our I AM consciousness, or
  we just allow the drama to play out, whatever spirit directs.

  Some hallucinations are acquired - picked up along the way. They are
  habitual ways of perceiving things. Some hallucinations are inherent
  in the Ground Crew: you are born with them. The instincts are an
  example of this kind of hallucination. Fourth-dimensional entities
  and mechanisms support both of these kinds of illusions.

  Someone asked us if we "had boogs"- disembodied spirits hanging
  around with us; we said "no." The Ground Crew had, indeed, made
  agreements with astral entities over the years (and lifetimes), just
  like every other Ground Crew on the planet. But the boogs are not
  attached to, nor do they control or influence the I AM. They
  manipulate the Ground Crew; they tell the Ground Crew their version
  of what is real. That's their job. Staying in integrity means taking
  a stand for your truth, not theirs.

  In conclusion, to stay in integrity means to do what you know is
  right. You can do this even when you are hallucinating - snap out of
  it. Hallucinations are not something to fear or fight. They are just


  Shortly after we walked in, we noticed that just about everyone we
  met was hallucinating. We saw many glorious beings who were
  convinced they were struggling, or inferior, or misunderstood
  humans. And we saw these tendencies in our Ground Crews, as well. As
  time went on, we realized that these hallucinations didn't belong to
  any particular individual; they were patterns that existed all
  around the world. People in, say, France had feelings of
  helplessness, doubt, and the like, too. These patterns are non-
  personal: It's not your stuff. So who's stuff is it?

  Let's consider for a moment that the Planetary Consciousness is able
  to go through cycles of evolution, analogous to those of a human.
  She can sleep for awhile and then wake up to her enlightened state.
  When she is sleeping, dreaming nightmares or heroic adventurous
  dreams, she is hallucinating. Let's consider one of her dreams,
  Doctor Freud.

  In this dream she envisions (and manifests) various races and
  species to live within her biosphere. They are players in her dream.
  These beings believe that survival is an issue, that struggle and
  competition are the norm, that disasters can strike at any moment,
  and that there are allies and enemies. Masters are the players
  wearing these dream suits. And they play with her as if it were

  Everyone in a body on the planet today is participating in the
  planetary hallucination, because all of these bodies are a
  manifestation of the planetary hallucination. Just because you are
  participating in this drama doesn't mean this hallucination is your
  hallucination. At worst, you are co-creating it with her as you both
  sleep. At best, you are a Planetary Transition Team member who has
  volunteered to enter into this dream to work with her (by following
  your spirit without hesitation), assisting in her transition from
  dream state to waking state, helping to make the transition as easy
  and non-traumatic as possible. From this perspective, you are in the
  world but not of it.

  The Earth has an inner truth, just as we all do. We call this inner
  truth her Vision. She is now beginning to awaken to that truth, and
  soon, she will replace all of her dream-forms with new ones - Light

  December, 1993: Issue #26


  "How is it done?" How do "Wake-Ups," "Walk-Ins," "Crash-Ins" and
  Humans get to planet Earth? When we [Malenchen and Maruna] arrived,
  we defined ourselves as Walk-Ins; the previous inhabitants of these
  bodies walked out and we took the wheel. But we didn't feel like we
  "walked" in. And we still don't feel like it. What seems more
  accurate is to say that we projected our consciousness into them. We
  are Project-Ins. Right now we can "see" ourselves in our energetic
  form in the seventh dimension. So, for us, we're here (on third-
  dimensional Earth), and we're there (in the seventh dimension), as
  well. Indeed, we define "there" as our true home. Part of our
  Mission is to manifest the reality base of home, here.

  Crash-Ins, those beings who enter a human body after the body has a
  near-death experience, are Project-Ins. So are Wake-Ups, masters who
  project into a baby body during the birth process. Because Wake-Ups
  bear the full brunt of socialization, it is they who have the most
  intense identification with the body. But regardless of their
  intensity, these identifications - attachments - are hallucinations.

  There are millions of masters here, all sourcing from the fifth
  dimension and above, shining their Light of Consciousness through
  human eyes. To round out this picture, how do humans get here?

  As we have said, E.T.s project their consciousness into human forms
  from their Light bodies. Their Light bodies exist in another
  dimension: They are sourcing from another plane of reality. The
  human experience is more straightforward: Spirit projects its
  consciousness directly into a fetus - there is no middleman. This
  doesn't imply that humans are not multidimensional beings; like
  everyone else, their spirits can simultaneously manifest a multitude
  of different bodies in as many different worlds. But the one that is
  projected directly into the human form is human.

