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The Indigo Children are not to be considered "superior or elite" in comparison to other humans, but rather viewed as living demonstrations of the dormant abilities that are NOW beginning to rapidly unfold among ALL HUMAN POPULATIONS.

Scientific communities in China, the US and other countries are now identifying small groups of infants and children that display rare abilities such as purging HIV, advanced genius and psychic/telekinetic abilities and other extra-ordinary attributes. These are the identified Indigo Children. Indigos can display some or all of these qualities and others not yet identified. In Indigo Children, fragments of DNA science identifies as 'junk DNA' and other portions of the DNA chain that science has yet to identify, are more organized and operational at birth than in the average populations, which gives Indigo Children biological, mental and/or spiritual skills and abilities that appear advanced, compared to that of the norm, these attributes can also present developmental challenges for some young indigos, as our present environment and cultural structures are harmful to humans with the advanced biological and psychological sensitivities that come with accelerated genetic development.

One little understood attribute of Indigo advancement is that of PERCEPTUAL EXPANSION, an accelerated psycho-spiritual biological orientation and natural usage of sensory abilities that are beyond the range of the commonly known 5 senses.

Attributes associated with Perceptual Expansion are a direct result of valid/heightened sensitivity caused by accelerated genetic development and organic advancement in spiritual orientation. Though phenomena associated with Perceptual Expansion are increasing mong general populations as a result of human evolutionary progression, this attribute is more distinct and advanced in Indigo Children,which places them at risk within the present environmental, sociological and political atmosphere. The attributes of the Indigo can rapidly become heightened challenges for them personally and in relation to those around them.

The phenomena of PERCEPTUAL EXPANSION due to genetic progress is presently evidenced and demonstrated in global culture through rapidly increasing occurrences and reports of 'unexplained'e vents such as ESP, NDE, OBE, angelic encounters, 'ghosts', inter-dimensional communications, paranormal activity, Sightings, "UFO-Abduction', Lucid Dreaming, etc.

Evidence of biological and psychological challenges involving the genetic acceleration associated with Perceptual Expansion can be found in the increasing frequency of 'senseless crimes' - such as "School Yard slayings" , acceleration of suicide and drug use among teens, the progressively advancing appearance of ADD, Behavioral Problems, Bio-chemical imbalances and allergies mong children, and the advancement of Thyroid Malfunction, schizophrenia, Bi-polar and Cognitive disorders, Psychosis, cancers, and other maladies among general populations. In Indigo Children the attributes and challenges of genetic advancement are amplified.

Presently, professional and scientific establishments attempt to rationalize away the existence of Perceptual expansion Phenomena attributing them to imagination, hallucination, mental illness or deception, because such events cannot be effectively explained within the current paradigms of Physical Science. More progressive physical sciences acknowledge the potential existence of multi-dimensional reality fields, based upon the potentials suggested within the Quantum Mechanics Theory, but practical applications of such experimental paradigms are presently unavailable.

Many Indigos are now being mis-diagnosed and inappropriately treated as cases of ADD, Schizophrenia, Bi-polar Disorder, etc. because of medical, psychiatric and spiritual communities do not yet recognize the symptoms , causes and remedies for the biological, perceptual, psychological and spiritual sensitivities characteristic to advancement of the human genetic code.

The Indigo Children are the forerunners of what will eventually be the norm for the human collective as we progress in our genetic evolution, through Bio-instinctual Response to changing environmental conditions. Challenges presently faced by the Indigo Children will progressively become challenges of the norm, as humanity is now evolving into the genetic acceleration currently exhibited by the Indigo Children. Medical communities, whose paradigms of treatment area also based upon common physical science theories, have yet to recognize the full spectrum of DNA imprinting function or the direct connection between DNA, consciousness and the manifestation of disease, and so do not routinely look for such connection sin research and diagnosis. If society is to progress to accommodate the needs of Indigo Children and the general progression of human genetic evolution, these paradigms will need to expand. There are complimentary alternatives. The evolution of a culture begins with each individual.

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Children of the New Dream

Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek

By Diane Cooper

This is a telephone interview which took place just prior to Drunvalo's travels to Europe in March 1999. Because Drunvalo was excited about so many things we chose to focus on one of Drunvalo's favorite subjects...children.

