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Good day. Today we are going to touch on a very controversial subject--that of extraterrestrials, UFOs, and other such "fringe" phenomena. First of all, to define the word "extraterrestrial."

"Extra," used in this sense, means "outside of"; "terrestrial" means "having to do with the (planet) Earth." Please note that the word terrestrial contains the signature of Terra as the planet's true name. You are already on Terra, but not as she will become.

So extraterrestrial means "from outside of the planet Earth (Terra)." Well, you are ALL extraterrestrials in that sense, because you all are being projected from a level that is not based on the planet, and your bodies are made up of the elements that are the stuff of stars. You are truly celestial beings. Also note that the word extraterrestrial places Earth at the center of the universe and identifies everything that is not ON the Earth as being extra terrestrial, a form of "us" and "them" thinking that is now obsolete. We prefer the term "celestials," but for this discussion, we will use your convention and refer to beings whose home base is not on the planet Earth as ETs.

ETs come in many shapes, sizes and forms. Your media has popularized the "little grey men" of Roswell fame, and the T-shirts and various "tourist" items are more often than not emblazoned with little slanty-eyed grey ETs. However sensational they are, and with them the tales of abductions, cattle mutilations, and sexual interchange, they are not all there is to this picture.

There are many races interacting with your people right now. The most visible are the ones who are in the lower frequency bands, but there are also ones that operate in the higher frequency bands. They are only visible to you in your "inner" vision. We are in this latter category for now. We do not usually materialize in the physical band, although we can if we choose to. We are in the bands that contain those you would call Masters, angels, and archangels. We work with the Office of the Christ. (That is not a particular person, but an office or position within the spiritual hierarchy.)

We [the ETs] come in two "flavors," according to our alignment and methods of operation (M.O.). We either serve others (service-to-others, also known as STO) or we serve ourselves (service-to self, also known as STS). No matter what our particular form--our apparent "planet of origin"--that is the most important thing for you to know about us. Are we STS or STO? That M.O. defines how we will interact with you and what our true motives are. STS always want something from you that serves their own agenda, but is not in your best interests. STO is there to be of assistance in whatever way does not infringe upon your free will and choice. No matter how sweet the words are, it is always useful in dealing with those who are of a culture foreign to your own ("alien" means "foreign") to ask yourselves, "Who does this (action) serve? Is it in my best interests or theirs?"

Now, as we have said, there is ONLY ONE LIFE being lived. No matter what the current "costume" is, or the apparent behavior, it is all an expression of that one life, which you may call God, the Creator, Source, or All That Is. All ETs are expressions of that one life. We are not wanting to get into "us" and "them" thinking, "enemies" and "friends" divisions, but rather to take two steps back and simply observe: Who is served?

Now that we have laid the groundwork and vocabulary, we will say that we are of the STO variety of ET. We are here to help you in any way that we can that will not infringe on your own free choice. The interlopers of whom we have spoken are of the other "flavor." They are STS in their M.O., and as such they are not bound by such constraints. They can and will infringe on your choice in any way that you LET them, but they cannot override your free will. If you do not want to deal with them, all you need to do is to assert your free will. Tell them to leave and they must obey. Wherever you carry fear, that is a weak point, a place where you are vulnerable, and they operate best by playing on your fears. This is always the case. If you feel helpless or afraid in some way, they have gained power over you, and gaining power is their whole game. They literally feed off of it. You have observed some of this kind of behavior among certain people on Earth. It is of the same "flavor," no matter where you find it. Always ask, "Who does it serve?"

We have spoken of the harvesting of souls and the different "destinations" that will be available after the Null Point. Where one ends up is dependent on the sum of the choices that have been made by the souls belonging to a particular Oversoul. There will be a certain "light quotient" contained within the Oversoul after it has harvested all of the souls that belong to it and absorbed them. This light quotient determines the level at which the Oversoul vibrates, or its frequency. You might be surprised to find out that Oversouls come in two flavors, as well. Both flavors exist because the Creator wanted to experience EVERYTHING, wanted to experience the full range of Its creative potential. It did not want to know Itself only by serving others. It wanted to know Itself in all the ways that were possible. All forms and behaviors still come back to the Creator wanting to explore and know Its full range of potential, nothing more and certainly nothing less.

