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Are any of the psychoactive substances of real value on the journey?

Good question! I gather that for some people they are. David Icke speaks about this in his latest book. (That book answers more than just your question - it is one of his best books!) In the mean time, what are you trying to reach or gain from taking these drugs? What are your motives? I never took any and I do not think that I will either in this lifetime...

Is there such thing as truly random? If you know all the values, could you predict everything?

Gerardus here:
Excellent question indeed!  Hmmm?  What world or planet are you speaking of? In this world/planet I would say that there is a certain randomness - like which mosquito is going to bite you, and when, and where - when you wander in a mosquito clouds seven miles long, thick and high. Some regions up in Northern Canada have that kind of company. Who needs them?

Then - for this world there is a certain randomness for humans as well! For most of them, this randomness is like dogs on a leash and they have some freedom of choice where to conduct their business. The Soul or Higher Self - is holding the leash and most likely the leash and its looseness was determined before these humans were born and they agreed to this. Once they are here they say: How come this happened to me - I was not even looking!

Question: If you know all the values could you predict everything?
Yes, one could! But why bother? The prediction would take an infinite time to be released or expressed, since the universe is an Infinite Affair. This Infinite Affair is with ourselves only! There is no one else...

Hello God being Gerardus...
I am writing to you because this projection of God as derrick has amnesia of it is real self and potential and is fighting hard to keep the perception of the dream in the typical, largely accepted, limited way. I ask humbly for maybe a quick spark to help send my limiting matrix reeling. My question is why do you think that i am still putting limitations on myself (money, health, happiness) when i can see as clear as day that i am in the center of infinity in a dream world made for creation.

Hello Derrick...
You as "The Infinite Light" has no limitations. You as Derrick do - because you as TIL are playing a game with yourself in Time and Space. This means that it takes time to wake up so to speak. You as Derrick are a figment of the dream you as TIL dream. Do you think/feel that this figment is real? Does the figment you are have anything to say about this dream? Creation is an illusion or dream of TIL or the Creator. The trick is to enjoy the limitedness - just the way it is. Apparently you have trouble with that because you want something more. Your Dream does not work that way. However, it is your dream. This actually means that I cannot answer any question you come up with in your dream. Your dream is not the same as my dream. In any case, make your dream the way you want to. You are the Dreamer!

Derrick here:
How is one able to affect matter instantly with thoughts? How does one get their consciousness into the wavicle to change it is frequency instantly instead of days or months? Thank you very much for your time and effort on this site. It is hugely appreciated. You are God being wonderful. Sincerely,

Gerardus here:
Thank you for your kind words. The very desire to have gold for example (as if it is worth anything in a dream) creates tension or dissatisfied feelings within yourSelf. Could this be the thing that's in the way? Why would you want to change anything in the first place? Maybe the dream is exactly the way the Dreamer wants to dream. Ask yourself - You Are That Dreamer! Could it be that the Creator's Dream needs to be seen as if it is a Play or an Entertainment for The Self You Are. The wilder the better so to speak! Smile and Be Well Derrick...

Hello Gerardus...
I have been on a spiritual path for over 20 years. I am a nurse and a mother of two children, who are now grown. Frankly, I am curious as to know what is my mission on the planet at this time.

Hello Heather...
Make or create yourself a mission. Who is the Creator in and of your Life? You Are! This is why others, including me, cannot really tell you what to do. Life is your Baby!

Heather here:
I have been a practising buddhist for 2 years. However, the answers still have not come to me.

Gerardus here:
Buddha is not the answer for anyone except Buddha himself. So, basically you are the Question and the Answer - You are and have the initiative! You are the Soul and/or the Creator in Action. Ask yourself - is there really anyone else? If yes - why should they tell you what to do? That would make you a follower! If no - then you are it! Find something to do by serving others - anywhichwaywhatsoever. Try different things... and see what/how that feels like...

Heather here:
I am aware of the essential meaninglessness in most activities and I think that is the problem. Should one just basically accept what is happening in one's life?

Gerardus here:
Life is a Neutral Energy - and you must give it meaning! You are the one to make it work for yourself and have fun. And yes, in the mean time, accept what is and do not expect to be rewarded for what you do. What you do is the reward!

Please see this from Yada:

I dream and I wake... and I dream again.
I soon learn that I am the Dreamer.
Then I make my dreams the way I want them.
I cannot do this until I am awake.
This means that I do not disturb
What Is...

By my acceptance of What Is...
My dream changes and becomes more understandable.
And I stop negating anything...

For the Yada Readings click here...

Smile and Be Well Heather - Gerardus
(Have you read lots on my Pages?)

In spite my repeated and sincere attempts, I always fail in many of my endeavours. A fine stage has come to me that I am interested to know what exactly the TRUTH BEHIND THIS UNIVERSE is? Is karmic debt a fact? Are we the puppets and T of God?

I am the Truth and I have Opinions.
We are the Truth and we have Opinions.
You are the Truth and you have Opinions.

Karma means Action. Action means learning or remembering. Learning or remembering creates awareness. At a certain level of awareness you will have learned enough to kiss your karma goodbye. Meanwhile, do the best you can with what you have to work with...

Then: you are God or The Infinite Light and live in puppets. The trick for the puppet is to learn more and more and discover that the puppet is God or The Infinite Light. Awareness is the Clue! Which means: sooner or later you will be a Buddha or a Christ or a Son of God. You can't miss...

Gan Letters asks:
Is there something really called "Freewill?" or we are simply playing the role assigned to us in this universe drama? (Gan Letters)

Hello Gan - Gerardus here:
Whichever way YOU believe it to be - THAT's the way it is!
Look at it this way, we are multi-dimensional Beings and that means that you are the Creator, or God, or The Infinite Light. Do you think that that Force has FreeWill? Naturally it has! Therefore so have you! However (there always is one however) you as an instrument of that Force only have limited FreeWill. FreeWill is subject to awareness. The higher your level of Awareness - the higher the level of FreeWill...

I suggest that you read my Opening and Closing Statements and that should help you to get the picture. If not - read whatever you can find on my pages and if you still do not know - read it all again. By that time you will have caught of with yourself...

Smile and Be Well - Gerardus

I moved to another part of the UK last year having lived in the same place for 42 years. I now find that the old place appears to be more real than this one, it is more "in focus" and I can think more clearly there and "join things together". I cannot move back as wife & children are settled. Am I cracking up ? How can I develop a stronger sense of "reality" here

Hello Shaw...
Living in one place for 42 years is a long time. Too long possibly - means little change! You reality might have become a habit instead of a changing illusion. Could that be your problem? Then, I do not think that you are cracking up - and if you are - I cracked up a long time ago - so do not pay attention to what I say...

Your new surroundings indeed could have a different energy structure and I suggest that you get used to it by being yourself. Look at it with new eyes. Experience it and learn to enjoy it. Whatever we are we bring with us anyway. It might seem however that you not only live in a different part of the country but in a different world and/or universe. As a matter of fact you do. There is no sameness! The universe and we are Change. You speak of thing being more real. The only essence that is real is what we are. All the rest is the experience of change...

Make sure you love the heck out of it - Gerardus

How to link the subconcious mind with the concious mind?

Simple!  Just keep living...
Which in no way you can stop anyway because you live forever...

If I am jewish and do not believe in jesus will I go to hell?

Sorry to say but Hell is full!  It's filled with non-Jews who do not belief in Jesus. As you know - Jews are always last.  Or first?   I forgot...

Hell or Heaven is a State of Mind! It's an Inner Thing. They do not exist - except in people's mind. It is the result of religious brainwashing. Billions of people suffer from it! That's why they need to be saved by Jesus maybe...

What are your thoughts or opinions on generational replays. Nietzche seemed to think that all generations continually replay, the Phytagoreans believed in replayed generations and the Branch Davidians believe it too. Look here: 1.

The Branch Davidians have a lot of interesting information from their perspective and say that Elohim can edit things into or take things away from any generational replay. According to them everything that is happening and will happen has literally already happened as the Bible states.

I feel that nothing in the universe and/or world is ever the same. Maybe similar, but not the same! There are many different cycles for example and the "plays" in these cycles might contain similarities. Also, human life is a dream! How much have you read on my pages?

Questioner continues:
Ecclesiastes 1:9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is NO NEW THING under the sun.
Ecclesiastes 1:10 Is there any thing whereof it may be said, See, this is new? it HATH BEEN ALREADY of old time, which was before us.
Ecclesiastes 3:15 That which HATH BEEN is now and that which is to be hath ALREADY BEEN and God requireth that which is past.

Could it be possible that we will relive this generation again?

Life is an individual thing! Which means that you might get the feelings that you have lived all this before - while for someone close to you it is all new! Human life take place in human heads! Like I said - life is a dream and it takes place in our own individual mind. Each human mind produces a different image or show! I suggest that you read my Opening and Closing Statements and then this:   You could also read all the questions and responses on this page starting from the top! If that does not answer your questions - there are other articles on my Pages that deal with predictions...

For example - there are beings who exist beyond time and space and they are able to travel time. Small trick for them to inspire people of the past to write what is happening presently. I do feel that there is a lot more involved in all this than you suspect. The only way to become aware of 'what is' - is education. My Pages are but a very small part of this...

Questioner continues:
Perhaps an advanced Soul who had it hard in this generation can have it easier in a replay of this generation with Gods permission. Maybe we could really turn back the clock. I'd appreciate your knowledge and insight into this subject.

Some lifetimes are difficult and other lifetimes are easier - yes. A replay with the permission of God? Really? What does God do to give one permission? - Nod her head? Give you a note that says: Go for it? There is no God like that. God IS Creation! God is equal to Creation. Thank you for your kind words...