Diane: So Drunvalo...who are these "Children of the New Dream" that you are so excited about?

Drunvalo: Well there are 3 different kinds of children emerging in the world today that I have been able to identify. The first are called the "Super Psychic Children of China". The second are called the "Indigo Children" and the third are called the "Children of AIDS".

The first one, the "Super Psychics of China", we talked about in the Flower of Life seminars. If you remember, the first one was discovered in 1984 when a child was found who was psychic beyond belief. Researchers conducted every psychic test you could imagine and he was 100% correct every time. You could turn cards over in another room and that didn't matter. He could perfectly know what was on the card.

So Omni magazine went to China and wrote an article on this discovery. They found one child and then another. When they went in 1984 they assumed it was a hoax so they did experiments like putting 100 kids in a room and taking a book and randomly pulling out a page. They would crumple it up and stick it under their arm. These kids could read every word on the page.

They did test after test, and the response was flawless. The phenomena didn't stop there. These kids are not just in China. They have spread all over the world. I personally have been talking to parents who ask me, "...what do we do.. I have a kid who knows everything?" I believe Lee Carroll is calling the children being born here in the U.S. "the Indigo Children". I personally think the two groups are coming from the same source, however, I don't know that for sure. There appears to be two separate groups, incredibly psychic and amazing.

It is the third group that I am most interested in - the Children of AIDS. About 10 or 11 years ago in the US, there was a baby born with AIDS. They tested him at birth and at 6 months and he tested positive for AIDS. They tested him a year later and he still tested positive. Then they didn't test him again until he was 6, and what was amazing is that this test showed that he was completely AIDS free! In fact, there was no trace that he ever had AIDS or HIV whatsoever!

He was taken to UCLA to see what was going on and those tests showed that he didn't have normal human DNA. In the human DNA we have 4 nucleic acids that combine in sets of 3 producing 64 different patterns that are called codons. Human DNA all over the world always has 20 of these codons turned on and the rest of them are turned off, except for 3 which are the stop and start codes, much like a computer. Science always assumed that the ones that were turned off were old programs from our past. I've always seen them like application programs in a computer. Anyway...this boy had 24 codons turned on - 4 more than any other human being. Then they tested this kid to see how strong his immune system was.

They took a very lethal dose of AIDS in a petri dish and mixed it with some of his cells and his cells remained completely unaffected. They kept raising the lethalness of the composition and finally went up to 3,000 times more than what was necessary to infect a human being and his cells stayed completely disease free. Then they started testing his blood with other things like cancer and discovered that this kid was immune to everything! Then they found another kid with these codons turned on - then another one - then another one - then 10,000, then 100,000, then a million of them - and at this point, UCLA, by watching world-wide DNA testing, estimates that 1% of the world has this new DNA. That breaks down to approximately 60 million people who are not human by the old criteria.

Diane: Is this new codon activation found only in newborn children?

Drunvalo: Well, it's mostly children, but now they are finding adults with it too - just like the hundredth monkey theory. Now all kinds of people are being affected by it and it's spreading fast. Remember, it started just 5 years ago with almost no one and now it's spreading - just like a disease.It's like an outbreak and this is only the beginning.

The other part of this concerns the new book entitled "Cracking the Bible Code" - which has to do with running the Hebrew Books of the Bible through a specialized computer program. If you go to page 164 of this book, it shows where these researchers put the word 'AIDS' into the program to see what would happen. When they did, the program translation provided words like "HIV", "in the blood", "the immune system", "death" - all the things you would think you'd see around the word AIDS, but down in the corner was this sentence that they didn't understand and it said - "the end of disease", and that is what I believe is happening here.

Science has stated that there are so many people showing up with this new alien DNA that they now believe that a new human race is being born on the earth today and apparently they can't get sick. Now what is really incredible - they believe that it is a very specific emotional, mental body response - a waveform coming off the body that is causing the DNA to mutate in a certain way.

I've sat with Gregg Braden who was one of the first persons to write about this and what we believe is that there are 3 parts to this phenomenon. The first part is the mind that sees unity. It sees the Flower of Life. It sees everything interconnected in all ways. It doesn't see anything as separate.

