! The Dimensional Shift !

Many business leaders and trend forecasters are saying that the world is going through a paradigm shift. Some are calling it a dimensional shift. A paradigm is a model of how we view reality. A paradigm shift occurs when our fundamental view of reality changes to a new, wider perspective. An example is when masses of people realized that the earth rotates around the sun and is not the center of the universe. That changed the entire global perspective, opening up new potentials never before dreamed of. When Einstein proved all matter is energy, another paradigm shift occurred, heralding breakthroughs in science and technology that otherwise would have been impossible.

A current paradigm shift is the movement in business away from the perspective of just money and profit to an emphasis on excellence and quality. As Joel Barker, author of Future Edge, observed in an interview in Industry Week magazine:
Total quality is a paradigm shift. There's going to be a dramatic separation between those who practice Total Quality and those who pretend it. The winners will be the world-class providers of products and services.... The Total Quality people will see results that are exponential.... The base of the twenty-first century is built on excellence.”

A dimensional shift is made of many paradigm shifts unfolding over time. Although science speaks of dimensions just in terms of time and space, a dimension is actually a specific frequency range of perception and intelligence. Each dimension embraces the intelligence of the dimensions below it and can be perceived as its own world of energy and form.

The Third Dimension

Our physical reality, including our dense physical body, exists in the third dimension. Newtonian physics led people to believe that the only “reality” is what we can perceive with our physical senses. Our senses perceive every piece of matter as separate, leading us to conclude that everything is separate. Adopting this paradigm view, many scientists closed their minds to the possibility of another reality. This is an example of third dimensional perception and intelligence.

One way to better understand dimensions is to realize how human awareness develops. Newborn babies come into the world with limited conscious awareness.

They are totally dependent on their mothers for food, shelter, moving around, etc. As the child develops, its awareness expands on physical, mental and emotional levels. Soon it can walk, talk, feed itself, think and speak. Before long, it can understand more complex ideas. But for most people, the development of awareness slows down. It hits a ceiling in the third dimension; only through greater effort can we break through this ceiling.

Ordinary day-to-day human awareness is a product of the third dimension. We tend to perceive things as good and bad, right or wrong, black and white, and react accordingly. Often we view conflicts as, “that’s the way things are and it’s going to get worse.” The third dimension is a range of frequency bands that’s bound by many illusions of limits. These boundaries are colored by fears that keep us from seeing a way out. They are created by thoughts like, “There is no proof of life after death, therefore there isn’t any life after death.” You probably know people who are afraid to even think about life after death.

Einstein’s discovery that everything is energy helped launch a whole new science, Quantum Physics, which states that nothing is really separate from anything else, everything is interconnected and interrelated. Quantum physics also concludes that the consciousness of the observer affects the things we observe. Therefore, everything is relative to perception. Quantum reality is very different from Newtonian reality. It is an example of fourth dimensional perception and intelligence - it surpasses and embraces Newtonian understanding like a teacher’s awareness embraces a young student’s. Quantum physics opened up a whole new dimension of awareness.

The Fourth Dimension

The fourth dimension is a range of intelligence and perception that lifts us beyond the ceiling of the third - with thoughts that are more efficient, caring, and hopeful. This dimension increases your power for growth and change. Lower fourth dimensional awareness allows you to philosophize and ponder new possibilities and start to work on inefficient patterns. You’d consider the importance of positive thinking, but you wouldn’t necessarily act on it.

While in the lower fourth dimension, you’re trying to work things out and it’s still like the yo-yo diet syndrome. Up again, down again. You know you should lose weight, you diet for a few days, then someone offers you ice cream and you eat it. You feel guilty and start over again. In the lower fourth, you continually create new stuff—hurts, pain, guilt—to be cleared away. Recovery can seem like a never-ending process because you aren’t getting to the root cause of the problem. The lower fourth involves continually working things out, continually healing, dieting, cleansing, clearing. It goes on, and on, and on. Fortunately, awareness does not stop here.

