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                                           Truth 262

                          The entire Universe is a Hologram or Matrix
                        that multiplies or propagates itself infinitely
                                           - into -
                          "Individual Aspects with Different Colours"
                      which contain the Original Hologram unconsciously.
                               Each Individual Aspect therefore
                                            - is -
                        a Reflection of the Original Hologram or Matrix
                                that must return to its Source
                           for there is nowhere else to go but Home.
                                      ! Home sweet Home !


                                           Truth 263

                         The entire Universe is a Living Relationship
                            in which all Members affect each other.
                                   ! It has always existed !
                     In this Relationship Entities are created by Thought
                        and these Entities produce new Thoughts again.
                       These Thoughts in turn create and change Entities
                               who produce more Thoughts again.
                     All Thoughts... Entities... and Things... are Alive.
                            ! There is only Life in the Universe !
                              Life is the Dream of Consciousness
                               forever changing.... forever new.

                            !! DEATH IS A FICTION OF MAN'S MIND !!

                                           Truth 264

                         The Entire Universe is Mind or Consciousness
                                     that projects itself
                          into an Infinite Dream... we call Creation.
                        All Projections.... Aspects... or Dream Images
                             are aware of themselves and of others
                              at different Levels of Perception.
                          There really is no Inner and Outer Universe
                               for the Universe is Consciousness
                          expressed in Holographic Aspects of itself.
                         Every Aspect is an Image of any other Aspect
                           and the Whole mirrors itself as Creation.


                                           Truth 265

                       The Energy within us.... is the Creator's Energy.
                                             - - -
                               The Creator's Energy will heal us
                                  for it will heal the World.
                                             - - -
                            The Creator's Energy will enlighten us
                               for it will enlighten the World.
                                             - - -
                       The Words we speak are the Words of the Creator.
                                             - - -
                            ! The Creator in Mankind is Awakening !

                       BEFORE WE CAN BE FOUND... WE FIRST MUST BE LOST!

                                           Truth 266

                         The Fundamental Activity of our Matter World
                                 is indeed.... Funda - Mental
                            or an Activity... Founded on Mentality.
                        All Events which occur in our Space-Time World
                               are the Result of Mental Forces.
                        These Mental Forces are the Thoughts and Ideas
                       which form or create our Matter-Space-Time World.
                         Whatever we experience in our Material World
                          are the Reflections or Results of our Mind.
                              We in our Matter-Space-Time-Capsule
                                are tossed around by Thoughts.


                                           Truth 267

                         The Firmament and the Physical Reality of it
                           is the Product of the Thoughts and Ideas
                      of the Collective Consciousnesses of all Godbeings.
                                             - - -
                         The Solar Planets and their Physical Reality
                          are the Products of the Thoughts and Ideas
                       of the Collective Consciousnesses of all Mankind
                           and the Beings responsible for Humanity.
                           These Beings are the Guardians of Mankind
                                 - the Keepers of the World -
                        and when it is needed they appear in our Skies.
                                             - - -
                                Whatever we experience on Earth
                       are Three Dimensional Scenes of Vibrating Energy
                        that are created by the Activities of our Mind.
                               It is the Result of our Thought.
                        We accept these Vibrations as Physical Reality.
                                             - - -
                          The Active and Moving Patterns of our World
                              in all their Details and Greatness
                        are literally the Living Scenario of our Mind.
                                    What we see however...
                       are but the Physical Components of this Reality.
                                             - - -
                          All Physical Action and Things in our World
                              are actually Vibrating Energy Forms
                          that continually interchange Energy Quanta.
                        The Slowness of our Perception makes us believe
                                   that we are experiencing
                          the Physical Reality of the World around us
                             but what we really see and experience
                              are the Interchanging Energy Quanta
                         of our Consciousness or Mind in slow Motion.
                          ! Our Thoughts  are  our Physical Reality !
                                             - - -
                       Since most of us do not think or create very much
                         we are controlled by the Rulers of the World
                               who have us manufacture Products
                        that are Dangerous to the entire Solar System.
                              Atomic... and Biological Weapons...
                       Nuclear... Electromagnetic and Chemical Pollution
                       are but an Example of our Destructive Creations.
                      Our Guardians however watch over us and if need be
                        they will intervene in a most effective Manner.
                                      Usually however...
                           we kill ourselves by the Billions first.