How can I practice emotional detachment through meditation?

Gerardus' response:
Hard to do I figure. To become detached emotionally - one needs to be active or living in the actuality of the world. In other words, it takes practise there where emotionality happens. I feel that emotions come up when 'something' does not agree with our conditioned mind or feelings. The point is - we need to get rid of our conditioning or brainwashing. This take practise and time...   Good Luck Vashti !

How do i find out that the matrix is real, and i know it exists.

Gerardus' Responses:
How did you get to know that it exist?
And since you know it exist - why and/or what do you want to find out?

I find that there is not just 'one' matrix. There are hundreds!  I figure that a matrix is a mindset. This means that all religions are matrixes and/or mindsets. Political commitments or affiliations could be called a matrix. Certain sports could be called a matrix. Like: this guy has got a Hockey-Mind! He's full of it!! Some people are possessed by their business - they have a personal business matrix mind. For a long time many inhabitants of the USA had a "Bush is Good" Matrix/Mindset. Lately, since people become wise to him, this is diminishing. Pretty soon they will have a "Bush is Bad" Matrix/Mindset. Possibly we could even say that anybody who has an opinion about a certain subject has a certain matrix/mindset. Comes down to the question: is an attitude a matrix? I guess it is if one cannot change it...

Does Visualising the future in a positive way helps?

Visualize - but do not ask when or when it will come about.
The universe has its own timing and method...

Hello Gerardus...
sorry to bore you with thanks.....but.... THANKYOU ...hahaha
i just discovered your tasty treats and i'm finding them dangerously addictive... but I hope that staring at this screen doesn't puff up my intellect at the expense of developing higher awareness! Love you! XXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXX

Your intellect is already infinite - you are just not able to use it all in order to play the Game of Human Life. If your awareness starts functioning at the same level as your actual intellect you would agree immediately without blushing...   Thank You for the Note!  Have a great Day!
Love is returned to the infinite limit - Gerardus

Hello Gerardus...
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your site !!  and i love you !!!   You are soooo wise, and i agree with most of the things on your site. I love your sense of humor. You are a blessing to this planet. Keep doing what you're doing!! Lots of love & light !

Gerardus here:
What can I say?!   Speechless for a change...
I have no idea who this person is talking about - must be Me the big Gee. No one else home right now! Meanwhile: **Thank You** for this very nice note. I will let Gerardus know about it when he returns to 3D. Usually he is away dreaming of all the Light he distributes to keep this planet afloat amidst the Blazing Light, Love and Laughter of the Great Spirits who try to inspire him and joke a lot. Boy, they really have a blast! Good thing he only understands half of it - it might go to his head. It's big enough already because of all these LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE notes that came in today. At least three of them. This one got the biggest Halo! Who's Halo it is I do not know for mine is still shining bright. Is it yours Mrs God??? It sure is enormous...

Hello Gerardus
I have read your statements about the Oversoul and its proliferations. You state in your material that one Oversoul can distribute certain aspects of its energies among a thousand different human vehicles. I have read that one individual Oversoul creates 12 Souls, who in turn create 12 Souls and after this procress there are 144 personalities. This ultimately means that there could be 144 different you's on the planet. Is this the common place route that most Oversouls take?

Gerardus here:
Thank you for your question! Answer: there is no common place route. You determine what goes! Further - all my statements are only opinions. My opinions change from day to day so to speak. My latest opinion is that there is but One Soul or Force or Self - and You are IT. Which really means that you may believe or reject any and all opinions and create your own. It's your dream! May I suggest that my latest articles are closer to "what is" than what I wrote years ago. Things change! Here is one of my latest articles. It's so new it is still hot...

Any ideas on how gay people fit into the scheme of these changes that are happening now with this 3rd density and the transformation of planet earth?

About 8 to 10 percent of Humans are Gay or Lesbian. It is special in the way that it gives these Souls and additional challenge in order to rely on the SoulSelf. Not on what is normal or other people say or think! Most great human beings and/or artist were homo-sexually inclined. Nothing to be ashamed of - contrary - it is an additional experience to promote the soul and its self-reliance on the Inner. Intuition is the clue not the world and its nonsense. Promotions and or harvestability depend on level of awareness - not on sexual tendencies...

How true are the writings of the Kybalion?

I could not remember the word "Kyalion" - but I put it in Google and lots of stuff came up. I did not read very much of it at all - but I suggest that YOU look into it and if it suits you - Fine!  Meanwhile, try my pages as an alternative and see how my philosophy sounds to you. Remember - I say that words only express opinions and that we ARE the Truth. Life and the study of it - is a do it yourself thing...!

how do i download the entire site in one file, because i cant be arsed to do it one by one?

My website contains well over 1300 files! You could download the entire site with a program that is available on the internet ( Google: Website Download ). Most programs must be paid for, but there might be a freeware program somewhere. I cannot be arsed to find it for you. My question is - why download the entire site in the first place? All articles are available at all times and one can only read one article at the time...

Anonymous Question:
what can i do to stop worrying myself (and others )sick?

Response: #1
HHhmmmmm? Good question...
Try to worry a lot more than you do now! You will get so sick of it that you will either quit or die!

Response: #2
You basically lack the confidence and or faith in your own higher power. It is there! It digests your food, regulates your blood pressure, grows your hair, blinks your eyes and makes blood-cells and all kinds of other juices. On top of that it does another thousand things daily you do not even think and/or can worry about. Do you think this higher power exist? You bet it does!

Response: #3
Start to read all my writing and do not quit until your worries have evaporated. Do you realize that you are worrying about your own thoughts?? There is absolutely nothing to worry about - it is the greatest energy-waster there is. I hope this response will help! It is bound to - especially now that you know that you are worrying about your own thoughts. Try to worry about someone else's thoughts for a change. Can not be done! Do positive things with your thoughts. Better yet - quit thinking altogether. You have been going in circles long enough...

I was delighted to find your web site.
Seems my thinking has been along the same lines for quite some time now. I have been reading A Course In Miracles for many years and your way of thinking is very similar and also basically the same as Arkaseans. At any rate Thank-you

Thank you for your note... And you are most welcome!
Since you did not leave an email address - there was no other way to acknowledge your note...

Question: Yo Ger, what's up buddy?
Answer: Nothing is up... or down... or upsite down. All is balanced!

Question: are you a vegan?
Answer: No.

Noticed a few text lines indicating being nice to other animals, then some eat healthy text about eating faces and stealing honey,
Response: Give me the text line and I'll know what I was speaking of.

What gives??
Answer: The universe gives - all free!

Question: Gerardus,
I love your site and the E.T. 101 manuel. Do you have an email list on yahoo that I can join? Also, your bio says you were born in 1927. This would make you 81 years old. I can't help but wonder if you have crossed over and if this site is being maintained by a relative or close friend. Not that it matters, as I still love your writings, but I just want to know.

Hi there...
Yes, I have had an email list for years - go see TriLite at The list is very quiet because I do not spent too much energy there anymore. I used to be extremely busy and responded to about 25 posts per day. Those were the busy days! Nowadays I take it easier and do not work as hard as in the last 30 years. My work is done! My writing is almost finished and my Pages are my legacy so to speak. I also have a daily CosmicCookies List at

By Dec 25/2008 I will be 81 years old - Thank You for asking! Meanwhile, I am fine, live alone and play Chess a lot. On Line and Off Line. I am an average player. I guess that I am more mystical than logical. Good!

Then: E.T. 101 was not written by me. Someone from Denmark sent it to me some 4 or 5 years ago. I forgot who sent it! I adapted it and put it on my pages. GREAT Article! My own articles are more what I call - explaining details and whatever else...

Thank You for writing...  Smile and Be Well!

Are you interested in maintaining my website when I pass over? I'm looking for such a person...

Question: i could be sleeping and have out of body consciousness I don't be trying it just happen why?

Answer: I do not know why - it happens to thousands of people! There are books about Out of Body experiences. Meanwhile, while we sleep we often have an out of body experience but not necessarily do we remember when we wake up. Life is full of mysteries and miracles. I hope you have many more. I do not remember that I ever had one. Such is Life!  Smile and Be Well...

Question: sence we are only see figment of ourself, created dreams from the out side. How do i look inside and have a talk with my oversoul? A one on one.

Aha! That is the eternal question! But suppose you are the Oversoul - whatever that is - I suggest you just talk. In the end we might discover that Life is nothing but a Monologue - between You and You! Is there anybody else? I do not think/feel so. Read my pages - they might help...
Be Well - Gerardus

Gerardus here: Interesting questions!!

Question: A right and left brain ?
Yeah, Right and Left sections! The left side thinks mostly logical - or is supposed to - and the right side is supposed to be more intuitive! Now, these qualities not necessarily work too well for younger souls. Also they are "individual-qualities" and they depend on what we came to do on this earth. So Chess players mostly use their left side and Poets mostly use their right side...

Since the subconsciousness knows everything anyway. There is no waking up on its part.
Answer: Really? Knows everything? Again, depending on the so called age of the soul or its task - a great portion of the subconsciousness is unconscious or asleep. That's why the Soul lands on earth and slowly awakens by means of human experiences. It learns and remembers subconsciously. IOW: the Soul or Subconsciousness learns and becomes more consciously aware every time around...

Could the ego be a baby consciousness in the process of waking up?
Answer: Yeah, mostly true! A baby consciousness so to speak is a learning consciousness and the majority of people have a baby consciousness. They are mentally immature - they are Baby Souls...

