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~ Truth Without Proof ~

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                                           Truth 107

                           Great Mind in which I dream... awaken me.
                         Great Mind in which I dwell... heal my Body.
                       Great Mind in which I think... clear my Thoughts.
                                             - - -
                       Great Mind in which I breathe... clear my Lungs.
                        Great Mind in which I am aware... speak to me.
                         Great Mind in which I am... possess my Soul.
                                             - - -
                              Great Soul I am... help me to be...
                                      the best I can be.
                                           So be it.

                           ! AFFIRMATIONS CREATE WHAT YOU WILL BE !

                                           Truth 108

                         God... Life... the Universe... or the Creator
                                    is an Essence or Energy
                           that lives within all Things and Beings.
                         We as Human Beings are this Essence or Energy
                      and therefore... We Are God... Life... the Universe
                            or whatever you might want to call it.
                          ! We are here to discover that this is so !
                       The Masses of Mankind have not reached this Point
                               but this does not make them less.
                     All of Us are God... or the Creator... Alive as Man.

                        !!! THERE IS ONLY GOD... WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS !!!

                                           Truth 109

                          ? Gerardus.... What do you know for sure ?
                                             - - -
                                       I Know That I Am
                                 and that I will live Forever
                              for I am an Aspect of the Creator.
                                             - - -
                                I am a Multi Dimensional Being
                           in the Pursuit of expanding my Awareness.
                                             - - -
                      At this Moment I live in a Physical Reality System
                           of which there are many in the Universe.
                                             - - -
                                    I also know for sure...
                          that there is no Beginning nor End to Life
                                    for what we call Death
                       is a Transition to a different Dimension of Life.
                                             - - -
                                  I also know that All of Us
                          slowly evolve to higher Levels of Awareness
                              and that we are personally involved
                                in creating the Lessons we need
                                      in order to awaken
                          to the Infinite Source of Creation We Are.

                              !! THERE IS NOTHING MORE TO KNOW !!

                                           Truth 112

                         Since we are the Infinite Source of Creation
                            the Unbroken Whole we call the Universe
                                   is an Expression of Love.
                                             - - -
                          This is so... for we as the Infinite Source
                                  only do what we love to do.
                            ! This means that All of Us are Love !
                                             - - -
                        The Unbroken Whole of Creation is a Divine Play
                              in which we lose and find ourselves
                       for we all are Aspects of but One Consciousness.
                                             - - -
                           Human Bodies are nothing but Containers.
                      Containers for Consciousness... Souls or Awareness.
                             Most of them are quite empty however
                         for their Owners stuff them full of Nonsense.
                             This Nonsense is freely given to them
                       by the Official Educational Systems of the World.
                           The Rulers of the World are interested in
                                 Gullibility and Consumption.
                                   ! This is the way it is !
                          I have no Objections to the way Things are
                        for the World is exactly the way it should be.

                             THE WORLD IS A SCHOOL FOR HUMAN SOULS

                                           Truth 113

                               Human Beings are Souls or Spirits
                          incarnated into the Plane of the Physical.
                                             - - -
                                The Confusion of incarnate Life
                                 was meant to be quite massive
                           in order to baffle the Intellectual Mind.
                                 This is the Mind that thinks
                           in Black and White  or  Right and Wrong.
                       ! Experiencing Confusion opens the Heart Chakra !
                      This Chakra guides our Progression in Consciousness
                                according to our Inner Desires.


                                      Truth 114

                               ? How did Man get on the Earth ?
                           In order for Consciousness to know itself
                                   it had to express itself.
                      All Things... are Self Expressions of Consciousness
                         and Man is but one of these Self Expressions.
                       We.... as this Self Expression slowly but surely
                      started to identify ourselves with Physical Bodies.
                     We lost our Self in the Act of creating Matter Forms.
                         Consciousness then.... or the Creator We Are
                              is unconscious of its own Identity.
                       Man is the very Creator lost in his own Creation.


                                           Truth 115

                              How do we teach the Ego or Ass-self
                            to behave like a Human or loving Being?
                             Teach it Relaxation.... Discipline...
                           and above all.... teach it Concentration.
                            Sooner or later the Higher or God Self
                         will have greater Control over the lower self
                                  and Life will do the Rest !
                           Pretty soon it will be trying to meditate
                            attempt to write Metaphysical Malarkey
                           and think that it really knows something.
                        All this might only take a thousand Lifetimes.

                      >> PLEASE... NEVER BELIEVE WHAT GERARDUS WRITES <<

                                           Truth 116

                                      Happiness means...
                            that you are too busy enjoying yourself
                          to give Happiness any Thoughts whatsoever.
                                             - - -
                              This State of Enjoyment includes...
                           loving yourself as well as loving others
                                  with the built in Knowledge
                          that you will never desire frivolous Things
                              like Approval... Popularity or Fame
                                    for it would interfere
                          with the Abundant State of Grace you're in.

                        ! HAPPINESS IS KNOWING THAT YOU DON'T NEED IT !

                                           Truth 117

                             I am in the Light... and of the Light
                                  I am the Light of Creation.
                                 I stand protected in my Light
                               and I receive enough Energy today
                             to keep me going in a brilliant way.
                        My Thoughts are all Powerful and I heal myself.
                     My Body is healing and I grow in Strength and Power.
                                   I am Healthy... I am Good
                               and I behave just like I should.
                             I am in the Light... and of the Light
                                  I am the Light of Creation.

                       MORNING.. NOON AND NIGHT.. I AM LOVE.. I AM LIGHT

                                           Truth 118

                               I am the only One in the Universe
                           and the Universe is my Being manifested.
                           I never speak of... My Infinite Greatness
                                    for it is Self Evident.
                               Before my Greatness can be known
                             one must equal my Being in Greatness
                          in order to grasp the Infinite Being I am.
                        The Infinite Beings who understand my Greatness
                          appear as Individualized God Personalities.
                             They function in different Capacities
                               in order to be what I am in them.

                      ! I AM THE ONE WHO HAS BECOME ALL... YET I AM ME !

                                           Truth 119

                      If and when Jesus the Christ ever said "follow me"
                                     it was most likely...
                        when he showed someone the way to the Washroom.
                            In no way... whatsoever... did he mean
                                follow me by imitating my Life
                          or follow me because I'm the Best there is.
                                             - - -
                              Most likely he said... and meant...
                                       follow me into...
                               ! The State of Mind called Love !
                                             - - -
                          We now call it... The Christ Consciousness.


                                           Truth 120

                                   I change and grow in life
                                I create a new and safe Future.
                                             - - -
                               I create Peacefulness in my Mind
                                    my Body reflects this.
                                             - - -
                                 I breathe Life into my Vision
                                           and I see
                              with Compassion and Understanding.


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