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                                           Truth 81

                       Dear Universal Creative Spirit... Soul or Reader
                          whether what I have written is true or not
                                  is up to you to figure out.
                                Be very careful what to believe
                      for my Imagination... Inspiration... and Intuition
                      is considerably greater than my Knowledge of Truth.
                                             - - -
                                  Please keep in Mind that...
                             ! LIFE IS WHAT YOU BELIEVE IT TO BE !
                        Which means... that what I have written is True
                                            for you
                                  as soon as YOU believe it.

                             ! YOUR BELIEFS CREATE YOUR REALITY !

                                           Truth 82

                             ? Did you ever look at the Children ?
                                Well... watch them sometime...
                           especially the ones around eight or nine.
                             Their Faces are the Faces of Adults.
                           Yes indeed... Girls and Boys of that Age
                                    have Faces that reflect
                           the Wisdom of the Ages... and then some.
                                   ! How is this possible ?
                              All These Children are Old Masters
                                    born anew and again...
                        ready to help Mankind in the coming Transition.


                                           Truth 83

                           Didn't you know that the Earth is moving
                        into a higher Vibrational Density or Dimension?
                       Sure it is.... the Sun and her whole Solar System
                      is slowly moving into a higher Vibrational Vortex.
                       That's why the World has become such a Madhouse.
                         We're rapidly approaching Graduation Time...
                              Harvest Time... or the End of Time.
                        The End of Time means... that Time and or Space
                              will be transcended by many of us.
                          The Earth will be a Fourth Density Planet.
                      ! Pretty soon we will be more Spirit than Matter !


                                           Truth 84

                       Did you know that the Thoughts and Ideas we have
                              change the Chromosomes in our Body.
                       This means... that you can create a Perfect Body.
                                         - - - - - - -
                            Since the Brain is a Powerful Computer
                        and is capable of programming our Subconscious
                      it is wise to recognize that we are the Programmer.
                                             - - -
                        ! We... the Programmer are the Creative Force !
                      What we are.... we have become by our own Efforts.
                     We and we alone... are responsible for our Progress.


                                           Truth 85

                           Do you really think that the World of Man
                                  will continue the way it is
                         with just a few Improvements here and there?
                                             - - -
                         Do you understand that Mankind is on its way
                                 to a new Phase of Creativity?
                        ! Look at the World of Man and think about it !
                                 Look at the NEWS and know...
                         that NEWS means... NEW EMERGENCY WORLD SCENE.
                                       The World of Man
                             is in the Process of Renewing itself.

                       ! THE GOOD AND THE BAD... ARE ALWAYS IN BALANCE !

                                           Truth 86

                         Evidence exists that when James Clerk Maxwell
                      came out with his Theories on Electromagnetic Waves
                         there were two Components to his Discoveries.
                              The Formulas of the First Component
                          are used by Scientists all over the World.
                                 Government Scientists however
                       use the First and the Second Component Formulas.
                       The Second Component Calculations are kept hidden
                              from the Scientific World of Today.
                           In other words... our present Scientists
                        do not really know what they are talking about.
                                             - - -
                                 The Second Component Formulas
                       deal with the Second and Third Order of Energies.
                                 These Energies pertain to...
                          Time and Space... Consciousness... Emotions
                        and other Phenomenon of the Massless Quantities
                              in our Multi Dimensional Universe.
                                             - - -
                              Maxwell gave us the complete Story
                         but the Psychic Components of his Revelations
                        have been kept hidden from the Scientific World
                           by Government Scientists or Interpreters.
                                             - - -
                           It means that Government Scientists know
                         that so called Subatomic Wavicles or Energies
                                     with and without Mass
                       respond to Consciousness... Thoughts or Emotions.
                                             - - -
                       This means then... that there is Scientific Proof
                        that Consciousness or Thought influences Energy
                                   and that certain Energies
                          influence Consciousness... Mind or Thoughts
                        for all Things in the Universe are interrelated
                                        and reversible.