In the middle 4th dimension, you get serious about personal growth and taking care of yourself, other people and the planet. You have more glimpses of new possibilities. Some people get involved in social causes or make big changes in their lifestyles. They really care about making the world and themselves better and take action. Many who are into personal growth and spirituality get stuck in the mid-4th. Some feel they’ve “got it” and can feel special, even elitist, because they know something others don’t know. Others can get caught up in the ritual of their practice and develop strong mind-sets about their beliefs or have judgments of others who aren’t enlightened or don’t act the way they do. In the middle 4th, it can be easy to feel you are “there” and not see the unfinished business you still have in front of you, especially when it comes to dealing with unresolved mental and emotional issues. This can cause a blindness to where extra effort is needed to complete out your aim. Yet you know something is missing. You know the potential for fulfillment is within, but you don’t know how to get to it. You are still draining energy and “working things out,” instead of finding the deeper heart intelligence that would move you into the higher 4th dimension where things are finally worked out.

The higher fourth dimension is where the frequencies of love, care, compassion, forgiveness and inner peace reside. As we sustain these heart frequencies, our consciousness has a smoother, more harmonious flow. We experience more hope; and hope is a powerful fuel to create momentum for positive change and fulfillment. The higher fourth represents a quantum leap in human awareness.

The harmonizing, regenerating frequencies of nature are tuned to higher fourth dimensional frequencies. Nature simply radiates frequencies of peace and harmony without stopping to wonder if it’s good enough, or whether people will like it, or even whether people will care for it. It just radiates. The higher fourth holds magic, majesty, wonder and delight and is a level of awareness available to you any time you choose to experience it. When Christ came to earth, he brought in new perceptions of love and broke through many mind sets of that time. He created and left behind an opening into the fourth dimension. This was a powerful transformation for a society that was largely operating in the second dimension—the undeveloped mind. In the higher fourth dimension you see union; you see all people as one. Christ had a constant clarity of vision, and he loved everyone he saw. His mission was to touch all people and “lifestyles.” He mingled with all segments of the population, all the people. In the higher fourth, you don’t judge or overcare about someone’s lifestyle. You only care about the style and focus of your own love and awareness, and feel true care for all.

The planet is poised to begin operating more consistently in the higher fourth, but it will take a potent infusion of fifth dimensional energy to break free of the density and stress of third dimensional thought. And, it will take people becoming more self-managed through the heart to transform our current thinking habits into higher understandings of love and care.

The Fifth Dimension

By operating from the heart, you build a bridge of awareness from the third to the higher fourth dimension —a bridge that leads to the inner knowingness of the fifth dimension. In the fifth, awareness is guided by intuitive directives that free you from the endless cleansing and recovery of the fourth, and from the self-limiting fears and phobias of the third.

Fifth dimensional intelligence provides streamlined inner efficiency - for you, me and the entire human race. Stress is transformed through the heart. There are no limits. You are responsible for bringing heaven to earth. You perceive and understand everything as light, energy and frequencies, and it’s up to you to manage your energies effectively. Actions are neither good nor bad, right nor wrong, but rather energy-efficient and leading to more love, or less energy-efficient and leading to more stress.

Each new dimension embraces the intelligence and awareness of the perspective below it. In the fifth dimension you comprehend the third and fourth dimensional perspectives without being limited by them or judging them. You understand why people think and act the way they do, even though it may not be efficient or in their best interests. The fifth is a powerful dimension for good, for creative manifestation and self-empowerment. It is the dimension where you truly create your own world and are not a victim anymore. From a fifth dimensional perspective, stressful times are seen simply as untransformed opportunities for more love and empowerment.

At this time in history, some fifth dimensional energies are filtering into people’s awareness. These frequencies are received through intuitive breakthroughs and new technologies that can usher the world past the ceiling of the third dimension. A dimensional shift is emerging.

The great world teachers have said, “God’s will is found in the chambers of the heart,” and “The kingdom is within.” Mohammed said to his followers: “Consult thy heart and thou wilt hear the secret ordinance of God proclaimed by the heart’s inward knowledge.” As you learn to go to the heart, you discover God’s will and your inner will. You gain your freedom. As you learn to listen to your heart directives daily, you can assume the power to manifest them. But, if you ignore your heart, you re main bound in the limits of the third dimension, creating stress for yourself. If you just hear your heart directives, without acting on them, you remain caught in the continual struggle of the lower fourth. Follow your heart—that means following your spirit. Allow yourself the gift of moving on into higher awareness.