Next: What happens to the ego after the body end the program?
Answer: The ego is an illusionary entity and does not actually exist. It is basically a bundle of thoughts we have adopted during our lifetime and these thoughts keep hanging around and determine our habits and behaviors. These thoughts circle around a lot and nothing is ever new about them! People think that they are their name for example - or what they do. For many people these thoughts are negative oriented qualities. On the end of the program - when the body expires - the Soul Energy returns to its proper place in the universal energy and it will sleep-off this bundle of ego thoughts before it lands in a new baby body again. A new lifetimes will gather another bundle of thoughts and we will collect a different type of an ego entity. This continues until we "see-through" this process and learn to drop the ego in our lifetimes...

What are your thought on the Alice Bailey Books from Djwal Khul?

It's been a very long time ago since I read one of her books.
I would like to say: Very good Teaching!
More or less - All of it is Good!
Enjoy whatever you like and learn from it...
Love and Blessing - Gee

This is about me (?) dreaming a dream last night after reading more of Gerardus. The dream was seeing lumber on some kind of flatbed truck/trailer and you explained that you were doing some building. No details. Then there was a woman's face speaking about something. Them you (?) stated you didn't charge for your work. Question; I'm still insane, right?

Yes, you are but do not be concerned. I have been insane for years and people read my writing like crazy. Could it be that insane really means being sane? You decide!

BTW1: You left your email address. Could be a fake one - I am not even going to try and see. No insane person would... Naturally I do not either...

Smile and Be Well!
Insanity is good state to be in. It really meams that you are OK - for the rest of the world thinks that they are sane - naturally they ain't. Please do not tell them because the world is exactly as it should be...

Email: =
- ? - Who the heck could this be?  Beats the God I Am!
Then, last of all, no - I do not charge for my work but a hundred dollar bill would come in most handy... BTW2: Was the woman good looking? Too bad I missed her...

Thanks for your insights :))
You're Welcome!

My question though is how does one learn to accept & give Love. If you have written about this topic on your site please direct me to it, thanks!

I have not specifically written how to learn to accept or give Love. I will try Here and Now!   Here it goes -- Learning to accept is learning to accept "what is" --- it's like when someone gives you a 'present'. Do not refuse it!  Accept it gracefully - whatever it is. The giver shows Love by giving and your Love is to gracefully accept what you are given. Basically Love is Understanding! By that I mean: that when you understand someone and their circumstances - you cannot help but love them because you 'understand' that all circumstances are opportunities for growth in awareness. The progress of others is our progress. Human Life is a self-created live and learn affair. There are no accidents and or lucky or unlucky breaks...

According to Steve and Barbara Rother of we are already in the 5th dimension but we don't know it yet, there appears to be some confusion amongst the light beings that are being channelled, can you comment on that please?

Gerardus' Response:
The confusion is logical and natural. Ask a thousand channelers and you will get a thousand answers or responses. Truth does not come in words. We are the Truth! We all have only opinions. Basically, divisions as to 3D  4D or 5D are human divisions. We could even say that all human beings as well as all other creatures high and low - are all where they belong. We are where we are! High or low even is a misnomer. We are all "The One" - in different forms and or activity...

I was wondering what your thoughts are about Atlantis

Atlantis was there some 12000 years ago. Proof of it exist on the Ocean Floor somewhere. And you know - my thoughts are basically of, and in, the Moment of Nowness. Keeps me busy...

in this physical world there are many young souls and there are many other souls who are on the ladder of awareness. how can we know that where is our place in the ladder of awareness?

Let's say that the ladder of awareness is endless. We all are where we are! In the mean time "We Are Awareness". We not only have awareness but We Are Awareness! Are you aware that you are aware?

* * *

Next question:
why cant these souls with a human body knows that he or she is on the way to awareness?

All things, creatures, including human beings are on the way to higher levels of awareness. Not knowing this is usually a matter of "not knowing" or "ignorance"...

BTW: When you have read all the articles and other works on my pages - you will have no more questions. And yes, you might have to read them twice or three times... Blessings and Joy to You...

I am an organ donor and believe that it's a unselfish way of giving of my illusion of being human. Does this effect my soul in anyway as most people I talk to about becoming an organ donor are against it?

Unselfish act indeed! Besides, who is giving that organ away? - your soul or your body? Your soul naturally! Bodies only consume so to speak. Then - what most people say - so what? You must do what you see fit! I wonder if these people who are against this were in need themselves for an organ or two - do you think that they would be against it then?

Greetings Gerardus, this site is Amazing!!

Yes, it is! Thank You...

If everyone realized who they really were and that it is each of us that creates our own reality, Would it be possible then for somebody to create a reality where everyone lives in peace and love?

Well, it would not be very practical - we are here to learn our own stuff. However, it should be possible. That 'somebody' needs to be a Planet Leader with a Global Consciousness that influences all other beings or consciousnesses and the entire world would be resting in peace and love. However, those that are over shadowed by the Global One, what happened to their free will or their own choices?

Next question:
or a reality where everything is opposite, etc.

That is the case now already - everybody does their own thing kind of...

Rest of the question:
Is there an infinite number of realities we each can create?

Infinite number - YES.
They would all exist in our head(s) only. There is nothing 'out there' but more Energy or Consciousness...

now the Michael Jackson consciousness have left the body what will his consciousness do now. (Email: = bt)

Up to the consciousness!   I would be: the same Genius without the body-fool. I think that he did not quite understand that he was not the body. Life is for learning...

I am madly in love with someone .. I believe we are both very aware and ready to move on.

What do you mean by moving on? Commit suicide together or what? I figure that instead of 'moving on' you two need to 'move in'!  By that I mainly mean: stay here and come to the conclusion that there is no better place than where you are.  Happiness is not somewhere else. Happiness is knowing that you do not need it! Then: you 'believe' to be very aware. How aware is that? I cannot put this softly enough possibly - but if you were very aware you would not have to ask others for advise?

More questions:
Can we be together when we leave this realm and stay together beyond?

We live in a universe that contains all possibilities. You have to make them come true...

More yet:
Our love is so deep and our souls so attached and I might add we have never met in real life. It is a knowing and a meeting over the internet. We were together once we believe in the beginning and have finally found each other again. Thank you for your answer. Email: = B and R

In almost all ways 'attachments' are the challenges for souls to transcend. Souldom is about Freedom. It is not about Attachment! Then, I suggest that you live together for a period of 4 to 5 years and see how madly in love you will be then...

Your stuff is superlatively mind-bending, which is good, and necessary.

Thank you for your kind words - very few people grok what I write - so be it - Good for You!

I would like to hear you 'speak' on the good guy ETs. Did we create them, as well?

We all create ourselves - as well as others. We here 'is' The I AM!  The Infinite Light or TIL!  In human terms; we form images of others in our personal mind. These images could be lacking however. More or less we create ourselves and in the mean time we are all each other in a holographic and/or quantum manner. There is only one consciousness and/or one dreamer - it dreams all of it - but it includes other aspects of itself that dream as well - go figure!  We as humans are that one dreamer but opted out as the main 'dreamer' and function as an illusionary human-figment in the infinite dream. We appear but are not really there! Somehow we can witness the aspects or events of the dream that are about us as humans - we all are limited and finite events within the infinite dream. Life is an unlimited complicated cosmic happening with infinite alternative holographic realities. I do not have all the in and out - so to speak...

More yet:
Along this line, I quite understand how negatives are food for the regressive ETs. This fits in with them starting out as negative thought forms.

I am not sure what YOU mean by 'negatives'.  Then - I am not sure whether or not there are "regressive" ETs. All evolve I feel! They are the same Energy We Are, but are manifested in a different form and with a different agenda. Life is a Play or Performance in Consciousness - they play their roles - we play ours. Meanwhile, no one is actually anywhere. The play is a Mind-Thing...

More yet again:
But how does it work from the Light, or 'positive' side? Are the higher feelings also food, and if so for whom, and how does that work?

Response or Godly Guess:
The positive and higher levels of Life get their energy directly from the Source they are in the first place. It's like a flower growing towards the light - how does it receive its knowledge and wisdom? It's a built in feature and is an aspect of the Mystery which is full of miracles. The flowers and we are some of them!

Thank you so much. I really love reading your work.

Secret response:
I love reading it myself - how the heck did I get it all lined up making sense to others?
Superlative mind-bending tough task - no doubt I am the miracle of the One I am...

Happy to respond!   Damn good questions - Gerardus

The masses are waking up but it is so slow that I fall asleep watching them!
Please laugh and enjoy the ride...

Are Lightworkers victims of another false religion?

Response: Excellent question!
Short answer - it depends on the Lightworker!

Long answer: The Light does not need to be worked on or over. It does its own work! It works from within all Beings, Bees and all other tiny and big creatures - especially spiders. It is a self activating reality that is absolute! Means it does not need any help from ego-minds or other distortions of The Light. Especially not from religions and/or other 'cultic' communities and their activities. Most often, if not always, they delay humans from attaining their freedom as The Very Light They Are...

Diehard religious people for example are suffering from a mental addiction. Most die with it and figure they end up in Heaven sitting on the right hand side of the Lord or some other Allah Allah. All are mental constructions or concepts that are false. Heaven and Hell are right here! All in all - most humans need to experience all the lies first before they are able to recognize the Truth They are. This Truth is The Infinite Presence of Unborn Awareness - that is what all of us actually are...

Question #1:
Is it the very thought of certain foods being unhealthy that makes them not healthy?

Yes, the very thoughts about the foods we eat could be more powerful than the unhealthy food itself. So, one could think of good food being bad and by golly it would be bad. In the mean time, there are people who have certain allergies that make them sick when they eat certain foods. Yet, some other people can eat unhealthy foods and stay healthy while others become sick or fat from them. Food, thoughts, attitudes and many other things are all personal characteristics. Life is different for all of us...

