? What is Orgone Energy ?

Orgone is life force, "ch'i", "vril", "prana", etc. It's sort of the female counterpart of electricity. Magnetic energy is the interface of orgone and electricity. We make healing devices using this energy with electricity and the cloudbuster erases chemtrails and cancels weather warfare with it, also normalizes weather, ends droughts, brings rain when needed. I'll put an attachment to explain more.

We're having a Joe Cell made now for the 1970 Ford pickup. Changes a water cooled gasoline motor with carburetor into a free energy engine running on orgone energy. I won't say much about this unless and until it's working. They're being made by individuals in Australia, where it originated, but Americans are pretty slow on the uptake these days, sad to say, so mine may be the first one here. Plenty of obfuscation already on the net, but Alex Schiffer's book is legit, I believe. That's what we're using.

An accomplished engineer/inventor is doing plans now with CAD program and will oversee a machinist to make the prototype for us. The plan is to demonstrate ours and sell plans, possibly kits, for an affordable price. We'll do it on the road, of course, considering the felonious feds' murderous record with free energy providers ;-)

It' time to finally jerk the rug out from under these people. The cloudbuster is a stick in their spokes but free energy will finish them. We simply don't need strong centralized government any more than we need cancer. They're going after zapper makers now, too, so we're leaving the country.