It is so easy to label things: "This is good; this is bad." The Creator just IS. It is neither good nor bad. It is not compassionate, merciful, angry, or punishing. It simply IS. Those attributes (compassion, anger, etc.) are projections upon a field of pure consciousness that is simply experimenting with all the possible ways of expression that are available to It. It is BOTH serving Itself and serving others. It serves others by creating them and allowing them to participate in the experience It is having. It serves Itself by creating others through which It experiences. There is ONLY ONE LIFE being lived. It is the Creator in Its infinite array of forms, or expressions.

That is the "absolute" way of looking at it. But you (and we) are also experiencing at the "relative" level of experience. Within that "relative" experience, there APPEARS to be "good" and "bad," STO and STS kinds of things and behaviors. They are "good" or "bad" only when compared to something else. That is the "relative" part--as one thing RELATES to (or refers to) something else. There is no way around this, as the Creator likes to play hide-and-seek with Itself, and so it hides in all forms while It seeks Itself. It makes things so much more interesting, as seen from the Creator's perspective, because there is so much more "grist for the mill." There is so much more to work with, and there is so much more variety available than there would be if things only came in one of these two flavors.

If there were only STO, things could get a little dull after awhile. If there were only STS, things wouldn't last very long, because the STS flavor, in serving only itself, is inherently predatory and destructive towards everything else. It operates through competition, not cooperation. You can see the results on your own planet, which has been effectively destroyed by these self-serving behaviors on the part of so many.

But now we are at the time of Harvest, when each comes for their own and seeks to maximize their potential in the "great summing up" that is underway at this time. All of the Oversouls want to maximize their light quotient, so their projections are going about, gathering in more light of the flavor that they are made of. Both kinds of flavors are actively recruiting right now. The STS are seeking to increase their power, so they do what they can to increase the amount of fear in the environments in which they are operating. Fear gives them access, gives them power over those who are in fear. Since we have defined love (in part) as the absence of fear, you can see how love is the antithesis of what they would want you to feel in order to promote their agenda of gaining power. They can only gain power through others' fears, so wherever love is (as we have defined it), they are blocked from gaining power.

There are a great number of ETs interacting with Earth right now. They are here for many reasons--some to be active participants in the Harvest, and some to simply observe and learn from it. They come in both flavors. We are here to help you increase your love and light quotient. Others are here to increase fear and thus create more opportunities to increase their power over others.

STS is always based on a master/slave hierarchical relationship. STS entities, regardless of origin, are always seeking to gain a foothold on someone else's shoulders so that they may gain power over others and climb up the rungs of their power hierarchy. STO is seeking to help other sovereign beings, to interact in ways that "level the playing field" and elevate all individuals to their maximum potential. STO revels in sharing the limitless wealth of the Creator's Love and Light, while STS seeks to accumulate as much of a "finite" amount of power as it can. The biggest laugh is that when viewed from the highest possible perspective, both flavors are seeking to become more like the Creator, but they seek it from opposite sides.

The Creator is the Source of all Love, Light, and Power. But the STO is not interested in power as much as it wishes to be empowered and to help others claim their "birthright," also--to share the limitless supply with others, because there is plenty for everyone. STS seeks to get, keep, and hoard as much power as it can, but the more successful it is, the lonelier it becomes. There actually comes a point when the STS is so lonely that it decides that it is tired of all that power, that the mere [possession] of power is not satisfying when there is no one there to share it with. When an STS has reached that clarity of its position, then (and only then) its natural "next step" is to switch to the STO version of reality, and this is not as difficult as you might think. By the time an STS gets to that point, they have so thoroughly explored all the possible ways in which one gets and keeps power for itself, it has exhausted that set of possibilities. It has "been there, seen it, done it" with all of the possible experiences of that flavor and reached the end of its creative potential within that flavor, so it looks to the "greener pastures" of what it hasn't explored, jumps the fence, and quickly becomes an STO groupie.