And the second part is being centered in the heart - to be loving.

And the third thing is to step out of polarity - to no longer judge the world. As long as we are judging the world as good or bad, then we are inside polarity and remain the fallen state. I believe these people (with the new DNA) have somehow stepped out of judging and are in a state where they see everything as one and feeling Love.

Whatever they are doing within themselves is producing a waveform that when seen on computer screens looks almost identical to the DNA molecule. So the researchers think that by the very expression of their life that these people are mapping with the DNA - resonating it - and are changing these 4 codons and in so doing become immune to the disease.

What they don't know and this is where a lot of research gets to happen is so maybe they are immune, but is there anything else? They might be immortal, who knows. Maybe there are other characteristics that we haven't even dreamed of. I often wonder if they are all linked together? Is there some form of telepathic connection that goes on?

Diane: Have you met any of these people? Are they accessible?

Drunvalo: Well, I've known about this for over two years and I have personally followed this path and I think I've moved into what they are doing. I have gone into the merkabah and asked my subconscious mind to change my codons in the same way and ever since I began to do this over two years ago, I haven't been able to get sick. I don't know if I've been able to change them or not. I guess the only way I'd know is with a DNA test.

However, I've been exposed to all kinds of things and when someone gets sick I purposely get close to them and try to get it. I've been trying to get sick - and I can't. I feel something come on - it will last maybe an hour and then it's gone.

What is interesting is that hardly any of this new DNA is found in the Super Psychic Children of China - almost zero. It is, however, being found in Russia and the U.S. There seems to be pockets of it and if what we are thinking is right - it has to do with a very specific response which is where most people in the New Age are headed for.

Diane: Do you think these people are creating the DNA changes unconsciously?

Drunvalo: I think someone has made the path - one child did it somewhere. Then he put it into the grids and it is now in the subconscious of the earth and is accessible to anyone. Once that happened I think somehow or another other people have connected to this on a subconscious level in deep meditation and prayer and made the change. A new race is being born and it is one of the most remarkable phenomenon that has happened on the planet! It's incredible that no one seems to know about this until now!

Diane: Well, you are the only one I've ever heard speak about this.

Drunvalo: Well, I've been tracking this for about 2 years and I've waited to say anything because I wanted to make sure it was real. In the book called "The Indigo Children" there has been extensive research on these children. There are websites you can go to if you're a parent where they begin to interview you about exactly what's going on with your child. Like I said earlier, these kids know exactly what you're feeling and what you're thinking. You can't hide anything from them. It's really amazing! I see it as a phenomenon like the ET's except they aren't coming here in spaceship form - they are coming here in spirit form making it personal by coming into the earth's evolutionary cycle and joining with us. I've often thought that when spirits come in on the right side of the planet - Japan, China, and Tibet for instance, the incarnating being takes on the psychic characteristics (of those people), and if they come in on the western side - the logical side (i.e., physical characteristics) - then the DNA comes in changed. But that's just speculation on my part. I'm just looking at this and trying to understand what is occurring.

At the workshops I'm going to do in Seattle and Denver in June, I'm going to bring everything I've learned together and teach people to actually access this and make the change. I think I know - or I'm very close.

Diane: And that has to do with putting yourself in a certain state of consciousness?

Drunvalo: Yes, a very specific state of consciousness produces a change in your DNA - and I think it's just the beginning of much more than that. The fact that it could be the end of disease is just a tiny bit of the total picture.

Diane: How would this particular kind of work and discovery affect the DNA activation work that seems to be popping up all over?

Drunvalo: Well, if you know your light body and you know how psychic energy works and if you understand the connection of the subconscious to all life on this planet, then you can go in and ask your subconscious. Your subconscious knows exactly which codons those kids have changed and if you ask for those things to happen through your light body and in the presence of God, it should occur. It also requires dropping polarity - no longer thinking in terms of good or bad, but seeing the wholeness and completion and perfection of life. It is a very definite mind, emotional and body response. The body response is the one where your body simply does not acknowledge good or bad, but sees that there is a higher purpose behind it all. We all know this stuff - everyone from Jesus to Krishna to Sai Baba has been talking about this for a long time, but this is the first I'm aware of where something actually is changing in the outer environment.