                                           Truth 271

                                 The Fourth Level of our Brain
                                     is centrally located
                         between the Lower and the Upper three Levels.
                          The Fourth Level is the Seat of our Being.
                              ! Our Brain is a Living Computer !
                          It is up to the Personality and its Desires
                        to either choose to connect to the Lower Levels
                            or to the Upper Levels of our Computer.
                       When we connect to the Upper Levels of our Brain
                         we connect to the Future Evolutionary Stages
                               of the Infinite Godbeing we are.


                                           Truth 272

                                       To feel no Other
                             means that the World and the Universe
                                are felt as the Being You Are.
                                             - - -
                                  ! It means to feel Whole !
                                             - - -
                             ! It's the Feeling of Enlightenment !
                                             - - -
                                       To feel that way
                           is to feel like the Christ or the Buddha.

                          ! IT'S THE BLOOMING OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS !

                                           Truth 273

                           The Fact that you have been given a Name
                            does not mean that you  are  your Name.
                          You are also not your good looking Face...
                                your Address or your Zip-Code.
                         The Infinite could not care less about Names
                          and it also doesn't care for a pretty Face.
                              It shrivels them all up in old Age
                         and sometimes it even distorts them brutally
                                     before they are born.
                               You are a Witness of the Infinite
                         peeking at your Self... one Soul at the Time.

                        ! YOUR REAL FACE IS THE SOUL OR LIGHT YOU ARE !

                                           Truth 274

                       The Human Brain with all its Grey and White Cells
                           has seven different Levels of Awareness.
                          Depending on the Potential you can build up
                             between the Grey and the White Cells
                          you can think your way straight to Heaven.
                                             - - -
                     Ordinary People tune into the second and third Level
                         and occasionally touch the fourth and fifth.
                       Many New Age Mavericks reach the fifth and sixth
                            and the whole World is upset about that
                         for some of them proclaim that they are God.


                                           Truth 275

                                To hang on to Anything in Life
                          slows us down on the Path of Enlightenment.
                                             - - -
                              ! Especially hanging on to Ideas !
                                             - - -
                         We have come here to appreciate our Creation
                                   and the emptier our Mind
                             the better we are able to appreciate.
                                             - - -
                           Appreciation without Personal Involvement
                                       is Enlightenment.


                                           Truth 276

                           The House we live in is a Center of Light
                            and we as Aspects of the Infinite Light
                             love ourselves as well as all others.
                                             - - -
                          We as the Instruments of our Higher Selves
                            are Grateful that we are able to serve
                         and we give Thanks for all we have received.
                           We project Light... Love... and Laughter
                                      to the World of Man
                        with the Understanding that our entire Universe
                         is a Self Expression of Love and Fulfillment.

                                      >>>  SO BE IT  <<<

                                           Truth 277

                          The Infinite All Mind creates unconsciously
                      in order to find itself or to find Self Awareness.
                     Unconsciously it creates Forms and gets lost in them
                              for it thinks that it is the Form.
                            The very Desire to find Self Awareness
                         forces it to create Things other than itself.
                              By means of these Self Expressions
                       the Infinite Unconscious Consciousness or Creator
                        becomes more and more Conscious or Self Aware.
                                    The Trick however is...
                            not to identify with the Form or Body.


                                           Truth 278

                            The Infinite All Mind or Consciousness
                                    is what Man calls God.
                         This Consciousness is not some kind of Being
                                  or Super Human Personality
                            that ought to be worshipped or adored.
                                             - - -
                                 It ought to be thought about
                            as the Infinite Force we actually are.
                        This Infinite Force is our own Unconsciousness
                            expressed as the Soul or Being we are.
                       To become more and more Conscious is our Destiny.


                                           Truth 279

                      There is a Rumor that on Palm Sunday
                                 the Man Jesus entered Jerusalem
                                                riding an ordinary Ass.
                         Suppose now...
                                    that all this is true!
                                 Why did this Man ride an Ass?
                         Why didn't he ride a beautiful Horse or Camel?
                                             - - -
                       Well now... the Man Jesus rode an Ass
                             because he was depicting to the World
                       that he had conquered the Lower Self... the Ass.

                           ! IN TIME WE WILL ALL DO SIMILAR THINGS !

                                           Truth 280

                              ! Thought is the Almighty Creator !
                      We as a Consciousness and therefore as the Creator
                              create our own Body and live in it.
                         We as the Creator... and... we as the Created
                                      are so intermingled
                               that the One is almost the Other.
                         There is a constant Interaction and Feedback
                            between Ourselves and our Manifestation
                                   as long as we live in it.
                           However... we do not just create the Body
                                we also create our Experiences.

                      ! MOST OF US ARE ONLY AWARE THAT WE ARE THE BODY !

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