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                                           Truth 121

                         In every Particle... Wavicle... Atom or Cell
                           is hidden the Omniscience of the Creator.
                                  The full Force of Creation
                           is within all its Members and Creatures.
                               ! This Creator is Consciousness !
                         Unlimited... Undivided... and always Itself.
                                             - - -
                           Consciousness is the Source of Thoughts.
                               Creation is Thought being Itself.
                                     Thought being Itself
                                   is Consciousness at Play.

                         ! IF ALL THIS IS SO... YOU ARE THIS CREATOR !

                                           Truth 122

                              ! Intuition is really Remembering !
                      Man knows all Things... but he has forgotten most.
                                             - - -
                          The World is a Spaceship of our own making.
                                 The Moon is also a Spaceship.
                            It is inhabited by our older Brothers.
                                   They seem to fly in UFOs.
                                             - - -
                             They are our Guardians and Teachers.
                           They let us struggle along by ourselves.
                         We are supposed to learn by our own Mistakes.


                                           Truth 123

                                  Is Mankind its own Creator?
                          The Creator... the Light... or the All Mind
                            lives in Human Bodies that are created
                                     by the Light Beings.
                                             - - -
                          These Light Beings function as the Creator
                       and Aspects of these Beings live as Human Beings
                            in order to experience their Creation.
                           We as Human Beings eventually will awaken
                                 to the astounding Conclusion
                            that we are the Creator in Human Form.

                       ! WE AND THE LIGHT BEINGS ARE ONE AND THE SAME !

                                           Truth 124

                           In our Three Dimensional Physical Reality
                                      Sub-Atomic Wavicles
                              appear and disappear spontaneously.
                              ! Human Beings do the same Thing !
                             Human Appearances seem to last longer
                           but Time is only an Aspect of our Dream.
                                      Sub-Atomic Wavicles
                           have the same Importance in the Universe
                                       as Human Beings.
                      Both are necessary in order to establish the Other.
                               ! It's a Mutual Act of Creation !


                                           Truth 125

                       ? If Space is an Illusion.... what really is it ?
                      Space is full of Vibrations we're unable to sense.
                           Space is the Unconsciousness of our Mind.
                                             - - -
                                 The more sensitive we become
                             the more we become aware or conscious
                         of the Energies which vibrate all around us.
                                      What we call Space
                          the adjacent Planes of Universal Existence.
                     ! The entire Universe is our Mind or Consciousness !


                                           Truth 126

                                If Time and Space are Illusions
                       all Happenings in the World occur simultaneously.
                          Somehow our Reality is the only one visible
                        while all other Realities are invisible to us.
                                   How does our Brain select
                                     - This One Reality -
                           out of the Billions and Billions at hand?
                        Is our Brain synchronized by Illusionary Time?
                             Where do all these Events take place
                                   if Space is Illusionary?
                       ? When and where do we exist if All is Illusion ?


                                           Truth 127

                         Infinity... Time and Space... Past and Future
                              are Concepts of the Physical Plane.
                            This Plane is an illusive State of Mind
                       and it is only Real for those within this State.
                      Since Infinity... Time and Space... Past and Future
                               are Aspects of the Physical Plane
                         these Concepts are Real to Physical Entities.
                         However.... Physical Reality is like a Dream
                        that is agreed upon by a hypnotized Population.
                       Realities are created by Conditioning or Beliefs.
                                ! Beliefs are States of Mind !
                                             - - -
                        The Combined Effect of the Senses... the Brain
                                 and the hypnotized Human Mind
                                    creates the Concepts of
                        Infinity... Time and Space... Past and Future.
                       The Realness of the Physical Universe is a Dream
                                      that is experienced
                            while we as the Creator... are asleep.
                                             - - -
                                    When we leave our Body
                              we escape this Reality for a while
                          until we reincarnate again into Human Form.
                                             - - -
                          The Attainment of the Christ Consciousness
                      is the Permanent Awakening from the Physical Dream.
                                             - - -
                            ! Only a Christ or a Buddha is Awake !
                                             - - -
                                  All Human Beings eventually
                        will attain the Christ or Buddha Consciousness.
                                             - - -
                           The Christ or Buddha Consciousness Levels
                               are not the Limits of Greatness.

                          ! FOR NOW HOWEVER... IT WILL DO PERFECTLY !

                                           Truth 130

                      If the Body is a Holographic Magnetic Energy Field
                               where in this Field is the Soul?
                                             - - -
                             The Holographic Magnetic Energy Field
                                            - is -
                                     the very Soul itself.
                       However.... we cannot really speak of where it is
                           because Physical Reality is an Illusion.
                             We could say however... that the Soul
                           is within the Unconscious or Unaware Self
                        and that we can become aware of this Soul Self.