  When E.T.s project themselves into human bodies they become human,
  as well: they acquire "dual citizenship." This can cause great
  distress; they've just left a dimension where Limitation was not
  even a concept, and victims no more than a myth. And now here they
  are, suffering. But they wanted to be here; they really did. They
  knew how really exciting it would be to participate in this
  planetary awakening. (it becomes cool after they wake up.) And once
  they begin living as masters, they realize that accepting the human
  aspect of self is of incredible importance to the Mission. By
  integrating their humanity with their Divinity, they elevate the
  former and serve the latter.


  Introduction: Congratulations! You have just projected into a late-
  model Human Species Bio- Vehicle (HSBV)! With proper maintenance,
  these self-healing forms can be useful for up to 100+ years.

  This Users Guide is provided by The Federation of Light as a
  convenient way of viewing the different operational modes of your
  HSBV. By default, the Control Panel is hidden from sight when
  unused. When, however, any of its buttons are activated, it can
  effortlessly project into view of your Mind's Eye

  In principle, your HSBV has a variety of bio-sociogenetic responses
  built right into it. These state-of-the-bio-art programs are
  activated automatically, for ease and convenience while living a
  survival/power-based lifestyle.

  As you may be aware, next season's model u The Transdimensional
  Human Species Light Vehicle - will include significant upgrades. If
  you are attached to the current Control Panel options, then it would
  be wise to use them as much as possible while you still can. The new
  PEREC specifications (Planet Earth's Reality Emissions Control) will
  not support most of the current modes of behavior, including the
  HSBV Auto Functions. Spirit will operate the new Control Panel and
  all of its NEW FEATURES.


  In practice, these bio-programs are triggered by various internal
  and external events. Once running, devolutionary action results, and
  you forfeit the option of following your spirit (you're following
  the HSBVs program). The Control Panel gives you quick-and-easy
  visual access to help identify these common third- and fourth-
  dimensional programs. Being aware that they are taking you for a
  bio-ride is the first step in being weaned from these soon-to-be-
  unavailable programs. Good luck, and thanks again for choosing an

  The Buttons

  The Panel contains nine separate Command Buttons. Buttons can be
  activated individually or in combination with others. Take some time
  to familiarize yourself with each of them.

  "Agony and Ecstasy"

  The first indication that this button has been activated is that you
  begin to agonize about something. For example, say you've misplaced
  your keys. First, the realization that you've lost them fires a shot
  of adrenalin into your bloodstream. You start to agonize about the
  hassles you'll have to go through to replace the keys, and much
  more. You search everywhere; and then, thank God, you find them. You
  are so relieved that you feel a mild sense of ecstasy. It seems like
  you've been through a whole lot, but you've really just gone in a
  circle. Other examples of this pattern include the "Oh, no! I'm off
  the Spiritual Path" syndrome, which makes you sweat it out until
  you're back on track. Another variation is "The Agony and The
  Agony." You're driving your car and you're in a hurry. You approach
  a traffic light. You go through the "I've got to make it through the
  light(:> agony. If it turns red, it's "The Agony and The Agony." (If
  the light stays green, it's "The Agony and The Ecstasy"). In all
  instances, the results would have turned out the same, whether you
  had hit the Button (and done the drama) or not. In other words,
  agonizing about something won't make it turn out okay.

  There are two other variations of "The Agony and the Ecstasy." Say
  you excitedly scratch off the silver dots of an "Instant Winner"
  lotto ticket win! You've just pushed "The
  Ecstasy and The Ecstasy" Button. But usually some degree of Agony
  can be found running through this kind of experience: you are
  thinking, "What if the last number doesn't match?" If it doesn't
  (they usually don't), then you experience "The Ecstasy and The

  If you notice that you consistently push this (or any) Button, then
  perhaps there is something you like about it.

  "Crime and Punishment"

  This Button is essential to the Small Story. Every third- and
  fourth-dimensional institution uses it. You commit a crime whenever
  you break the rules, and then, if you are caught, you are punished.
  What determines THE PUNISHMENT is: a) who you are, b) the
  institution that you've wronged, and c) what crime you've committed.
  At the office, you can be fired, docked, or humiliated. Church dogma
  threatens you with Bad-Eternal-Things that are sure to happen to you
  after you die. In a civic context, deterrents come in the form of
  fines, imprisonment, and, in extreme cases, termination. Divorce,
  separation, or just unpleasant attitudes serve as punishment in
  marriage. Even New Age, E.T., and Angelic groups have their own body
  of laws. They are usually concerned with idealistic dogma; behave
  wrongly and they will punish you with snobbish ignor-ance or psychic

  Perhaps the most subtle and insidious Punishment of all is judgment.
  When you judge someone, you psychically attack them. But as you
  throw them out of your Heart, you are thrown into separation, which
  is punishment in itself.