Question #2:
Are ghosts souls that have become addicted to this matter illusion and don't know how to move on?

Not necessarily are they addicted to the matter world but they do not know of higher levels of life and their ignorance keeps them in matter environments. Many do not even miss their body for it would be manifested consciously or semi-unconsciously - by means of their habitual thoughts about themselves...

It is their emotional body that is trying to continue living in the matter world. I figure that this would be a very frustrating experience. Nobody can see you and/or listens to you on this planet. Eventually, some higher being gently brings them back to where they belong. Their level of vibration will project them then among others of similar levels. There are an unlimited amount of levels of vibration or awareness. My Father's House has many Mansions (Jesus). Life is a personal thing...

explain buddhism and do you think it is better than other religions

Better or worse is a personal thing/choice. Basically one would have to try them all and then decide which one is for you! Not any one religion is important to me or for me. Once you know who or what you are - all religions are redundant. Do you think that The Infinite Light or God needs a religion? You are that Infinite Light. Read my pages and you will know...   Thank you for asking Don...

Who are the spirits/entities involved with Ascension?

You, Me, Us, Mary, Ann, Betty, as well as Tom, Dick and Harry. Everybody is involved for everybody is a Spirit or a Spiritual Being! Bodies are only appearances - not really there - except in our dream. Your life is your dream. You are "The Infinite Light" dreaming that you are human. All religions are deceptions...

Does spiritual awakening require a kundalini experience?
Can we grow spiritually and ascend without this but through conscious awareness of who we really are?

First question answer is: Not necessarily!
Second question answer: Yes!

All of us are different and all of us are experiencing exactly what is needed in order to evolve or advance on the ladder or awareness. Life is a Play - see it as such and do not take it seriously. Life knows what each us needs. Most of all, do not force anything and accept what is...

Question 1:
Are the energy changes on the planet creating DNA changes for everyone?

Short answer - Yes!
However, not everyone might be as sensitive as others are. It all depends on our own level of awareness and let's say - willingness to change. Are we ready to educate ourselves and investigate -or- how stubborn and/or reneging can one be? Many people just do not want to change because they would come to the conclusion that they have been wrong for 60 years or so. They'd rather die with a lie than live with a truth so to speak. It is fear that keeps them where they are...

Question 2:
Are these changes only felt by those moving to 5D and if not much is experienced, then you stay in 3D?

Short answer - Yes!
However, all changes are felt by all - but many people deny or are not interested in new stuff. They are perfectly happy with their gossiping or small talk for the ladies for example and/or a six-pack and Sports for the gentlemen. In many ways we all are changed by the Soul We Are as well as that we can 'help' ourselves to gain more awareness by means of changing our interests. Neither is worse or better from a universal perspective. My point here is - why keep occupying the gutter if by looking up - there is a sidewalk to rest on and explore. Sidewalks are better - you can see more girls that way...   Smiling here! Be well and read my pages if you like...

When we become aware that we are spiritual beings, part angelic and part God uniquely entwined in a physical body on this planet, does this then attract the attention of the negative entities who don't want us to know and try to stop us?

Excellent question!
We are always - because of our emotions and state of mind - the food for neg. entities. Once we become aware of who or what we are however, our level of awareness or light increases, and the neg. entities will slowly but surely leave us alone for they have recognized that they are about to lose one of them...

Can positive thinking alone stop them from interfering with our spiritual growth, especially at his time of changing energies?

Please be aware that - the positive thinking 'bit' automatically creates a negative factor - the two go together in this duality. One comes 'out' of this duality by means of the level of awareness. The higher it is - the higher we 'lite-up' so to speak! So, raising our awareness sets us free (or more free) from negative influences...

About this sentence:
"Part angelic and part God uniquely entwined in a physical body on this planet".   ?   We are The Infinite Light in Human Form. We are not a part of God - God does not come in parts of this or something else. Then, I define Angels as the Beings who seemingly fly in UFOs. They are Guardians of certain planets and or races or species. There are rumors that 57 different varieties of UFO Beings (Negative as well as Positive) have visited planet earth. There could be many more! The universe has as many different varieties of inhabitants as that there are fishes in the Oceans. BTW: what are your Angels like?

Question from Gerardus:
BTW: What are your Angels like?

They usually came at 4AM. Never saw them just heard them. Statements were telepathic, short and to the point. Made a lot of noise like strong wind outside the window when they left.

Gerardus Response:
Well, if you have not seen them, they could have been any other kind of the 57 different kinds of universal travelers. I figure that when they come next time - you ask them to show themselves. They could be the beings called the Greys. Anyway, do not communicate with them too much unless you know who or what they are like. They could be the Negative Noogies...
In any case - Smile and Be Well - Gerardus

One spiritual writer suggested that the Earth is currently a battle ground for the forces of Light versus the negative entities. Furthur, she states that with this current Ascension, those that are still "plugged into doubt and fear" will not advance to the 5th density level of awareness and will be left behind at 3rd density forever. Are we not TIL and some of us may not be ready for a higher spiritual journey at this time, but we all progress at some rate? In your opinion, is there such a thing as being left behind?

Yes, we all progress - right!
Then - all so called spiritual writers, including me, only have opinions. What really will happen most often is something different. Leaving behind? Forever?? Behind What? Behind Infinity? We all live forever and there is no 'leaving behind' in an infinite setting. We all play different roles in different times and places and from playing these roles we learn who or what we are and SMILE! So much for roles and so much for opinions. I suggest that you just sit way back and enjoy the show. Tomorrow the "11:11:11" date has got to mean something must unususal. Nice question -- Nice prediction...   Let's wait and see - Gerardus

Spiritual awakening seems to involve great physical and emotional upheaval. Why is this so?

There is an enormous change involved here. Just imagine a caterpillar become a butterfly. Holly Shift! In the same way it is for a human being to become a Free Cosmic Being instead of a prisoner or his mind. Just let it happen - it is not 'you' doing it! You are the universe working its way back from an enormous nightmare as a human being or caterpillar so to speak...
Smile and Be Well - Gerardus

What is a kundalini in relation to TIL?

Kundalini is a specific energy that arises from the genital area. For some people it arises up the spinal column into the brain area. For many it is used for the expression of sexuality.  TIL is the Infinite Light that forms All That Is. It is All and Everything...

More questions:
Are what we have been taught through religions to be Angels really higher density ETs with home planets of their own who work with Co-creators for specific purposes such as human ascension?

More responses:
Yeah, that is about it!
There are possibly just as many different types of beings in the universe as that there are fishes in the oceans. Hard to tell who is doing what - no doubt many work to help us and others use our emotional energies as their food. Ever noticed how many Hockey Teams there are nowadays? All this commotion generates emotional yelling and screaming (energies) that are absorbed by them. We live is a symbiotic universe...

More questions:
Do these Light Beings also have emotions and can get annoyed with humans?

More responses:
No doubt many have feelings and emotions - but I do not think that they become annoyed and scream at human beings. Other beings might be more electrical than emotional. Cool as ice possibly...

If we were perfection to begin with, why did we incarnate in this horrid realm to begin with. There was nothing to learn....

Who says we were perfection? ... and why it is horrid? Are you judging from your perspective? How much is that worth in universal terms? Maybe we ARE perfection and always have been. Another thing - perfection is a human term. The universe does not recognize it! The universe is what it is and we are aspects of it! Could it be that we are perfection and are plain bored with it and therefore plays games in a so called imperfect or limited realm - like where we are now? Then - if we live forever - what the heck are we going to do with this 'foreverness'? Play games naturally! Your question is most understandable but it is still only a human and a limited Cosmic-Catch 22 question...

We are "The Infinite Light" and we are born into realms into which we enter totally unconscious. From there we slowly climb up to higher levels of awareness by asking questions and pondering the answers - Great! Thank you for your question! Keep at it and never give up until you have no more questions. This does not mean that you know it all - it only means that you know who or what you are - "The infinite Light" playing games and on another long journey to recognize "The Infinite Light and Awareness" You Are. When you have read all my articles you will find that you have no more questions... Good for You!

In "The Big Secret" page, you talk about the negative aliens feeding off our sexual energies. Why is this?

No doubt they are hungry. They live of the energies of the 3D human world. Think about humans yelling and screaming emotions in the sport arena and kinky sex here and/or the emotional energies at orgasms and whatever else happens. Certain kind of aliens are able to see into the 3D world like we look into a fishbowl. The universe is a symbiotic activity by means of its beings and creatures and their relationships...

Are Guardian Angels and Guides also ETs or are they a different catagory of spirits?

The universe is an organization that could be looked at as a universal family with a variety of members that is equal to the diversity of the fishes in our oceans. So, who is who? Basically, there are 'spirits' who are trying to help humanity on earth as well as that there are 'spirits' who exploit humanity for their own purposes...

Meanwhile, the whole universal family is a Oneness without a CEO to check up and/or control the family. So individual members in groups undertake certain tasks and try to accomplish whatever they have undertaken. All this is guided by those in command of this planet and we could call these beings Guardians Angels or UFO People. There are many 'spirits' with a level of awareness - that are way beyond human understanding for example. They look after planets like we look after the City's Zoo. This includes making sure it does not spin out of its orbit around their sun. They are like NASA but a lot bigger! There are millions of tasks to accomplish and these tasks include making sure we get the right or wrong amount of rain and thunder storms to upset everybody. All happenings on earth are guided and controlled from higher levels. Humanity en mass, does not have the faintest idea what it takes to 'run' a planet with billions of people on it...

