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recently had a interview with lecturer, author, and visionary healer, Dr. Robert Gerard. "The 12 strand DNA Activation denotes the opening of the Divine Spark within. However, it could be a Spiritual metaphor, or a focal point of change for humanity."

Dr. Gerard talks about this and more in this interview.

SJ: Doctor Robert Gerard, what would you like to hear people say about you?

Dr. RG: Simply that I am dedicated to the mission of enlightening people back to their Divine state. Sharing the vision of our humanity's beauty, it's magnificence, and the eventual recreation of heaven on Earth. I believe it's time to focus on role modeling and giving people the tools and techniques to become enlightened… and quickly, may I add!

SJ: And why do you say, "And quickly"?

Dr. RG: I am inspired with confidence to say that time is truly getting to a point where it is no longer going to exist as we know it. There are enough cues out there between weather and Earth changes, political and economic changes and other indicators. I firmly believe we are in a changing global consciousness, feminine in nature, and this new "Renaissance Consciousness" is starting to permanently anchor. You can feel physical changes; you can sense the absence of 24 hours in a day. You can feel that the new millennium is less than 70 days away. (This interview was done on 103099) It is coming on fast!

SJ: You are right! Recently, I was at a Kryon seminar and was especially struck by the words "The train is going to leave the station. Everyone has been called, everyone has been notified, and there will be those who are not on the train."

Dr. RG: I agree with that. We ARE on the train! It left the station, but better not bring any baggage.

SJ: No, we are not to take baggage, I am told.

Dr. RG: Just your empowerments.

SJ: My next question was, "What is your mission?" However, we have already covered that somewhat.

Dr. RG: Well, I'll define it more. My mission is to kick people's butts, so to speak, to waken their minds up so they can catch the train and know that they are actually on it. This must be made clear.

SJ: There is an awful lot of talk these days about DNA, in particular 12 strand DNA. What's the big deal anyway?

Dr. RG: The 12 strand DNA Activation denotes the opening of the Divine Spark within. However, it could be a Spiritual metaphor, or a focal point of change for humanity. It could be a lot of things. I think Kryon has already said it; I know I have said it. The DNA Activation is the unveiling of the Holy Grail—the consciousness of your totality from the Earth plane perspective.

For me, The DNA Activation manifests cellular change from a higher consciousness or an etheric position. We are seeing changes in people that are consistent in the physical and psychological realms. I firmly believe it's the power of intent unleashed—Divine Mind working with consciousness within the body that is making these changes.

Our medical scientists have gone too far labeling the unknown aspects of our DNA as "junk DNA." Divine Intelligence created DNA, and for all that matters, the answers to life's perfection could be housed in these unknown regions of coding. Healing, expansion, and rejuvenation may very well be inherent attributes within our species.

Historically, there has been much written about the veiling, or the handicapping, of humans (the light beings on Earth) to shut them down so they can either be (1) an experiment (2) enslaved or (3) the normal process of the Divine Plan. All of this is now unveiled, so the unfoldment of true enlightened beings can get back to normal.

Planet Earth is going through a similar trip. "So as above, so as below" applies to the celestial bodies, the bodies of civilizations, and as much to individual bodies. I think the entire universe is unfolding, it's not just human, it is beyond that. It is intergalactic and interuniversal consciousness. The omnipotent mind, if you will, is being demonstrated openly. That is the key, so you are either in or you are not. If you're not, I don't know what the answer is. If you're in, I think you've got a couple of good kudos, but I can't tell you what is going to happen if you're not. I don't want to entertain that idea.

I look at Life this way: I don't want to go through any more character building, pain or sorrow. I'm finished with duality if you know what I mean. I think it is time to be in Divine Duality, and to be creating at a Divine level seems to be very apropos for me and a lot of people I know.

SJ: Your most recent book is DNA Healing Techniques. There are at present two separate DNA activation techniques in this book. How did you "discover" these activation techniques?

Dr. RG: First, let me mention that we've changed the title of the book to read: "Change Your DNA, Change Your Life." This is more fitting because the book focuses on "SelfHealing and Empowerment."

I did not sit down one day and conjure this up. It was primarily introduced to me in raw form, which I cultivated from that point, and it has taken off substantially. The activation technique was inspired by another person who insisted that Spirit directed her to me in order that I bring these techniques out to the world. I was led to lots of channeled information as well as my own intuition and guidance that this work needed to be balanced with the feminine energy. It simply must connote both the feminine and the masculine integrated energies. All the work from the second edition of the book forward dealt with the Divine Feminine integrated into it.

SJ: You actually do activations as well as teach others to perform them. Why would I want to have my DNA activated?