People's DNA is really changing. Barbara Marciniak talked about going to the 12-strand DNA, and I've talked about chromosome changes. There have been many of us who have talked about this - but none of this had been seen by science. Now it has been seen and it has been documented.

Diane: So, if that's the case, then what significance does that have on our lives today?

Drunvalo: I believe that all of us have the choice to follow this particular pattern that the children have set up or not. It is said that the children will lead the way. If we wish to and we trust these children, as I do - one of the side effects is the immunity to disease.

Diane: There are a lot of us who are choosing immortality. However, some people would say that to be immune to disease is also to upset the life/death cycle which has supposedly helped to keep the planet in balance. How would you answer that?

Drunvalo: Well, I just don't judge it. This is happening and if it is going to upset the cycle and it probably will in some way - everything that is occurring in life has a reason and purpose for it. Perhaps these people who don't get sick anymore - perhaps they won't even die anymore and maybe their consciousness is so aligned with the original purpose of earth that ultimately it would mean an earth that is whole and complete and not one that is polluted and deadly and over taxed. We could easily live with 6 billion people or 20 billion...if...we live differently. There is plenty of space and it's just that we are using our resources in ways that are killing the planet. If we were to choose to live in different ways, that might change. Maybe through these people the answers might become apparent. For someone to move into a state where they are immune to disease is a very powerful indication that they are definitely in harmony with life somehow. We can equate this process with the mutation of bacteria and viruses. We attack their systems with pollutants such as penicillin for instance, and it kills them all except for a few. Those few get stronger. Now what's happening is that these bacteria are getting to the place where they are immune to the poisons we are giving them. And have we not done the same thing? We are mutating to a point where we are not affected by pollution or viruses or by disease. And you know, there is another thing that happened last year - AIDS dropped something like 47% - the largest drop of a single disease in the history of the world. I believe that it had a lot to do with this very thing we are talking about.

Diane: That's exciting!

Drunvalo: Yes, it is. I just let the earth prompt me where to go. Of course, it is important to know our light bodies and how to use them, but the children are very carefully saying - come this way - and see where this leads.

Diane: So is this what your future workshops will be focused on?

Drunvalo: Yes. I will be putting everything I've learned in the last two years from my research and the Earth/Sky work, into a simple response where anyone can move into the place that the children accessed. I'll do my best!


The following is an excerpt from the new book, The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived by  Lee Carroll and Jan Tober

What is an Indigo Child? And why do we call them Indigo? First, the definition:

An Indigo child is one who displays a new and unusual set of psychological attributes and shows a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before. This pattern has common unique factors that suggest that those who interact with them (parents, in particular) change their treatment and upbringing of them in order to achieve balance. To ignore these new patterns is to potentially create imbalance and frustration in the mind of this precious new life. The subject of this chapter is to identify, qualify, and validate the attributes of an Indigo Child.

There seems to be several kinds of Indigos, and we will describe them later in this chapter, but in the following list we can give you some of the most common behavioral patterns. Do these fit anyone you know?

The ten most common traits of Indigo Children:

1. They come into the world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it).

2. They have a feeling of "deserving to be here," and are surprised when others don't share that.

3. Self-worth is not a big issue. They often tell the parents "who they are."

4. They have difficulty with absolute authority (authority without explanation or choice).

5. They simply will not do certain things; for example - waiting in line is difficult for them.

6. They get frustrated with systems that are ritual-oriented and don't require creative thought.

7. They often see better ways of doing things, both at home and at school, which makes them seem like "system busters" - (nonconforming to any system).

8. They seem antisocial unless they are with their own kind. If there are no others of like consciousness around them, they often let no other human understand them. School is extremely difficult for them socially.

9. They will not respond to "guilt" discipline - (Wait till you father gets home and finds out what you did").

10. They are not shy in letting you know what they need.

Why are these children called Indigo?