                                           Truth 89

                               Every few hundred thousand Years
                         the Earth changes its Electromagnetic Field.
                                 (Pole Shift or Pole Reversal)
                       When this happens there is an enormous Extinction
                                       of all Life Forms
                          for all Brain Waves on Earth are entrained
                              by the Magnetic Field of the Earth.
                      When the Aura or Force Field of the Earth reverses
                                     it actually means...
                      that for that Moment the Earth is Clinically Dead.
                        ! Our Bodies are the Extensions of the Earth !

                          ! THE EARTH IS A LIVE ENTITY LIKE WE ARE !

                                           Truth 90

                                       Every Human Being
                           is a different Expression of the Creator.
                                             - - -
                         Every Human Being is the Creator differently.
                                             - - -
                              The Creator lives in its own Bodies
                         all over the Universe in Infinite Varieties.
                                             - - -
                                 All of Us are this Greatness.
                                             - - -
                         To fully recognize this... that is the Clue.


                                           Truth 91

                               Every Material Object is actually
                                   a specific Magnetic Field
                            with Lines of Force running through it.
                         Our Mind interacts with these Lines of Force
                                  and the Objects we perceive
                              we accept and experience as Matter.
                                             - - -
                               Material Objects in a sense then
                                    are created on the Spot
                                  and most often we all agree
                             on what we have seen or experienced.

                         ! OUR ORDINARY WORLD IS A VERY FUNNY PLACE !

                                           Truth 92

                        Everywhere we see the Infinite Unconscious Self
                           creating Form in an Unlimited Diversity.
                               All this... because of the Desire
                          to become Self Aware within its Creations.
                               Every Leaf in a Tree is different
                        for the entire Creation is the Unconscious Self
                          personalizing itself within its Creations.
                      Creation is the Infinite Attempt and Accomplishment
                              of the Creator becoming Self Aware
                                    of what it has become.
                     Within all Things the Creator enjoys Self Awareness.


                                           Truth 93

                      From the Depth of our Etheric Existence as Spirits
                                    we as a Creative Force
                            started our daring Physical Endeavours
                       by periodic Descents into a Physical Environment.
                                             - - -
                      At first we trained ourselves by living in Animals
                             and slowly we improved these Vehicles
                        by teaching them to communicate with each other
                               by means of Speech and Notation.
                      We became so fascinated with living in the Physical
                            that we completely identified with it.
                                             - - -
                             Millions of Years were spent on Earth
                         and we lived in all kinds of Physical Bodies.
                       The Result was that we forgot about our Homeland.
                                             - - -
                              We knew ourselves as the Human Race
                         and many a time we were close to Extinction.
                          At these Times... as well as in the Present
                         we have the Assistance of our Older Brothers
                                and they help us in many ways.
                       Most of their Assistance is not even known to us
                            for their Activities are very discreet.
                                             - - -
                      Our Older Brothers go by the Universal Law of Love
                        and the Higher Planes always assist the Lower.
                                             - - -
                                  Billions of Years have past
                              and except for a few Mature Beings
                          like Lao-tzu... Krishna... Buddha and Jesus
                             Mankind has been totally in the Dark
                                   about its true Identity.
                                  At this very Moment however
                            we are entering an Age of Enlightenment
                       and Millions of us are awakening to Cosmic Truth.
                                             - - -
                             The Knowledge and Wisdom we gathered
                         by living in our own Physical Reality System
                                  will be part of us forever
                             in our Ancestral Home of the Etheric.
                                             - - -
                                   Living in Physical Bodies
                             is a Temporary but Tough Undertaking.
                                             - - -
                           Our Physical Endeavours were most daring
                      for Nobody knew what we would... or will yet meet.
                                ! Life is an Open Experience !

                        ! WE ARE CREATORS... LOST IN OUR OWN CREATION !

                                           Truth 97

                       From the Lord God of my Being
                                  I ask the Father within...
                       For Crystal Clear Knowledge
                                    for Love and Understanding
                                              for Wisdom and Compassion.
                       I allow myself to be what I am
                          and I let the God I am... enter my Being.

                          I am the very Son of God... I am the Buddha
                              I am the Christ for I am Love personified.

                       The Glory of the Father is within me
                                  and I glow with the Light of Creation.

                       ! I LIVE IN THE STATE OF GRACE... FOR I AM LOVE !