Dr. RG: It is a question of what you want to do. A lot of people right now are socially and religiously scripted i.e., programmed. They can't come forth into a more awakened state. Therefore, one has to experience some sort of personal rapture to really break away into one's own spark of life. People have to attend funerals or endure tragedy to make them realize the importance of being more open and loving to themselves. There are just too many complacent people on this planet. The process of getting your DNA activated turns the switch and accelerates the process of awakening from the physical, mental and spiritual level.

SJ: Can I do these activations by pure intent?

Dr. RG: Most definitely! All you have to do is put the intent into some sort of directive. This is what we are demonstrating. For example, if Sharyl says to herself, "Father/Mother/God, I want to be one with you." Or, "I want my DNA, and everything about me physically, mentally and spiritually to be one with you." These are statements of INTENT.

This must be done with the purest intent and love. In fact, as I am saying this to you, I feel myself being activated right now.

The wording is a human construct if you will. The intent is a divine construct. The highest form of your creation on this planet is intent. When intent is locked in with the Divine Plan, that's when you can get it locked into the body. In other words, prayer can be enhanced by INTENT, not repetition. It is actually invoking intent to be equal to and one with God, but never be above God. You do not want to override the powers of the omnipotent, but you want to reflect the image and likeness of God, which has been told to us Biblically for centuries.

SJ: So facilitation is beneficial.

Dr. RG: And no one owns healing. Healing is an inherent attribute within all of us. I can activate myself without knowing it, even if I live on an island by myself for my entire life. It just takes that one action of being one with God, but my body must be included. To me that is the key. I have my differences with swamis or the school of eastern thought that negates the body. I feel that the body is a key, the tabernacle, the first and ultimate creation you have. To put it into a business or your children and not into yourself, or to negate it, is a violation of the most primary credo that we have. I finally realized that the body is the most magnificent creation we have, because it is the image of your manifested soul on this planet.

We just don't look at the body as being the magnificent machine that it is. That's where I come in. When you are talking about divinity, you are talking about a Divinenatured being on the Planet Earth. When you look at some of our great movies, paradise is being confronted by some evil force that wants to take it away. The evil force is the collective shadow of everybody. I think keeping your body in health, magnificence and love with God every moment of the day is where it's at. I am getting high thinking about it. I need this more often!

SJ: What can I expect will happen after I have a DNA activation?

Dr. RG: First, let me clarify the use of the term "expectation." I do not like using that word. When we say, "What can I expect will happen?" we have already bound ourselves to our possession. If we don't expect anything, we will receive much more than we could expect because expectations place a limitation on what is to come. YOU own the expectation, Spirit doesn't contribute, so in a sense you are shutting down what can happen. Since you own it, you are claiming something beyond you at this point in time.

Now, what does happen is that the physical body accelerates its own purification and detoxification process. It wants to get rid of things such as toxins and emotional issues, and it wants to become more focused, so it forces you to see your destiny and purpose in life more clearly and more quickly. The body automatically wants to transfer into Light once it has been given the permission that it is not subjugate to its master which is us, but that it is, on its own, a beautiful being.

Your original question asked what can you expect, and I said, "Don't expect! Be in the now. Detach yourself from the outcome and let your body be." However, here are some of the things we consistently see happen. First of all, hair grows faster and better, fingernails grow faster and better. There is a tremendous drive for additional water and purity. There is an automatic adjustment of a desire to have better nutrition. There is weight shifting, so most people will most likely drop a few pounds, because most people are overweight. There is a tremendous drive to clean out closets, clean out garages and to clean out relationships that no longer serve. There is an increase in perception, so you can better adjust to your world. There is an increase in the way you speak, which I call "conscious languaging." There is an increased ability to speak and express your truth. So there are a lot of subliminal shifts to your perfection, which is amazing.

There is the "getting rid of" process, the cleaning process that we call detoxification, where social scripts and emotions are surfaced. This is where the technical aspects after the activation are hard in that people don't know what to do with their fears and emotions when they arise. They tend to think that the fears are returning, so they react to them instead of dealing with them. People need to be trained with tools and techniques on how to deal with hesitation, doubts and fears. They tend to see it as a negative challenge instead of an opportunity to once and for all, get rid of it. This is where I concentrate a lot of my work right now: helping people go through the transitioning. And, of course, these are just some of the things we could talk about.

The human body is the ultimate machine for consciousness and Spirit. The human body is here to serve you at the highest realm, and, in many cases, it's looked down upon as the inhibitor and the villain that's screwing things up. The human body has just not been valued for the magnificence that it was designed for. That variance is so large, it is almost not comprehensible.

These conditionings are based on all the scripting the body received when it was a child. From the day it was conceived to around 7 or 8 years old, that human function gets blasted with obstacles other than pure love, so it's ruined as it becomes an adolescent. It is already in survival by the time it's getting out of high school, and who the heck knows after that? At about 50 or 60 years of age you start getting the picture again: I want to be healthy, innocent, and at peace.

