The Indigo Children
The Future of Humanity
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An Indigo child is one who displays a new and unusual set of psychological attributes and shows a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before. This pattern has common unique factors that suggest that those who interact with them (parents, in particular) change their treatment and their upbringing of them in order to achieve balance. To ignore these new patterns is to potentially create imbalance and frustration in the mind of this precious new life. The subject of this chapter is to identify, qualify, and validate the attributes of an Indigo Child.
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Imagine for one moment that we would really have the opportunity as mankind to lift ourselves to a higher level of consciousness. As you could read in the dna-article the word goes that our DNA would be ready for a change to encompass these higher frequencies. Gregg Braden (in 'Walking between the Worlds') describes the idea that the 'love-vibration' might actually activate different parts of our DNA. Wouldn't it be easy if people just got born with these other parts activated right from the beginning? Well, this might just be happening in the form of the 'indigo-children', named this way by Kryon.
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Interview: Sharyl Jackson / Dr. Robert Gerard
The 12 strand DNA Activation denotes the opening of the Divine Spark within. However, it could be a Spiritual metaphor, or a focal point of change for humanity. It could be a lot of things. I think Kryon has already said it; I know I have said it. The DNA Activation is the unveiling of the Holy Grail—the consciousness of your totality from the Earth plane perspective.
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The genius knows the whisperers do not wish to offend. He knows they do not mean to make him feel like more of an outsider than he already is. He knows how hard it would be to resist talking about the few dramatic details known about this 4-foot-3-inch person who sticks out on Loyola University's lush green campus like a horse jockey in a crowd of offensive linemen: The genius is Nine!
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