                                           Truth 98

                       For the next twenty Years...
                                the Masses of Mankind
                                will be in a Self Destructive Mode.
                       Man will put up a frantic Fight...
                                for what he sees as his Survival.
                                In the End the Masses of Mankind
                                will disappear from the Face of the Earth.
                                             - - -
                       The Mass Mind of Man is Insane..!
                                He thinks that he fights for his Life
                                but he only fights for an empty Shell.
                                             - - -
                       Only relatively few People...
                                will be able to survive
                                and many although not touched directly
                                will become depressed and commit suicide.
                                             - - -
                       It will be a most horrible Scene...
                                for the Dead will be collected daily
                                and the Bodies buried in massive Graves.
                                             - - -
                       People who do not believe all this...
                                most likely will be the first ones to go.

                          (Lately things might have changed however)

                       THE WORLD... AS WE KNOW IT... WILL COME TO AN END

                                           Truth 100

                            From the Viewpoint of our Higher Selves
                          all our Lifetimes are lived simultaneously.
                       For Time as we know it is an Aspect of our Dream.
                                             - - -
                              Karma... or Balancing our Lifetimes
                                         - therefore -
                      is an Elusive Activity and should be thought about
                           with the Understanding that Reincarnation
                                       - is only true -
                      when we look at Lifetimes from Earth's Perspective.
                                             - - -
                      The Higher Self or the Christ we are... we are now.
                                 ! We have always been this !
                             Our Lifetime-Episodes or our Journeys
                           are Reflections... Dreams... or Creations
                       within the Nowness of their/our Infinite Moments.
                                             - - -
                               Higher Selves dream-think-create
                            a specific Personality they wish to be
                                         and voila...
                        we are the Realities of their Creative Dreams.
                         ! Yes... we are Real... for Dreams are Real !
                                             - - -
                             We are Real in Mind or Consciousness
                      and we think that we are Real in Physical Reality.
                        Physical Reality however... is the very Reality
                      that we as Aspects of the One Consciousness create.
                                             - - -
                              We seem to live in Physical Bodies
                         but we Humans see or experience this Reality
                             through very craftily created Lenses
                                    the Human Body itself.
                               ! There is no Objective Reality !
                           We have hypnotized ourselves collectively
                      and we agree on what we think we experience or see.
                                             - - -
                         Our Higher Selves create us in the same sense
                             as we with our Thoughts create them.
                                             - - -
                               Life is a Reciprocal Relationship
                      in which all of us are Equal and create each Other.
                              All of Us are the One Consciousness
                                  that is entertaining itself
                               by pretending to be all Entities
                             within the Reality of its own Dreams.
                        The Whole of Creation takes place in our Mind.
                             ! The entire Universe is this Mind !
                                             - - -
                        Thinking that we live in Bodies on Planet Earth
                          is a Conclusion made by a hypnotized Aspect
                       with a Seemingly Separate Consciousness or Mind.
                                Things... Bodies... and Planets
                            are Energy Patterns of and in our Mind.
                      There is only Consciousness... entertaining itself
                          by having Billions upon Billions of Dreams.
                                             - - -
                              All Dreams are experienced as real
                      for the Creator or Dreamer thinks that he is awake.
                              ! We are this Creator or Dreamer !
                                             - - -
                        Since many Entities or Beings are able to think
                               and therefore are able to create
                      the Universe is an Expanding Mind or Consciousness.
                          It becomes aware of its Creations or Dreams
                         within the Seemingly Separate Consciousnesses
                                      or Created Entities
                         that live in all Dimensions of the Universe.
                      The Creator... the Universe... Consciousness or We
                             are the very Dreamer and Experiencer
                      of the Reality we create by our Thoughts or Dreams
                           that manifest right before our very Eyes.
                                             - - -
                       When all Dreamers awaken the Universe disappears.
                           At that Moment all Dreamers have evolved
                                    to the Original Source
                          and the Manifested Universe and its Aspects
                                      have arrived Home.
                           This happens regularly in enormous Cycles
                                   that are hard to fathom.
                      Consciousness or the Creator as Unbroken Wholeness
                           has its Moments of Manifestations/Dreams
                       and its Moments of Returning/Awakening to Itself.
                                ! We do this again and again !

                               ! WE ARE THE LIGHT OF CREATION !

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