Throughout the history of psychology, there have been systems of grouping human behavior. Indeed, often we all seem to fall into "clumps" of behavior patterns, sometimes fun to read about and identify with. These groupings try to identify and correlate human actions in many different ways - undoubtedly searching for some formula that neatly fits everyone into a slot of some kind, helping those who deal with the study of the human mind. Some of these systems are ancient; some are very new.

Validation of this fact is made by Richard Seigle, M.D., a practicing psychiatrist who is also very involved in human and spiritual studies within the Navajo Indian Nation.

Dr. Seigle's input:

Throughout the history of Western civilization, we have had a strong need to explore, define and judge. As we discover new lands and peoples on Earth, our first thoughts were: "Who is like us and who is not. And what can we take?" Those people who were not like us in terms of color, belief, culture, and language were considered inferior throughout much of our history.

In scientific terms, we tried to categorize people by the shape of their heads, skin color, IQ, and so on. Anthropologists and psychologists have spent years evaluating how we think feel, and act. Here are some examples of various categorization systems:

Intelligence tests, such as Wechsler (WAIS) and Stanford-Binet Personality.

Personality tests such as MMPI, MCMI, Type A, and Type B.

Projective personality assessments, such as Rorschach, TAT, and SCT.

Memory tests, such as WMS and Bender.

Specific psychological factors. Factors such as the following have sometimes been used as a basis for grouping human behavior; family structure and customs; culture; dreams; self-psychology; bonding and attachment; myths; religion; conscious and unconscious motivation and thoughts.

Recognized psychiatric theorists such as the following used various systems of personality typing: Freud, Jung, Adler, Berne, Fromm, Kernberg, Klein, Maslow, Peris, Reich, Rogers, Skinner, and Sullivan.

Gandhi said, "Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and test of our civilization." The end of this millennium signals a higher consciousness of love and acceptance of all people - something that we could have learned centuries ago from the native cultures, if only we hadn't perceived them as inferior.

Besides the traditional ones, there are also the spiritual and metaphysical grouping systems, which try to classify humans based on, for example, their birth attributes (astrology), their life energy, or their sacred animal association (Chinese and American Indian roots). Whatever you think of astrology and some of these seemingly unscientific systems, they have been recognized and identified institutionally as some of oldest sciences, having been found in many of the most ancient texts of human studies. All of these systems, ancient and current, exist to help humans better understand humans.

LEE CARROLL/JAN TOBER/KRYON: Authors of the new hit book The Indigo Children, and 7 other channelled Kryon books, Lee, Jan and Kryon will again present loving information that is new for the planet. Often referred to as the most validated channel in current metaphysics, Lee will present information about how 2000 is changing our very reality. Special revealing slide presentation by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys* validating the magnetic cellular healing of cancer in CANADA!

Order the book!

The Indigo Children Website



by anonymous from the message board

Date: July 24, 1999
Subject: Help with my Indigo
Posted By: xxx

Hi all. I have a 15 month old son that I believe is one of these "new kids". I love my son completely and could never hurt him or anyone else. But my son is driving me crazy!

I have been around children my whole life and I have never encountered such a BUSY child. I can not get anything done with him. I can't get him to nap. I can't get him to eat anything except bread, yogurt, tropical fruit, & cookies. He won't drink any milk. I can not get him weaned. He can not/will not sleep through the night.

I know these things I mentioned above are characteristics of just about every "normal" child, but my son takes all of these things to the extreme. NONE of the parenting advice that I have read, been told, or observed applies to my son. I have tried everything short of running away! I am a Reiki II practitioner & I use it on my son all the time. I even had him attuned to see if it would help & it hasn't. I have spent hours at a time beaming him & hands on while he is sleeping. I have tried all the sleeping methods. I have tried letting him scream. I have let him wake up for an hour or two hoping that he may sleep in and he never does. I have tried rushing to him to pat him back to sleep. I have tried letting him sleep with my husband and I. None of these things worked for us.

I am dying for a stretch of sleep longer that 3 hours. After 15 months of napping I NEED some more sleep. I also need to get a job out side of my home to help support my family but I can't with the way my son is and not being able to get enough sleep for myself to have a coherent thought puts that idea to a halt.