All in all - the whole 'thing' functions perfectly because there is a built in correction factor that by means of "The Shared Consciousness of the Whole" takes care of the balances that are needed. However, at certain times, this balance is lacking and it provides the necessary experiences humanity must go through for example. We are just ending a very long period of a negative cycle within which just about anybody is on the 'take' and behaves rather selfishly. All activities are experiences for those present. Eventually, we will get through this negative cycle and sail forth into a long period of Wine and Honey so to speak...

Then, when you and I lose our bodies and go on to the so called higher realms, we might volunteer and/or be kindly assigned as a specific Guardian Angel or Guide to Aunt Betty, because she has a hell of a time with this son of hers. In other word, we try to guide her by mental telepathy to do what is necessary for her and not to complain too much - the time before this one - the situation was reversed. All of Life is learning lessons...

Besides reading your pages ( which are excellent ), what can we do at this time to grow in awareness? Is consistent meditation an important factor?

I cannot tell you what to do - it would interfere with your free will!
All I can say is this: by being what we are - we will become what we must. We have come here to recognize who or what we are. Once that has been accomplished - we just sit there and smile! Growing in awareness is an automatic happening. Thinking that we need to be more than what we are is but an ego thought. Useless! We are The Infinite Light in Human form. If there is more than that - please let me know...
Thank you for your kind words...

So many metaphysical writers talk about 2012 and raising your vibration to ascend to the new higher consciousness. If we are each TIL, and become conscious of this, what else will raise our vibration?

Indeed, everybody and his monkey speaks about 2012 and raising our vibrations. Great! Many years before and after 2012 make up a window or opening within which it becomes easier to become more and more aware and thereby raise our vibrations. Our surrounding energies make this possible. More or less, this is a 'default' situation that all of Life on planet earth is subjected to - not only humans...

What does growing in awareness really mean?
Good question! It means that we have understood who or what we are and our so called search or restlessness can be abandoned for good. It means that we have arrived at a plateau of awareness of relaxed freedom and know that all is well. We could say that we have left the state of 'doing' and have reached the state of 'being' - being of what? Who or what we are! We are The Infinite Light that is All. We know then that all we see and experience is 'what' we actually are. We also understand that all beings are equal - while all have different functions in order to make a universe of diversity and splendor...

Are spiritual awakening and growing in awareness the same thing?

Both are becoming more consciously aware of who or what we actually are. So, what are We? We are The Infinite Light in human form. We could also say - which is even better maybe - we are The Infinite Light 'dreaming' that we are human beings. You and I and Mary Ann - and all the rest of all beings in the universe. TIL is ALL Beings and Forms. Including all viruses and other nasty things. Nasty naturally is a human term and whatever is out there - it's all Energy functioning as The Infinite Light in Action -or- playing games with itself. I like questions like yours - they're easy! Smile and Be Well - You are the Light in a unique form in Soul and Body...

Once a person has a spiritual awakening, does progress always continue, or can a person become stagnant or stuck at a point?

Life is consciousness evolving! You are that consciousness and can never be 'stuck' for long. Life is an up and down affair with yourself. All of life is lessons. So, yes, progress always continues. What is your hurry? What you possibly might be searching for is what you already are! You are The Infinite Light in Human Form. There is no greater! More and more I find that life is something that is happening to me - more so than that I direct it to be this or that...

The winter solstice in 2012 will occur at 11:11 AM Greenwich Mean time. Is this relationship why we often experience seeing 11:11 on digital clocks? Is time accelerating now?

I feel that what happens is that once you begin to think about 11:11 you will see it more and more often appearing on your clock. For example I like this kind of time 12:34 / 01:23 / 02:34 / 03:45 / 04:56 / 05:67   The last set of figures do not exist on a clock so I do not see them naturally. In any case, I figure that we attract them automatically and them see them. All the other combinations I see a lot. Even at night...

Is Time accelerating? I figure that this is the case but only because more and more happenings take place in a certain time span these days. In order to understand that properly one needs to study the Mayan Calendar and the happenings in our history. This calendar goes thousands of years back and it explains that our evolution is speeding up. Here is something about it:   Have fun with it...

What is the significance of the number 11 as it is found in the 11:11 dates as well?

The number 11 is a master number. So is 22 and 33. There are others as well. I suggest you buy books on Numerology and study them. Here's one: The Life You Were Born To Live - Dan Millman. Asking questions by email is not the answer.  Enjoy the Books - Gerardus

Some teachings stress unconditional love and others stress unselfish love (i.e. The Children of the Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis). Perhaps the latter is akin to the concept of "love the sinner, but hate the sin," whereas the former suggests accepting everything that IS. Could you comment on this. Thanks.

Will try:
I feel that unconditional love and unselfish love are the same thing! Then, when we love the sinner - we do not have to hate the sin. Sin is a word that ought to be eliminated. Things happen! All happenings are actions that awakens the "not knowing" or "ignorant" members of the Oneness We Are. In other words: All things, acts and deeds are actually committed by the unconscious creator trying to become conscious. We are that creator! Nothing is right or wrong, good or bad. All things are what is! That's what you already said. Smile and Be Well...

QuikNote from the "QuikNote Delivery System"...
Write whatever you like below:
It is very quiet these days! - Gee

I am not sure where to put this!   It looks to me as if you know me!
Great!   Yes, it is very quiet!
Are people in some kind of 'limbo' and have no idea that the Fan is big and the manor plenty?
I feel that many happenings are just about to occur. However, I have been wrong so many times. So, just do as if you read something from a Nut!  Thank you for your note!  Life is absolutely beautiful if you know how to just let it pass on by...

Well i have so many questions haha but my 1st question is if all this is an illusion what about the poor people in third world countries who never have a chance to learn such gems?? (like what u provide)
mail: = Awakening

Hello Awakening...
Well, your poor people live totally in the illusion and think that it is real. Many suffer! They have plenty of company from the rich people who also think (or not think) that their lives are actual happenings. Many suffer being rich. All Lives or Lifetimes are appearances on the Sky of Consciousness so to speak - it dreams a lot! All appearances, like clouds in the sky, eventually will pass on by - while the Sun or The Light We Are was as always already the only thing Actual or Absolute! That's What We Are...

We appear on the scene in order to investigate why we came, who we are, and eventually run into a website that explains it all. Very few people investigate, billions are misguided by religions and basically all of them just sit there waiting for their saviors or miracles. Their saviors never arrive for they are false beliefs! Meanwhile, they might have incarnated many thousand of times and are still clueless. Life is that way! Humans learn very slowly. Most humans are mentally lazy. Yet, in time they all will awaken...

Hi its me again haha i was sharing some of your philosophies with friends of mine and they told me i was talking like a buddhist i did not know how to reply because i am not buddhist could you help me clear this up? Email: = Awakening

Hi Awakening!
Haha - How lucky can you get??  When I was sharing some of my philosophies some 30 years ago my entire family was telling me that I was a nut! I just kept on 'nutting' and never looked back. I suggest you do the same and do not argue with others about it. In the mean time - do not what I suggest unless you are agreeing with it completely. BTW: Buddhists are coming very close to what I say. In all ways, we all create our own philosophies for not one of us is the same as another and has had the same experiences. Besides all that - we all create our entire universe right from scratch.  Now! That's a good one to raise a few holy eyebrows.  Holy Shift!   Smile because Awakening is Awakening...

Heyy Gerardus ok so i take ur theory of we create our own in a wheelchair and it sucks(of course)

Short response: I agree!

Longer response: Apparently you do not like what you created. Most likely I would not either. However, all we can do in any situation, self-created or not, is make the best of it. One thing is for sure, since you most likely do not work, you should have lots of time to read and/or study. I suggest that the more you read/study metaphysics the more you will agree and know that your life is your creation and not just a theory as you say above. Were you in the military?  Who's idea was that?

On the other hand, there are teachings that say that we do not have free will and that actually we do not even exist! Read this maybe: Gerardus Speaks. The universe and all it contains and does is caused by an 'infinite movement in consciousness' so to speak. In other words, the universe is on automatic Pilot and sooner or later we will experience that we are the Pilot in the first place. I do not necessarily 'completely agree' with these teachings, but yet I say: I am being lived a lot more than I would like to admit. IOW: I am not doing anything... Life does! In the mean time - Life to me is a paradox of the first order - it does what it does and in the end we all become an infinite winner. Blessing and Courage to you...

No i had a motorcycle accident almost 4 yrs ago i think this happened so i could learn this metaphysical stuff haha go me for solving my own problem i really appreciate all you have done im still trying to learn and understand its all starting to make sense .I also wanted to ask if you have taken any hallucinogens and how you feel about them?

Yeah, motorcycles are dangerous vehicles. Car drivers do not see them as readily as they do other cars or trucks. I have had very close calls myself when I had a motorcycle in The Netherlands. I was of the ripe old age of 20 or so and I used it to go to evening classes in Amsterdam. I drove over 40,000 Km with the vehicle I had. When I got married I sold it. Then, I have never taken any mood changing drugs and I feel that it is best to never use any. Many change our brain structure (connection to soul) and this possibly could be to our detriment...

Human Life is a dream within which all of us are imaginary characters assuming that we are actual individuals doing our thing. I do not think so anymore, but I do feel that we have some influence over what happens to us in minor ways. Our main program will be 'lived' one way or another. We are here to experience the human condition and learn from our lessons and experiences. I hope you learn lots and thank you for your kind words...

Though i differ with you on your opinion of hallucinogens its ok different realities ;) i have one last question(for now haha)what do you think of ghosts and demons??