It really doesn’t take a huge effort to know what your heart is telling you. You don’t have to be a genius or even know all the math of the heart. If you spend a little quiet, focused time, you can develop your heart intuition and knowingness. As you sincerely go for deeper levels of love, the results you’ll have in well-beingness and increased quality of life will motivate you, leading you to wider dimensional awareness. The results are so rewarding you can easily develop a passion for self-management.

A Dimensional Game

If you try to understand dimensions from a head perspective, it can be frustrating as the mind runs up against its limitations and mind-sets. So try this as a fun game. This book is written like a dimensional ride through third and lower fourth dimensional descriptions of stress and higher fourth and fifth dimensional descriptions of energy and the power of the heart. Watch how your own energies flow as you read different passages. Try to stay in a higher heart perspective without judging ideas that seem new or strange. Try not to fall into third dimensional anxiety as you recognize areas in yourself that you need to change, or lower fourth dimensional feelings of how much work is needed to transform a long-standing pattern. Treat it all like a dimensional ride. The more you stay in the heart, the more fun and understanding you will gain.

Care — A Dimensional Perspective

One day I looked up “care” in the dictionary and I was astonished. Care is defined by Webster as suffering of mind, grief; a burdensome sense of responsibility, anxiety; concern, solicitude, and worry. Think about it. None of these descriptions feel good, nor do they sound like fun, peace and harmony. They certainly don’t describe the feeling of true care I felt when I first held my new born child. Webster’s definition describes the limiting third dimensional thought patterns of care—or overcare. Care in the third dimension is not attractive.

In the fourth dimension, you have the power to be free from overcare, to truly care, and you’re more familiar with the qualities of love. Having felt and experienced love quite often, you would understand the truth that love is what makes the world go ’round. Your understanding would come from the core heart frequency of love. You would begin to feel the frequency of unconditional love —love without judgment, fear, impatience, resentment, self-pity, worry, sadness. In other words, unconditional love is love that doesn’t slip into stressful overcares colored by mind biases. When that happens, your love becomes so colored with qualifiers that it’s no longer of significant value. Love can become so coated with negative attitudes from third and lower fourth dimensional energies, that it turns into a deficit instead of an asset to yourself and others. It’s important to remember that in the higher fourth dimension you truly do feel care about the world, the environment, the educational system, the people, the laws and so forth. But you don’t slip into the anxiety of overcare because you know that will drain you and make your caring less effective. True care has wisdom and discernment. It is love in the active modality—the higher heart and mind joined together.

The fifth dimensional thought patterns of care are energy-efficient and on a mission—carrying out your purpose. You realize life is a game you play with your own self. In the fifth dimension, you are creating your own universe, so in truly caring you want to run your system as efficiently as possible. The voice of your heart would be loud and clear; your spirit would be speaking. And if you were waking up to who you are, getting to know your complete self, you would follow your spirit, which is made of light. You would put your knowingness into action, creating as you go. In this dimension of light and love, the universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality.

The Global Paradigm Shift

The more I understood the different dimensions, the more important to me it became to truly care for people. As time went on, my associates and I gained deep insights into the global paradigm shift that is now occurring. I will share some of my perceptions, in hopes that you will read further with more love and care in your own heart.

This is a challenging time in history. The world is going through a global paradigm shift, moving as a whole from the third to the fourth dimension and taking a quantum leap into the edges of the fifth dimension. You can see signs of this in all the rapid political and social changes that are occurring. The end of communism and the fall of the Berlin Wall are just two examples of changes that occurred much more rapidly than third dimensional awareness could have predicted. Mass consciousness tends to move in waves as old patterns and crystallized structures crumble. The pendulum swings into love, back into fear, into love, back into fear, back and forth. An example of this can be seen in the ethnic wars that broke out in Europe after the iron hand of communism was lifted. For months the countries felt great hope, then the violence began.

The problem is that third dimensional frequency perspectives see people, structures—everything—as separate from each other, with tremendous duality, antagonism and opposites. So, in this dimension people gain a little hope, then revert back to fear. There are still thick boundaries and strong limitations in the thinking of the world. Mind-sets are so rigid that when amplified by unmanaged emotions, tremendous conflict results. Third dimensional awareness keeps hitting its head on the ceiling of its own limitations. Because it sees with separate eyes, there are many enemies. If you project into the future and can’t see a way out of a dilemma, you can become fearful. When fear is present, the consistency of love cannot hold.