He is super intelligent. He has a vocabulary of more than 60 words. He willingly brushes his own teeth and does a fairly good job of it. Once he masters something he never bothers with it again. I have tons of "obsolete" toys, like shape sorters and duplo blocks. He understands Spanish (his father is hispanic but rarely speaks Spanish to him). He will follow 2 or 3 part instructions ( Where is the remote? Turn the TV on & give it to me.). He can open anything. And he sees things that no one else does, if you know what I mean. He has never been sick. Never taken an antibiotic. He has all of his baby teeth short of the 2 year molars. He had his first tooth at 3 months and hasn't stopped since. And he has eyes that can melt your heart.

I am near the end of my rope. Sometimes I have to sit him down & go off to blow off steam. I get so frustrated trying to figure him out. I know he understands not to do something because of the way he looks at me. I have tried explaining why not to do something, smacking his hands, yelling, crying, and removing him from whatever. Nothing has helped us.

I am desperately in need of advice from Indigo parents and other Indigos. I need to learn other ways to deal with these issues. I have read the Indigo Children book by Lee Carroll but it didn't really resolve anything for me. Please, no matter how small your idea may seem, please post it or email me. I will be so grateful for any thoughts and suggestions.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Indigo Children Message Board


Excerpt of Interview with Dr. Robert Gerard

Sheryl Jackson -You were one of the contributors to the book, The Indigo Children. What do you think all of this has to do with these children? Do you think, as some are saying, that these children have different DNA, and that we are beginning to reflect what they already have?

Dr. Gerard - That's a big question! I just had a lady who read my chapter in The Indigo Children send me an e-mail asking if her 18 month old son has more DNA than others. Everyone is asking this. I think if you looked under a microscope at the human DNA, you would see a double strand as it is naturally. That is my personal opinion right now. I'm hoping that the activated DNA would show to be multiple, but the fact remains that no matter what scientific school of thought you come from, using the results so far taken from the Human Genome Project, you can only see around 35%, maybe 40% of the entire DNA. You can see this with computerized help, but the rest is still unknown. We have one double strand now that is still unknown. Now you are going to add 10 new strands on top of that! You would be called a woo-woo nut in a minute. However, just like you have an auric field around you, and you have memory that is not only in your blood and bones, but also around you, and your brain is a transmitter to receive it, you do have consciousness.

To me, it seems that consciousness is what we are working at. We are working at a very sophisticated level of a higher consciousness that dictates the DNA function at a much more proficient level. It forces the DNA to do something, via INTENT. So in our activations, we bring in five new functionalities, or 10 new strands, since each is 2-stranded DNA. We stack and integrate these upon each other. Just that intent alone activates the process. To me, it is consciousness-driven, so the kids coming into the planet are coming in at a higher consciousness. It doesn't mean they are physically different, but, physically, they can perform better because their consciousness is more expanded. The DNA structure, whether it is a double strand or 12-strand or even 16-strand, has to function according to the consciousness. The real movement is the energy that is generating consciousness, and at that level of consciousness, what m-a-t-t-e-r is being generated through the physical phenomenon.

There are a couple of filters, if you will. It doesn't work that DNA expands consciousness, but rather that consciousness expands DNA, and that DNA facilitates that through proficiency. When you say you have an Indigo child, the doctor doesn't see this color indigo. He checks the child's blood and sees a double strand of DNA. The key is that, at the Creator level of existence, the position we pray to, is where we really need to be focusing, and the physical phenomena will eventually match that. These kids that are coming in, are coming in with the propensity for a much more functional DNA system. I hope soon that when we look through the microscope we will see multiple DNA strands. I am not going to get into the game of "My kid had expanded DNA the day he was born." I say he has come in with a higher degree of agreement between his cells, his deity and his physical body on this earth plane. They are much more tuned-in, which is really what I see in my daily communication with children. They are totally human, and they are better! They are just more on the ball. They have more insight, and they are quicker.

The Indigo child needs to be respected. It is not so much the DNA that is superior, but it is the consciousness that is expanded. Everyone wants proof and validation that they have a special child, and it is getting out of hand! Instead, relax and learn from your "Indigo" child.

The 12 Strand DNA Activation Interview with Dr. Robert Gerard

What On Earth is Happening To Our Bodies?

Indigo Children  - A Channeled Work