ETs of both flavors are here to recruit (in the case of STS) or help (in the case of STO). The STS will try to keep those of the STO persuasion from remaining on their path of growing love, because then the STS supply of power sources diminishes. Since STS is based on the idea of a FINITE supply, rather than the limitless abundance idea of the STO, any decrease in fear levels is perceived as a loss of power by the STS. That is why one sees so many well-intentioned individuals being "led astray" by STS entities. That is why love (as we have defined it) is the best armor and protection one can have and the greatest insurance policy one can get to "make it" on the STO path.

The media on your planet are not there to tell the truth. They are there to sell things, for that is how they get their portion of the power medium you call money. Fear sells. Sex sells. Romance sells. Emotion sells. Truth does not sell, except when it "exposes" something, and what is that but emotional titillation? The media is there to stimulate you to "buy" whatever it is that they are selling, whether it is a product, a philosophy (Who does it serve?), or a point of view that empowers you or (more likely) disempowers you.

The media has treated the subjects of ETs, UFOs, and "paranormal" phenomena in ways that increase the emotional titillation, the rush of adrenaline, also known as fear. Lately that has shifted a little, as there is more acceptance of higher realities, but on the whole the media serves the purposes of the STS flavor more than it does those of the STO flavor. It is natural that this would be the case, because the entire planetary economy is operating in ways that serve the STS individuals in high positions of authority more than it serves the general populace (which is so ignorant and unconscious of the consequences of their choices that they are easy pawns for the power-mongers above them).

We are here in great numbers, and when the time is right, we shall render ourselves visible to those who have "eyes to see," those whose frequency is that of love (as we have defined it), and can therefore see others who operate in that frequency. Those who are in fear will never see us. If you are in fear and see an ET, be assured it will be of the STS flavor. You cannot see love unless you are in that state of love, through the principle of resonance. But you can always FEEL love, even if you still contain some fear. So while you cannot see us yet, except with your inner vision, you can always FEEL us and our presence. You can also FEEL the feelings you get when STS energies are around you, whether they are of "human" or "ET" origin, whether they are in your visual frequency band or currently in frequencies beyond those your physical eyes can see.

Trust your feelings. We will say that again. TRUST YOUR FEELINGS. No matter what something "looks like" on the surface, ask yourself, "How does this FEEL to me?" There are many whose tongues drip with honey, who tell you what you want to hear, who put you to sleep with their hypnotic droning voices. But you can FEEL when you are being lulled, you can feel when you are being led astray. It is a subtle difference between that and moving out of fear on your own. You can be comforted when you are in pain, but only you can deal with your fears. You must face them down within yourself. No one can do that for you, although others can--by their example, advice, and encouragement--show you the way.

You are about to become ETs yourself, so it behooves you to become masters of your own feelings, to use your feeling capacity to detect who is playing what game. Do not rely on your media to tell you what is going on. Only your feeling sense and a willingness to examine the deeper levels of the surface phenomena will help you chart your course. In the end, though, you can never know enough to be safe. You must create your own sense of safety within yourself. Put your energy into creating that internal sanctuary, where you can connect with Source. But as you thread your way through these last days before the Harvest, know that there are those who would use you for their agenda, and there are those who are here to help you move through your fears into love (as we have defined it). It is up to you to choose in each and every moment, to move through your fears into love, as that is the ticket Home.

Those who are destined to go to Terra will need to have love in their hearts. It is not your deeds that matter as much as your frequency. If you have love and not fear, you will naturally behave in loving ways. If you ask for our help, we will give it in whatever ways and in whatever measure does not infringe on your own right to choose. There is an enormous amount of Grace available to help you move through your fear, but you must open yourself to receive it. Meditate. Breathe. Set aside some quiet time. Let the love come in. Let the fear go. You are safe. You cannot be destroyed. You do not have to "die." You are immortal beings, about to go on the adventure you have dreamed of, waking and sleeping. Terra calls.

We leave you now, in peace and honor and blessing. We shall speak to you again.

Amen, Adonoy, Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.