                         IN A DREAM THERE IS NO HERE OR THERE OR WHEN

                                           Truth 131

                              In the Future it will be impossible
                         for Mankind to transgress against each other
                               for all Human Beings in all Races
                            will be telepathically sensitive enough
                      to detect any planned Activity against one another.
                        Our Psychic Abilities will improve tremendously
                             and pretty soon the Whole Human Race
                                 will be One Big Happy Family.
                        Secrets and Wars will be Concepts of the Past.
                                     Please say Goodbye...
                               to the KGB... CIA... and the FBI.


                                           Truth 132

                      In the Future we will have...
                                           a Council for World Population.
                      This Council will determine whether
                                             you are Intelligent enough
                                             and Psychologically stable
                                             in order to start a Family.
                      From Birth we will be Sterile...
                             and only when we pass the Examination
                             will we be de-sterilized by Radiation.
                      By that Time all Religions will have been abandoned
                      for Mankind will have come to greater Understanding.


                                           Truth 133

                           If there is Individual Happiness on Earth
                                         it also means
                            that there will be Individual Happiness
                                    in the Life hereafter.
                            For what we are now... we take with us.
                                 Happiness is a State of Mind
                            that you take with you wherever you go.
                                             - - -
                                      Please remember...
                       that whatever happens to you is not as important
                              as what you think or feel about it.

                       ! STAY COOL BABY... STAY COOL... AND CELEBRATE !

                                           Truth 134

                              If there is one Person in your Life
                                         who likes you
                                     you are not a Failure
                            if there is but one Person in your Life
                                         who loves you
                                      you are a Success.
                                             - - -
                          However... if there are Thousands of either
                              you are past the Mark of Excellence
                                   and you are only Popular.

                             ! LIFE IS NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST !

                                           Truth 135

                       In the last Fifty Years Mankind has been exposed
                             to a lot of Electromagnetic Energies.
                        The new Cellular Phones are the latest Example.
                                   Electromagnetic Energies
                                interfere with the Human Aura.
                                             - - -
                                 Low Frequency Magnetic Fields
                           affect most Biological Systems harmfully.
                         Specific Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields
                            can either cure or cause Cancer in Rats
                      and can cause either Depression or Anxiety in Man.
                                             - - -
                        There are even low Frequency Magnetic Energies
                                   that could be broadcasted
                          to control the Behaviour of the Population.
                                             - - -
                           In the Future the Behaviour of the Masses
                                   will become quite Bizarre
                          and they will be controlled psychologically
                                   by their own Governments.
                                             - - -
                             Natural Disasters and the Pole Shift
                           will bring an End to the New World Order.

                         ! THE LONG RANGE FUTURE OF MAN IS BRILLIANT !

                                           Truth 137

                                   In this Moment in Time...
                      the Three Dimensional Phase of Creation of Mankind
                                is in a Self Destructive Mode.
                                             - - -
                             It means that the World as we know it
                                        will disappear
                           and a New World will arise in its Place.
                                             - - -
                       The next Phase of Creation for Man on this Earth
                            will be of a Fourth Dimensional Nature.
                          ! All Things are unfolding as they should !

                              ! GET WITH IT MAN... GET WITH IT !

                                           Truth 138

                        If we assume that Time and Space are Illusions
                            we are Dead and Alive at the same Time.
                         If we also assume that Everybody in the World
                           is a Parallel Reincarnation of Ourselves
                                      this would mean...
                                  that we are all the People
                       who ever lived... live now... and will ever live.
                                     If all this is so...
                            we must be the Infinite Creator itself.
                      ! Ordinary Life then... will have to be our Dream !
                                ? Are we here to confirm that ?

                             >> WE ARE HERE TO DO WHAT WE ENJOY <<

                                           Truth 139

                      Let's assume that the Aids Virus and its Relatives
                                 are a Scientific Creation of
                            the World Center of Population Control.
                      A Cure for Aids then will not be tolerated or used
                        until the required Amount of People have died.
                                     ? What is the Cure ?
                           The Crystalline Nature of the Aids Virus
                      makes it possible to nuke it out of the Human Body
                        with the Oscillatory Shatter Rate of the Virus.
                                 This Radar or Light Frequency
                          will get rid of the Aids Virus in Minutes.


                                           Truth 140

                           ? Look at the World and what do you see ?
                             ! Images.... and nothing but Images !
                         There is no real Substance out there at all.
                           What you see... sense... bump into or eat
                            is neither Solid... Fluid... or Gassy.
                               It is a Cosmic Energy Force Field
                               in a Power Structure or Posture.
                            It is a Force Field of Vibrating Energy
                             that your Conditioned Conscious Mind
                                 accepts as Physical Reality.
                       ! It is the self created Magic of Consciousness !

                            !! AND YOU ARE THE ALMIGHTY MAGICIAN !!

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