My general answer is: all things are real to the people who see or experience them. For the rest: it is next to impossible to answer your question precisely since I do not know what you mean by ghosts and/or by demons. Are these ghosts apparitions or appearances on photographs? Do people see ghosts in dark alleys? In their attics? In their bathtub or what? And then about demons - do they look like human beings? Or are they like the greys? Are they similar to devils or to evil spirits? Are they Satan? Are they lights in the sky? Are they Orbs? Are they UFOs? Are they Aliens? How many different kinds are there? And what do they precisely look like?

Then, as a matter of fact, we could call all human beings and all other beings ghosts - for all of us are imaginary characters or figments in the dream of the universe. Individual beings do not actually exist - they are only appearances - like subatomic particles are...

My suggestion to you is to read 'books' about all the subjects or objects you want to know about. There are hundreds of books about the metaphysical and psychic phenomena in the well stocked book stores. If that is too expensive - try the Internet/Google. Asking questions about the occult and/or the metaphysical by means of this email-method is not the way to go. Further, if and when you have read all the questions and anwsers, articles, essays, poems and cookies, as well as all the articles by other authors, on my pages - all your questions will be answered. To become knowledgeable about these 'things' takes work. You must do this work in order to know what is what...

Your writings suggest that angels/ETs are one and the same.
Other writers such as Dr. Michael Salla suggest that that there are two distinct group... one being celestials which include angels and ascended masters who follow Universal Law and support human evolution of consciousness, and the other being ETs, who can be of duality same as humans and helpful or harmful. Why do you feel that angels/ETs are one and the same?

I suggest that you read more of my articles. Somewhere I say that there are many different kind of ETs, Guardians and other Beings in the universe. Basically, there is just as much diversity in the so called 'out there' as that there is on planet Earth and its oceans. In the universe The One is disguised as The Many...

Im having trouble figuring out what you mean when you say that we cannot change the world in any way we may think we do but we dont but what if i do or say something that changes someone elses point of view or how they think(much like your works) so can you elaborate on that please? :)

Yes, I will elaborate on that! You need to send me the name of the article and "copy the particular sentence" you speak of. Copy and send it by QuikNote please...

i don't understand why people that know don't speak out.... what do you think about some one that has already bent matter and created on his/her own reality what do you think can be next for that subject your humble friend..... Coby p.s. nice work my friend (i refuse to confuse i refuse)

Gerardus here:
I will respond with MY questions.

Your question:
i don't understand why people that know don't speak out....

My response:
How do you know that they know?... and what do they know?

Your question:
what do you think about some one that has already bent matter and created on his/her own reality

Gerardus' response:
We all create our own realities and many of us have bent metal. Some by hand or arms and other by mind. Big Deal! The trick is to not bend metal or keys. What purpose does bent metal have?

Your question:
what do you think can be next for that subject

My response:
Could it be trying to find out who or what they actually are and/or understanding that individual humans do not actually exist? Humans only appear to exist! Humans are like subatomic particles - they come and go according to the need of the universe. So do human beings...

your humble friend..... Coby p.s. nice work my friend (i refuse to confuse i refuse)

Response: Thank You for your nice words Coby!

what if i wanted i be the source lol, coby

You ARE The Source Coby!
Then --- I believe that within 24 hours I have received FOUR QuikNotes from you. Please remember that I cannot go into all of your comments and remarks. I am not the Ann Landers of the universe. What I have to say is on my Pages and most of it is well explained and repeated several times. It is up to you to read it and eventually you will find that all your questions have disappeared. If they have not disappeared - read all Articles, Cosmic Cookies, Poems and Essays again and again! Not to forget all the other articles by Other Authors as well as all the videos that can be reached from my Pages. Pleasant reading Coby!

Do we ALL have a free will? If we have a free will and we choose our life, our circumstances here on earth so what about the rest of people here on earth? do they also have a free will or they are just my mind projections to help me acquire certain lessons in life?

The entire world and Universe is a Projection of Consciousness or Mind of which your body-mind is a tiny aspect projecting its own realities. All this in order to grow in awareness and eventually become more aware...

Then, possibly the question of Free Will is as old as Humanity and I say this: You and The Father are One! Does The Father have Free Will? If you think so - You have free Will! Now, at the same time - the Free Will question is a human-mind-question. The universe itself does not ask questions like that! It just lives and does its Thing! I suggest that you do the same - however/however/however be absolutely sure that your Free Will actions do not hurt others. Not now and not in the future either...

Last of all - the universe lives you - but you may behave as if you have something to say about how you want to live and when and where. This means that you have to become a Conscious Creator on this side of the veil as well as on the other side. That's what Human Life is all about in the first place...

for the last 10 years i have found quite difficult to live my life without asking why i am here. i have an intense feeling i am just waiting to take my place/serve the major purpose i came here for. Guide through transition. i have been searching for an answer for so long. i feel i dont belong here. i cant quiet my mind, i feel so strong about not to waste time and get in line for my purpose. i need to wake i need help. i liked your videos, it spoke to me in a higher way i havent heard before. what do i do, wait for a natural transformation or is there something i can do to see through the mask? please please help it cant be just curiosity it must be something else. thank you

Hello Patricia - Gerardus here:

You are awakening and there is more to come!! What should I do you ask. Excellent question! Do nothing but reading for a while and my pages are an excellent place to start. Listen to your inner voice (heart) and/or listen to all the videos if you like - GOOD STUFF. Troy did an excellent job! Sooner or later you will find what you came to do - which is awakening more and more for you and then slowly but surely - without making others feel uncomfortable, including yourself - you will spread the 'word' and people by the hundreds and/or thousands will be awakening as well. I have no idea how old your are but there is no hurry for anything. Everything is 'timed' prescisely in this universe of ours. In the mean time, you will develop and "inner smile" you cannot possibly forget about! It will grow and grow. Feel at ease in your Creation. It is a spendid place to be... I am happy to see you awakening from a long long sleep - Gerardus

Gerardus a few weeks ago you made the suggestion that "The Life you were Born to Lead" by Dan Millman would be good to read. I was astounded at the valuable insights this material provided. The purpose of this life's journey unfolded before me in amazing recognition. THank you so much.

You did not leave an email address - so I put your comment on this page/file. Thank you for the note and please be as astounded as much as possible. Numerology is the Main Science of The Infinite Light. In the mean time it also knows everything else without bragging about it...   Smile and Be Well - Gerardus

Hey Gerardus,
I am not sure what "index page" this is coming from, but am simply sending you a love note for compiling ALL of this amazing information that comes from both your own heart & from other sources. Thank you.
Love, Maryanne

Hi Maryanne...
Thank you for your Love Note - Great!!
The "index page" (there is only one) is the first file you get when you hit:
Yes, there is quite a bit of amazing info on my site. It's all Heart and Listen Stuff...

Take care and have Smiles - Gerardus

Many metaphysical writers talk about become aware, but Lee Bladdon's book on the Science of Spirituality suggests that kundalini energy is necessary to trigger the development of new connections within the brain for higher consciousness. What is your view on this?

Laugh like hell here. What the heck is kundalini at 82 years of age - peeing slowly? If so, I have got it perfectly!!  What Bladdon says might well be so. I have heard the story before. Higher consciousness? - how high is high? Does Bladdon know that humans do not actually exist? Only "unborn awareness" exists - we are that!!  Kundalini or not... Nice question. Then, yes, kundalini forces or energies travel to the brain area sometimes. I suggest not to force this and the guidance of a Master could be helpful here. In the mean time I ran into this article and its fits to answer these questions perfectly... The Arcturians Speak...

Hi Gerardus..please tell me how come i look like my father? And do we have some similarities in our looks in all our lifetimes? Thank you.. (3

Hi Sandra...
Most likely you look like your father because you are his daughter. How good looking is he? (Smile here) Then, yes, there very well could be a resemblance from birth to birth. All this depend naturally if and when the genetics are cooperating. I am not sure whether this would work from Chinese to Caucasian for example. In the mean time, we all are our own person and who we look like has no (direct) influence upon our Soulness or Awareness Level...  Hi Dad!   BTW: Sandra who? - I have three Sandras in my email filing system...

Hey Gerardus! I love you bunches! Would you know of 'the prosperity program' that is called Nesara. ie)national economic security and reformation act?? Thanks honey, Your friend, Ellie

Hello Ellie...
The only thing in life that's free is Life Itself - not because it has been given to you - but because You Are Life! Nesara has been around for years and years and years and no doubt has many followers. So have all the religions. All useless because You Are Life Itself! What do you want to do with your Life? Believe in free rides? Beautiful promises? Economic Security and Reformation Acts? Words are useless...

Life is about self-responsibility! That means do not believe anyone, including me, and find out for yourself. Investigate and do not follow anyone. You are the Truth - what else is there to know? Do what you feel like without harming others...

Why don't they present themselves, or at least show a glimpse of hope to those who truly want to believe? THANK YOU!! MAY LOVE AND HOPE BE WITH ALL"""

Sorry Jose.   You are asking the wrong person.
You have to ask them!
Another issue - stop believing - knowing is the task!

Email: = jose a brother in search of

Stop searching - You Are The Truth!
Read my Pages - all of them...

Where do cats really come from?
Email: = Molly

Ahhh... there is a good one! There are possibly 999 different kinds of cats. Some miaow and others maul. Then... to answer more precisely - I have not got a clue where anything comes from! My point is... how far do you want to go back? Ten millenia or ten million years? I do have a slight idea however that all cats come from other cats - like people come from other people. But then... all cats and people are figments of an infinite dream all cats and people are engaged in. Creation is this dream and it actually only exist in Consciousness. Yours and Mine! ... and Cats naturally... Wow!