  On the fifth dimension and above, no one is ever punished; no one
  could even consider that. But on the third and fourth dimension,
  punishment is an essential ingredient.

  The original name for this Button was "Conditional Happiness: 'I'II
  be happy if..."'; but for ease, it was shortened to "I Want" (which
  is essentially the same thing).

  This Button is directly linked to the Personal Will, just behind the
  Gratification Strategy Center.

  "I Don't Want"

  Originally labeled "Do Not Disturb," this Buttons frequently works
  in tandem with the "I Want" Button. Expect to see angry or aloof

  This Button connects to the Ego Exhaust valve. It has fill-in-the-
  blank options which include: looking"; "hard working"; "rich";
  "miserable"; "confused"; "suffering"; and much more. Push this
  Button to explore empty space.

  "Look at Them, They're..."

  A variation of the "Look at me, I'm..." Button. Also comes with
  fill-in-the-blank options, options that are usually belittling. For
  information about yourself, look to the opposite of what you fill in
  the blank with. Then put it in the "Look at me, I'm..." form.
  Example: "Look at him, he is sloppy"; (Reads: "Look at me, I'm

  "I'm Afraid"

  This Button has a thousand and one uses, and its effects are
  obvious. See it in action if circumstances threaten your job
  security, if someone directs anger at you, or by just listening to
  the news. Reads: "I am experiencing fear."


  This Button is for general use. Its applications include nagging,
  "making things happen," and trying to control someone. A favorite
  Button of the Personal Will.


  A.k.a., "exaggerations" or "white lies." Used for fooling yourself
  and others into thinking that things are better or worse than what
  they are. Pushing this Button increases the drama and intensity of
  any situation.


  EVEN MORE FEATURES! The Auxiliary Panel includes the following Auto

  "I'm Right (you're wrong)"

  Activating this Button creates walls. Whenever you're right,
  something or someone is wrong. Allowance goes out the window;
  separation happens. (Being Right is not the same as taking a stand
  for your truth.)

  "I'm Unworthy"

  This Button is usually connected during socialization. Once
  activated, your truth becomes secondary. It keeps you feeling small
  and contracted. Like all other Buttons, it offers an opportunity to
  take part in the Planetary Hallucination.


  Payback, in essence, is revenge. Use this Button in conjunction with
  other Buttons. Whenever payback is activated, there will be an
  enemy, a victim, and a feeling of separation. Auto, auto, auto; wake
  up, wake up, wake up.

  This Button is especially difficult to transcend. In a materialistic
  world, almost everything is owned by someone. Yet, ownership ceases
  when one dies. Cosmically, everything - including the Ground Crew -
  is on loan.

  The "It's Mine" pattern emerges at an early age. The child becomes
  attached to certain objects, places, and persons. For many, this
  behavior is never outgrown, in part because society reinforces its
  validity. It seems that the real issue of "It's Mine" is not
  ownership per se, but concern with the possibility of being deprived
  (lack) of something.

  On the fifth dimension and above, there is no attachment and no
  lack; these illusions are not available. Attachment to form is
  slavery to form: It owns you.

  Everyone, no matter who or where you are, receives exactly what is
  written (in the Divine Plan) for them. You are the temporary steward
  of whatever the Divine Plan manifests for you.

  "I'm a Victim"

  When you see that "someone did it to me/them," be aware that the
  "I'm a Victim" Button is activated. When you are attached to hurt
  feelings, thwarted plans, betrayal, and suffering, this indicates
  that you are stoppable. Accompanying "victim feelings" include
  depression, anger, resentment, hate (i.e., suppressed anger),
  hopelessness, self-righteous indignation, and shock. Victims, in
  varying degrees, feel abandoned by the Universe.

  On the fifth dimension and above, the reality that everyone is an
  Immortal Spark of the All-That-Is rules out this kind of drama.


  The preceding is but a small sampling of responses available when
  one is in Auto Mode. Keep the Panel in your consciousness; when a
  Button is pushed, just watch. As you participate you will see your
  own unique expressions of the Planetary Hallucination.

  To obtain a hard copy edition of this work, send $8 (in U.S.
  dollars) plus $3.50 s&h (double for Canada and Mexico; quadruple for
  over seas air mail) to: Starbuilders, P.O. Box 22-0964, Hollywood,
  FL 33022-0964, USA.