SJ: I'm gathering from this that we can do this over the phone.

Dr. RG: Oh, yes. most of my sessions are remote.

SJ: How do I find someone to do this for me?

Dr. RG: Our website,, lists about 35 Certified DNA Practitioners ready to serve you. We also have the DNA healing book, which teaches you how to do it, and we have tapes, and, of course, myself. People are really wanting it and we have seen great results. The other thing is that there are two DNA ACTIVATIONs, and they really are the primary healing process. Healing means returning to wholeness. When someone starts the activations, even if they repeat it day and night, they actually start to tell the body that it wants to be returned to its original, divine blueprint. It wants to be whole again, so it is an ongoing healing process, not just a technique to turn on the switch.

Part Two of the Interview!

SJ: You were one of the contributors to the book, The Indigo Children. What do you think all of this has to do with these children? Do you think, as some are saying, that these children have different DNA, and that we are beginning to reflect what they already have?

Dr. RG: That's a big question! I just had a lady who read my chapter in The Indigo Children send me an e-mail asking if her 18 month old son has more DNA than others. Everyone is asking this. I think if you looked under a microscope at the human DNA, you would see a double strand as it is naturally. That is my personal opinion right now. I'm hoping that the activated DNA would show to be multiple, but the fact remains that no matter what scientific school of thought you come from, using the results so far taken from the Human Genome Project, you can only see around 35%, maybe 40% of the entire DNA. You can see this with computerized help, but the rest is still unknown. We have one double strand now that is still unknown. Now you are going to add 10 new strands on top of that! You would be called a woo-woo nut in a minute. However, just like you have an auric field around you, and you have memory that is not only in your blood and bones, but also around you, and your brain is a transmitter to receive it, you do have consciousness.

To me, it seems that consciousness is what we are working at. We are working at a very sophisticated level of a higher consciousness that dictates the DNA function at a much more proficient level. It forces the DNA to do something, via INTENT. So in our activations, we bring in five new functionalities, or 10 new strands, since each is 2-stranded DNA. We stack and integrate these upon each other. Just that intent alone activates the process. To me, it is consciousness-driven, so the kids coming into the planet are coming in at a higher consciousness. It doesn't mean they are physically different, but, physically, they can perform better because their consciousness is more expanded. The DNA structure, whether it is a double strand or 12-strand or even 16-strand, has to function according to the consciousness. The real movement is the energy that is generating consciousness, and at that level of consciousness, what m-a-t-t-e-r is being generated through the physical phenomenon.

There are a couple of filters, if you will. It doesn't work that DNA expands consciousness, but rather that consciousness expands DNA, and that DNA facilitates that through proficiency. When you say you have an Indigo child, the doctor doesn't see this color indigo. He checks the child's blood and sees a double strand of DNA. The key is that, at the Creator level of existence, the position we pray to, is where we really need to be focusing, and the physical phenomena will eventually match that. These kids that are coming in, are coming in with the propensity for a much more functional DNA system. I hope soon that when we look through the microscope we will see multiple DNA strands. I am not going to get into the game of "My kid had expanded DNA the day he was born." I say he has come in with a higher degree of agreement between his cells, his deity and his physical body on this earth plane. They are much more tuned-in, which is really what I see in my daily communication with children. They are totally human, and they are better! They are just more on the ball. They have more insight, and they are quicker.

The Indigo child needs to be respected. It is not so much the DNA that is superior, but it is the consciousness that is expanded. Everyone wants proof and validation that they have a special child, and it is getting out of hand! Instead, relax and learn from your "Indigo" child.

SJ: I agree. It is almost becoming a competition rather than seeing it as useful information for better understanding.

Dr. RG: Yup!

SJ: I am really pleased with how you said all of that.

Dr. RG: I like the way YOU said it, but, unfortunately what I see out there is competition. These kids are coming down in a competitive mode, and I think that's the earthly process, the linear thinking that is still screwed up in people. I feel I am blessed to have my daughter, not because she is healthy and happy, but because she is so forward in her dealing with me as an adult that she puts me in line. Yes, I am her parent, here to give her discipline and love, but I am also here as a parent to understand the beauty of that level of consciousness for the new society we are growing.

SJ: I am hearing you say that your passions are empowering people, children, and I also happen to know that another of your passions is the Divine Feminine principle. You work in that area also, so let's talk about that.

Dr. RG: The global picture for all this is straightforward. This Earth plane has gone through so many philosophical changes, or rather, changes in consciousness. We know that sometime between 8 and 12 thousand years ago, the so-called Atlantean civilization disappeared when there was the great deluge, which lasted an easy 4000 years. Somewhere beginning around 8000 BC, Western civilization began to return with the Pythagoreans, Sumerians, Babylonians, Ancient Egyptians, and Greeks. These people came here with a tremendous amount of knowledge and machinery. This information had to be impregnated into the consciousness of society in order for this to be.