Only the power of the heart can provide the bailout, the higher dimensional understandings. As the dimensional shift takes place, it gives the world a chance to see past old boundaries. It brings a different hope, and a glimpse of new wonder. As the planet moves into faster, higher vibrational frequencies, you, and any person, can take the frequencies available to you in any moment and transmute them within yourself through the heart. You will be presented a new perspective of the world, one in which head and heart are united in clarity. You sustain this perspective as you manage your physical, mental and emotional natures through heart intelligence. Everyone has a heart, and everyone can prosper from using their heart. Such is the power of the dimensional shift occurring on the earth at this time.

As the global transition from the third to the higher fourth dimension continues, more people will become unwilling to participate in actions that do not promote real wholeness and well-being for themselves, their country and their world. Increasingly, people are waking up to the inefficiency of old patterns of thinking and acting. As our social frequency perspective shifts into the fourth dimension, we will establish proven paths to global well-being that do not depend on illusory short-lived attempts that always crumble. Ongoing racial and ethnic conflicts will accelerate mass realization that we need to finally build a foundation of real care and love in our interactions. As a result of global TV and satellite communications, millions are recognizing that antagonism and separation only result in greater despair, stress and planetary distortion. Real peace will come as people decide there’s no choice but to make peace within themselves. Following the heart is the key.

Overcoming Inertia

One of the basic resistances to this higher vibration of peace is human inertia. Many people do not consciously value peace enough to bring about inner change. Some avoid trying to achieve balance and fulfillment because they fear failure. But this fear is not based in reality. It’s just a projection of the third dimensional limits they’ve put on themselves. They allow this fear to control them. Heart intelligence helps you understand your fears, then, naturally they dissipate.

In personal and international relationships of the future, attempts to overpower others will be seen as dysfunctional behavior. Such actions will be recognized as harmful to global balance and peace. Love is inevitable; it is our true essence. We are multidimensional beings waking up to our own higher natures. As we love more, we break through old barriers and crystallized patterns. However, going against the flow of the planet’s transition into truer love will create overloads of stress. Resistance to change creates inharmonious feedback in the human system, affecting family, business, social and political structures. This is already happening. Conscious, intelligent love can overcome all resistance. There are solutions, knowledge, understanding and tools to facilitate. You can make this dimensional shift an adventure. Through the heart, you will have the understanding necessary to be buoyant, strong, clear and courageous through this shifting of the world. Remember, love conquers all.

The power of love, or heart power, is qualified power, based on how well energy is managed within a system. Picture the heart as the hub of a wheel of power; the spokes of the wheel would be its conduits. In an individual, the spokes are the mental, emotional, physical and other aspects of our nature. In a family or organization, the spokes are the collective individuals. What is the United States of America but a collection of individuals? It’s the same for a city, a gang, a corporation, the world and, yes, the same principle applies to the universe. The universe is a collection of individual energy units. All parts working harmoniously together create wholeness.

The heart empowerment of YOU - mentally, emotionally, physically - accelerates evolution. It immediately begins to activate your next level of self- growth in the most fun, rewarding, energy-efficient manner. As you love people at deeper levels, you make it easier for them to access these heart frequencies. Through the heart, God’s intelligence lifts you and speeds you on to new understanding in the higher dimensions. Stuck in the head without heart contact, the accelerating evolutionary energy only intensifies your inner conflicts and stress. As more people come into deeper contact with the power of the heart, stress will be recognized as an untransformed opportunity for greater empowerment. Heart empowerment, not ideally but actually, can bring in the intelligence to end the conflicts so prevalent in the third dimensional world. In the higher fourth dimension, all opposites cease to be and all that is seen is the One Light. This is not the end of seeing, but it is the end of seeing with the separate eye. It is direct perception that all is energy, not just a theoretical knowing. As my dad, a retired Lieutenant General in the Marines, says when he signs his letters: E Pluribus Unum — From many, one!

This article comes from:  http://www.planetarypub.com/hpoh/sample.html
( Some very small syntacs corrections were made by Gerardus )