Hi Gerardus, Just read the David Icke article and wonder why he keeps refering to the Matrix movie as it generates fear within me? Much of the information I gained resonated with my personal knowing, had to do a lot of interpretation of the words though, going beyond the ability of the human language to gain and understanding of the knowledge transmitted to him and then again by him.    Julie

So glad you wrote in Julie!

David Icke is possible a bit confusing sometimes. Sooner or later you will transcend your fear. We are raised on fear and that is why it sticks around so to speak!

I do not know how long you have been studying metaphysics, but I am sure that eventually even David Icke will become clear to you...

The so called "Matrix" is a MindSet. A conditioning or brainwashing! All of us are brainwashed to the hilt from birth. This needs to be transcended. I suggest to start reading the articles for Beginners.

There is a clicker on my Selection Page - pretty well in the beginning under the Preliminary Notes. From there on in start reading whatever you fancy...

Please remember that understanding "new" stuff takes time! - Gerardus
(Have you been working on this for 30 years?)

Gerardus here:
I received the QuikNote below and no email address was left. I usually do not respond to this kind of communication, but since the Note was sincere and thoughtful I did respond to it in 'bold-letters' interspersed with the Note...

Dear Gerardus,
I greet you in the love and the light of the Infinite Creator. I just want to share some reactions with you upon arriving at your website, and I'm sorry that this might be a bit long. In fact, I was searching for words of Yada di Shi'ite and I stumbled upon your site.

How did you know about Yada in the first place?

I enjoy reading Yada's words and I was happy to find that your site had them. So thank you, very much, for that.

You are welcome!

I wanted to see if there was anything more that I could read and I landed on the homepage. To be perfectly honest, I was a bit shocked.  ( Great - as it might be exactly what you need. )  As I am sure you are well aware, much of the material on your site affirms that thoughts are things and they have creative power; your focus determines your reality.

I was surprised then, to read the following words on the homepage: "The world is a global play of deceit, lies and foolishness that the masses of mankind accept as their truth and reality...Our world leaders create realities that are full of 911 scenarios and other mental implants. The actual purpose of these world scenarios are to awaken billions of human souls from a very deep sleep or unconsciousness. Humanity has been brainwashed and hypnotized from birth by the religions, politicians and bankers. It is time to awaken from all the lies and misleading information."

Why do you write this when in your closing statements you write these words:

I wrote that since this is the state of our present world/humanity. It is "what is"!   The purpose of these scenarios is to awaken the sleeping masses...

"We must come to the conclusion that the Universal Consciousness in all its Wisdom does not differentiate between the human words "For" and "Against". Here is an example: protests against the war in Iraq, or any other war, has no influence on eliminating war or make it go away. The Universal Mind does not differentiate between the words "for" and "against"...   When people walk in protest of a certain war - the word 'war' sticks in their mind. They are against something and the Universal Mind does not recognize a negative or an action against something. It only knows how to affirm!   It only recognizes what people have on their minds. What people have on their mind is war. What they have on their mind is created or manifested, so war energies are reinforced. The Universe pushes what we think about..."

I fail to see the relationship and/or contradiction between the two paragraphs you quote! They are both statements of "what is"!   The purpose of both these scenarios is to awaken the sleepers among us...

Not even a Global BP Oil Spill is even opening one mass-human-eye one tiny bit! If these Oil Spills are not stopped completely - it will kill all oceans in the next three years or so. I feel that the masses have not got a clue on this one at all. Yes, I accept what is - but are they? They do not even know what keeps them alive...

My personal preference tends toward websites that eschew doomsday-esque warnings simply because I don't like to dwell on such realities.

You do not like to dwell on such realities. Really?   We need to learn to accept "what is" and possibly discover the purpose of what's happening. Did you land on the wrong planet? Or only on the wrong website? What you need to foster is Divine Indifference...

I like to create positive, compassionate realities of freedom and balance; it is both what I like to share and what I like to receive. I just feel constricted when I come across warnings like on the homepage.

You need to become 'real' and your constrictions will be presented to you until you have transcended them or have become 'real'. The world is not about the fulfillment of your personal preferences...

Where there is positive - there is negative! The two go together. One cannot shun the one and attract the other. It would mean that you live in a "wishful thinking" world or reality. Life is Everything!  Did you come to earth in order to realize this?

Well, I just wanted to share that with you. I don't normally do it, but I decided to do so this time. I don't know who you are, really, either.

I am glad you shared this! And what difference does it make who I am?  I suggest that you read some more on my pages and discover that I am The Infinite Light in human form. AND... so are You!   There is no other Energy or Being in the Universe.   I suggest that you get used to it...

I guess I hoped that you might think about presenting some of this material in a more liberating, positive light.

I write about "what is" - not about what should be or could have been and/or other wishful propositions. I do not write about what people like to hear. That is not my task! I write what I feel is a proper reflection of my soul and the Light it contains... It is limited but growing...

I mean, so what if the world is a dark place in some ways? Does it change it to point that out? Isn't it better to hold a light of positive thinking and action to lead the way to change?

(Surprise here maybe) - We are not here to change the world or anyone! We are here to change ourselves! When enough of us have changed - the world will change by itself...

I leave you in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Go forth rejoicing in the power and the peace of the One Creator. Adonai.

Thank you for your greetings and your thoughtful note - Gerardus
You might like to read the Stanza from Yada on The bottom of this article!

Gerardus here:
I will respond or intersperse the questions or statements. Here we go:

Hello Gerardus, I know that physical world is an illusion. Good show! However, at the same time it is real! It is an appearance we accept as real because basically we are dreaming our dream. All dreams are real while we are dreaming them. Our dream is our human life! It is a Reallusion!

We perceive it only through our five senses. It's just a play of senses. It is a mind-play! The senses see or experience what has been projected by mind.

The SELF is the only that exist. Agreed!  YOU are that SELF!  That is all one needs to know.

This illusion is created by our HIGHER SELF. It is created by YOU!  YOU ARE THAT HIGHER SELF in HUMAN FORM. From a human perspective it is created by our senses, our perception systems, our brain and our limited human awareness. Basically, humans become aware of things in their head so to speak.

If all these material things and events are just illusions and occur only in my mind (or its projected if), so who are then the other people (not body i mean)? Are they also an illusion created by self and they exist only in my mind? Means my parents, my friends and other persons they all are inside me or to say projected by me? YOU are The Infinite Light dreaming Creation. Creation contains all that is!  Presently, time-wise, as a human being you only 'dream' an infinitely tiny aspect or event of the whole dream!  You dream your event!

Living human lives is 'dreaming' them. You are an aspect of The Infinite light - because you wanted to experience what it is like to be human. The Infinite Light OR Unborn Awareness can only become aware of what it is capable of - by projecting aspects of itself into an infinite dream (Creation) and then imagine what it is like to be those aspects. So, a mouse or a louse is as much The Infinite Light as that you as human being are.  I and the Father are One! (Jesus is supposed to have said that). Whether he did or not I do not know. I as Gerardus was not there then...   Email: = Raj

Comments = From: Why are there Wars? / 28t-pie.htm
What do you think about the Above?
Hello Gerardus...
The Ancient Aztecs had a greeting ... given to the most honored guest or friends ... "MEESHEEKAH THIAUI"!! it means "I Receive you in a good one of my own... Endless Blessings ... Love and Light "... We are the Change we have been waiting for ... The time for Unconditional Love and Acceptance is here and Now .... Please know for this Souls Awareness and understanding you are and have been a light in the world of Shadows.... Namaste Barbara Ratcliff Email: =

The sender did not leave an email address!
I would have like to contact her - such a nice Note!!
Come again Anita - Gerardus

Anonymous Questions ...
I heard after 2010 we will be shifted to new dimentions 4th to 12th is it true.
I have few questions

1) Based on what criteria it will be decided?
2) It is already decided or yet to be decided?
3) Can i do something to progress fast?
4) They people wont qualify to die and born again in a new world?
5) Are the dimentions only related to earth, i mean are there 12 dimentions or 12 sections in the fourth dimention?
6) If some body dont qualify for ascention then are they bad souls or lower sourls compared to who qualifies?

Gerardus' Answers and Comments...
Excellent questions!
All your answers are on my pages. All you need to do is read them. Go to the Questions and Answers. All things, cosmic and otherwise, are based on the level of awareness we have attained. This is different for each person or entity. Here are some pages to begin your quest: / / / --- Put these addresses in your browser and voila - there you go!

If you still have more questions after reading the above Files - you might have to read or study more of my pages. There are also youtube videos on about 2012. The work needs to be done by you. There are no short cuts! BTW: There are no good or bad Souls. Good and bad are human terms. The universe does not 'go' by human terms...

Be my Guest and Blessings to You - Gerardus

Desires comes from ourselves or are just masks like personality to makes us choose between paths?

I figure that all questions and desires are ego based thought forms. They teach us what is! They are consciousness trying to educate itself by means of the human form. Then, I do not think that Human Life has a specific path. All path in the end lead to the loss of the ego and usually this is called Full Awakening or Enlightenment. I'll let you know when I get there. Meanwhile, I do my thing! Thanks for asking questions... Be Well!

I feel like this stuff is right, but how do I know for sure?

Nothing is for sure.  Not even gravity! Feeling is heart centered - knowing is head stuff. All head stuff is useless.  Life is a Feeling! I suggest you read more of    Enjoy it and see what happens. I am not here to convince you of anything!   Life is your teacher - Gerardus

Question: how are you?

Gerardus answers: I am doing extremely well!  How about you?

What are your insights regarding Indigo adults/children and Crystal children?

All during human history there have been people who were extremely bright, wise and/or psychic. Some were even brilliant! I believe that nowadays, we have an enormous influx of them born and many of them know "who or what they actually are" at an early age. Great! Naturally, these children surprise the parents for they might be average souls in bodies. However, arrangements were made before all of them were born. In the universe there are no accidents or good luck patterns. All is designed for the best of all...