We bore witness to a male-dominated and aggressive society. Women were basically used in trade and barter. Even kings and queens in the 15th and 16th centuries disposed of daughters for economic reasons. What kind of mentality did they have 500 years ago, selling their daughters because it was the way? There has been a lot of shifting, and all of a sudden, the last 100 years, especially the last 20 years, there are more women involved in almost everything in the Western world.

This is a physical manifestation of a higher consciousness that had already been set in place by Spirit. Therefore, as you look behind the scenes, the balance of the male and female has always been weighted in favor of the male. All of a sudden, since the day of Christ, it has been hitting the feminine side: compassion, love and peace. There has been profound change. Christ is a feminine entity to me. Now, 2000 years later, it is peaking out, and the relationship between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine on Earth is coming into balance. Once truly in balance with no incongruency, it will integrate. When that integration takes place, that, to me, is the new millennium as far as consciousness goes, not the physical world. To my mind, we're about 10 years away from where the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine on the planet will be beautifully balanced. They will copulate, integrate, and out of that will come the new Spirit Child, the balanced, perfected being, the Light Being.

I look at the "Shift" as a pretty phenomenon, not a catastrophe, but there is a tremendous amount of purification between now and then. First balance, then integration, and here's the key. Man meets woman, and they want to be life partners or close to it. Are they done growing? Do they know what love is? Are they both balanced themselves within? If they are, when they meet and join together intimately, they have the highest spark, if you will. The orgasms of life are the highest. If not, then one is depending on the other, and there is always an imbalance and error.

To me, when the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are perfectly balanced and then integrated, we will see the birthing of a new level of consciousness. I think that is forthcoming in the new millennium. The balancing act started to really kick in right around the turn of the century, and it is just going to get better and better and better, but there will be a lot of elimination. When all is balanced, the Divine spark will be lit, and the feminine and the masculine will totally integrate. I think anyone in that same consciousness at that time will go through it also. To me, that is what mass ascension might be all about.

From an engineering point of view, these phenomena have to be in place, because Nature doesn't decide who She is going to save and who She isn't. If there is an avalanche, Nature doesn't discriminate if there are a bunch of priests walking down the street. Nature and humanity must be attuned to each other.

SJ: What have I not asked you? What is the perfect question?

Dr. RG: A good question is, "What would motivate me to get activated and focus on this aspect of life?" I had a conversation with a guy named Excelex, a brilliant man who lives in Canada. He said something which I had never put together, but I can see where he is coming from. He says that there are 144 basic minerals on the Earth plane, all of which have to exist perfectly in the body. As they molecularly become more proficient, they require, on an individual level, more specific Love. Having these 144 minerals in a healthy body means having good water, enzymes, amino acids, proteins. This is all about DNA. He says that when we get these minerals in the body, their vibrations increase. As they do this, the cellular structure becomes more Light-oriented, and this is only done through Love. Therefore, if the body essence is healthy and pure, then Love is the trumpet's call. So the hierarchy of chemistry on this plane is Love. It is a very beautiful concept that he has.

Love is not just an emotional state, Love is a physical property on this plane, and the highest possible structure of any mineral. The body contains all those essential minerals. When they are all capped off in Love, you have a new level of body, a Divine body. The mentality to get there, especially if you are sick, takes a great amount of energy to turn back internally to love yourself. That is our spiritual path, to return to our spiritual Godhead or Goddess-head. It doesn't mean you sit there and wait. What constitutes getting a ticket on that train back to heaven is determination and diligence, not waiting for it to happen.

SJ: Yes, and many people want to drink a magic potion and have it done for them. There are so many of us who are tired from working for a long time, and we just want it to be easier.

Dr. RG: Many people are tired of feeling stuck, but they haven't decided to go inside and just do it. They still want to be carried away. "You have got to do it with Self-Love," is what I tell them. Now, many of these people are starting to get activated.

SJ: I need a Savior!

Dr. RG: No, saving is old Christian stuff, old Judaic stuff. Christ and God's message is, "If you want to be saved, then attain peace, love and trust yourself!" That is what will keep you going.

Robert Gerard, Ph.D., is a lecturer, author, and visionary healer. As a publisher, he owned and operated Oughten House Publications and has over thirty five years experience in organizational and spiritual psychology. Robert is the author of Lady from Atlantis, The Corporate Mule, and Handling Verbal Confrontation: Take the Fear out of Facing Others. He is currently touring and promoting his latest book, DNA Healing Techniques: Tools for Physical and Emotional SelfHealing. Robert offers workshops on Communicating from the Heart, Confrontation Skills Training, and DNA Healing Techniques. He appreciates feedback, and is available for lectures and workshops worldwide.

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