I figure that it might be kind of difficult to raise some of these bright children. Then... no doubt some of them will feel completely out of place almost anywhere wherever they are born. This also depends on the parents and the countries where they landed naturally. There are some articles on my pages about these kind of children. Look here: / Entry 074.   Also 'hit' google and see there. Google is the all knowing Light of the World and you are The Infinite Light of the universe! You got the easy part this time... Do your thing and shine without blinking...

Gerardus, your pages are absolutely brilliant.
Thank you so much for sharing.

You are welcome to the sharing bit!
Then... Thank you for your kind and brilliant words!
Maybe my pages are brilliant because my soul is brilliant. No doubt yours must be as well otherwise you would not be able to recognize what is what! Conclusion: You and I are brilliant and it's a good thing not too many people know about it. If so, we would just be popular and we can do without that...

Why do you think the One Energy chose to allow duality and negative entities to exist?

Excellent question!
Let's put it as simple as possible - if there was no negative and positive in this world - it would not be a "duality" planet. This means that the Cops and Robbers Game would stop dead in its tracks. What would either do without the other? The entire Soul-Experience on this planet would not be worthwhile to have. Why come here if everybody drinks tea all days and have nothing else to do but gossip about Aunt Mary and her boyfriends? Would be boring as Hell! Long live the "duality" and its terrible scenarios now and then...

Have you read my latest creation? - "What is the Universe?"  Position 85 on the left of the selection page.  Let me know what you think/feel about it. In the mean time: Let your brilliance shine...
Love and Blessings to you! - Gerardus

Hello Gerardus...
Thank you for answering my question about duality.
I have read this article on the Universe.
I believe you are correct. There is One Energy in the Universe and we and everything in it are part of this energy. I have the gift of being able to see auras and have had experiences with other Beings to know that what you say in this article is on the mark.

Seeing auras is Great! I have no particular psychic gifts, except for being able to express my insights into an easy language to understand. Naturally, it took a long time to learn for a Dutchman...

All of us on the planet have come at this time to awaken to the truth of who we are and the nature of the game that we have been involved in for eons. This awakening happened to me abruptly and was somewhat traumatic in the beginning. I did not have the benefit of your illuminating pages at first, but was guided to them in time to help sort things through. I would suggest to others who find your pages, that they should read them fully and careful as they contain valuable insights that will help them adapt and adjust as we approach Ascension.

Excellent advice indeed! I am glad to hear that you found my pages in time to help you along towards future times. They are a'changing for sure... Great!!

Hello Gerardus...
Here's a Love Note from the Article Selection Page...

Gerardus here:
So good to receive this friendly QuikNote - Wow! I will respond in the anonymous answer file to stay in touch. You did not leave an email address. No need really!

Continues here - Writing all these insightful articles has taken enormous energy and time. (TRUE!)  It is a great gift that you are giving to the planet at this time of transition and change. (I do what I can - many people came to do similar things!)

This lifetime is one that has many challenges and you no doubt have faced many in your dedication to producing these pages. (Indeed! It comes with the task at hand.) Many times family members we travel with on this journey are on a different page and don't quite understand, or they chose a different path. I have experienced this myself. (Yes, this is hard at first! They are on a different level - not lower/not higher. Life is a universal Play.)

A couple of years ago, I was visited on Christmas Eve by a spiritual Being. When I asked why they were there on Christmas, I was told that "Christmas is a human construct". (Yes, it is! As you might know - Jesus The Christ was not born on Dec. 25 - I was!  Meanwhile, it still is a joyful occasion).

Hows that for changing ones perspective? !Nonetheless, we are TIL experiencing Itself in human form.(Right On!). As Christmas is part of that human experience, I wish you a Merry Christmas, Gerardus, and peace and joy in your life. You are very important on this planet, and I thank you for your contribution and insights. (Thank you for all your good wishes and all we need to do is - Enjoy the Moment! I had a lot of them...

Please tell more about the Spiritual Being and its/their visit...

Best wishes C   Smile and Be Well - Gerardus

Hi Gerardus...
You asked about who the spiritual Being was that Christmas Eve. I'm not sure. At the time, I was having a kundalini experience and the Beings would come in the night and they spoke telepathically about preparing to ascend. I suspect they were higher dimensional Beings involved with Ascension, perhaps ETs of some sort.

There are trillions upon trillions upon Ka-Zillions of spiritual beings - this includes Mankind. Then, I think that we are all equal - just different! Also, it is hard to tell who is who, except that all are TIL in form. Many are trying to help others! Then... we are all preparing to ascend - even those who do not know about it...

I figure that the majority of humanity is engaged in balancing Karma collected from thousands of lifetimes as human beings. Many are kind of stuck and that is why so many others are here to help earth-beings...
Thank you for your response to my question!  Greetings and Love - Gerardus

What is the purpose of Divine Matrix? And why? thank you :) adriana

Nice question!
But...  I have no idea what you mean by Divine Matrix Adriana. Thus, I cannot answer your question. You have to be more specific in asking. Sorry...

Hello Gerardus...
Here's a "Love Note" from the index page:

i dont know what reality is, can you help

Reality is what happens around you and to you - night and day. Yeah, dreams are as much 'reality' as daytime-stuff. As a matter of fact daytime-stuff is also a dream. Then - reading my pages would be, and is, a reality!
Make it your reality - Gerardus

Why the forgetting of who/what we are and where we came from? Is it self imposed or does it come from an exogenous forgetting, that is.

This is a default situation! Who would really want to remember what happened in the multitude of lives we lived in the past? All new lives start with a clean slate - except for the karma we inherited by our actions of the past. We will not get off the wheel of rebirth with consequences still clinging to us by past actions. All things need to be balanced before we go to higher levels. As far as I can see (not very far) - Life is absolutely fair to all...
Good question! - Gerardus

Gerardus, when did you first become aware of Oneness?
Has the metaphysical information in your pages come to you through meditation? Do you communicate directly with your Guides or intuitively?
Best regards

Excellent questions!
Oneness?  Not sure, maybe 20 years ago.

Meditation?   I do not sit still and so call: meditate.  I am a doer/being boy. I fly by the seat of my soul. Hahahah!  When I write, I kind of meditate. I hear words and know groups of words/concepts. I kind of know and write them down. I guess a lot and later it turns out I was right. Validation!

Communications with guides?  I have no idea who they are!  Will meet them later... Let's say that without my guides I am nothing - I am nothing anyway as Gerardus. I am The Infinite Light in Human Form - So are You! We all have only different functions to make 'things' work. It's a collective universal effort by means of all of us. God is nowhere to be seen! No doubt it's because she is doing it in the first place.  We Are The Infinite Light!  All of Us Are...   Make sure you do no choke on this Monster? It's almost finished!
Best regards plus - Gerardus

Hi Gerardus
Thought this video might interest you:
I'd be interested in your thoughts on it.
Best regards

Hello C.
I agree with Ron in this video. I have also listened to other videos from Ron and could not agree completely. The differences are so minor however that it is not of value to discuss. All in all, he is doing excellent work for all those who are ready. Loving All is the Task...
Good Show!  Blessing and Love to You C. - Gerardus


Response: Good questions.
YES! Most definitely... we are not alone and many different groups of beings study us and many are just observers. The hierarchy is only a seemingly hierarchy for we are all "Cookies of the same Dough". We are Children of Universal Consciousness or The Infinite Light...


Yes, we are guided but not pampered! We are the ones who need to do the work and on many occasions we are inspired to do certain things. The trick is to learn to listen to our intuition. Slowly but surely we grow up lifetime by lifetime. There basically is no end to them. Sooner or later though, we learn how to stay away from physical realities and learn more of all the rest of creation. The Universe is our Home and our Work...

Love and Blessings to you Michael! - Gerardus

Gerardus, what is a Deja vu?

Deja Vu is an experience that we seemed to have experienced before! It happened to me once or twice.
I consider it to be a hickup of the mind with an after taste.  For more look up on Google...

Friendly Soul here:
Hello Gerardus Thanks so much for the many insights in your pages.

You are welcome and "Thank You" for your recognition of my insights.

Friendly Continues:
It is so important that people have a place to have confirmation of their intuitive feelings and ask questions as they become more aware and progress. Regarding your pages referring to Enlightenment as a NEW Age hoax, why did you choose to present it this way? True, we are all being enlightened as we ascend with the planet, whether we know it or not. However, my experience is that there is an actual psycho/spiritual enlightenment experience that can occur when kundalini energy is released.

Yeah, it is important for people to have their intuitive feelings confirmed. Great! Then... as I understand things to be: True Enlightenment means that there is not actually anybody there to become enlightened. Individuality disappears! It is not actually there anyway - we only 'think' we are somebody! Our thoughts or mind is always in the way. We become The Infinite Light and know it. No One There!

Continues again:
This is consistent with the article The Arcturians Speak that you posted to one of your answers in this section. What are your thoughts?

You must have been all over my pages! I cannot remember what the Acturians said and I am not going to look up on it. Then... I feel that whatever kundaline is release at my age (83) would be a surprise to me. Also... I do not care what others say. I am an authentic individual and an expression of The Infinite Light I Am. It's a perfect One! What else can an old man desire?

Best regards and much gratitude for your work.

From what I gather - you got something out of it. Great! Sometimes I feel that "things" are going too slow! What do I know? Next to nothing and by golly... I am still trying to get used to it...

Smiling here:
Be Well My Friendly Soul.
The Infinite Light is with you all the way!
We all are perfect - just the way we are...