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                                           Truth 303

                          The Universe consists of Ideas or Thoughts
                         and the Densities of these Ideas or Thoughts
                               determines the Level of Reality.
                        Within Physical Reality Thoughts are Semi Solid
                               and Matter or Solidified Thought
                             falls within a certain Density Range.
                      Matter in all its Forms and Diversities is made up
                            of different Frequencies and Vibrations
                              of Cosmic Energy or Consciousness.
                                   All Material Objects then
                           are Energies with different Frequencies.
                                             - - -
                         The Solidity or Density of Matter is relative
                         and Pure Energy Forms can move through Matter
                             without any Hindrance or Resistance.
                        Living in an Energy Form is a spooky Experience
                            for you can move through a Brick Wall.
                      You can also move from Place to Place by thinking.
                                  Moving from Place to Place
                           is really moving from Thought to Thought.
                       The whole Universe is actually One Infinite Mind
                             through which Thoughts or Things move
                        like Patterns of Light move through the Oceans.
                                             - - -
                                All Thoughts or Things combined
                       make up this One Infinite Mind or Consciousness.
                                             - - -
                             Some Aspects of this Mind are Visible
                           because these Aspects or Thoughts radiate
                                a specific Cosmic Energy Field
                           that can be detected by certain Sensors.
                      These Sensors are the Senses of our Physical Body.
                                             - - -
                       What we sense in our Visible or Physical Universe
                        are Energy Vibrations.... Fields or Pressures.
                                             - - -
                       All Things in the Universe are Forms of Thoughts.
                             So the Universe or the Infinite Mind
                                    contains only Thoughts.
                      Thoughts are vibrating and radiating Energy Fields
                          that influence each other in specific ways.
                      No Energy Field reacts the same as any other Field
                        and the Universe therefore is an Infinite Mind
                      containing Infinite Diversities or Individualities
                            that have their own Brand of Awareness.
                               Each Individual Awareness or Self
                      is a Holographic Image or Reflection of the Whole.


                                           Truth 307

                              The Universal Consciousness or Mind
                            is actually a Multi-Split Parent Mind.
                           All Personalities... People... and Things
                                 emerge from this Parent Mind
                         and live in a Dream State of Self Reflection
                              that does not allow them to realize
                          that they actually are the One Parent Mind.
                                             - - -
                          ! We are Unconscious of our True Identity !
                                             - - -
                             We suffer from a Separation Syndrome
                          that can only be healed by becoming Whole.
                       This Wholeness is what all of us are looking for
                            while we are experiencing our Creation.
                                             - - -
                      During these Sojourns we try to fill our Emptiness
                       by engaging ourselves in all kinds of Activities
                        that in the long run do not really satisfy us.
                                             - - -
                              We are Hungry for our Greater Self
                                      not for Activities.
                                             - - -
                             As Human Beings in or out of the Body
                           we live in some kind of dissociated State
                               from our Greater or Higher Self.
                                             - - -
                          We are Sub-Personalities of our Parent Mind
                                 and only by Conscious Effort
                                  and/or Radical Realization
                        can we as Individuated or Dissociated Dreamers
                           merge with our Universal or Parent Mind.
                                             - - -
                       This Parent Mind is the Universal Creative Force.
                                             - - -
                          The Universal Creative Force or the Creator
                               by means of its Sub-Personalities
                                          - creates -
                       according to their Individual Wishes and Desires.
                                             - - -
                             All Human Wishes and Desires however
                       are not too effective towards Inner Fulfillment.
                           ! We are missing our Wholeness of Being !
                                             - - -
                             ! We have lost our Reference Point !
                                             - - -
                                Greater Wholeness will be found
                                     when we have reached
                        the Christ Consciousness or the Kingdom of God.
                                             - - -
                        After reaching these higher States of Awareness
                           there are still other Planes to transcend
                                 before we and our Experiences
                         will merge back into the Source of Creation.
                                             - - -
                             This is what all of us are working on
                               Experience.... after Experience.


                                           Truth 312

                         The Universal Force... or The Light... or God
                                      enters its Creation
                                in a Hypnotized State of Mind.
                                             - - -
                          ! This Mind is the Mind of Man... asleep !
                                             - - -
                       We are the Creator... in an unaware State of Mind
                      and our Experiences are the Fuel for our Awakening.
                                             - - -
                               To realize our Ultimate Potential
                        is an absolute Certainty for all Human Beings.

                       ! WE ALL COME TO EARTH IN ORDER TO BECOME AWARE !

                                           Truth 313

                        The Universe... High and Low.... is what I am.
                       Sometimes I am Physical... sometimes only Spirit.
                                 ! Whatever I am... I am It !
                               My Spirit Form is my Natural Form
                        and my Physical Form is optional and temporary.
                             My Consciousness is seemingly divided
                          among the many Spirits and Forms I am/play.
                             All these Spirits and Forms are aware
                         as Independent Separate Creatures in Creation
                                 however... I am all of them.
                              ! Knowingly... and... Unknowingly !


                                           Truth 314

                       The Universe is like a Divine and Creative Drama
                            that is set to Music and plays forever.
                         Everyone participates in this Cosmic Musical
                          and all of us play our favorite Instrument.
                       None of us... sounds the same as any other Player
                           but yet... we create spellbinding Music.
                                             - - -
                         When we observe and listen to this Spectacle
                            we feel that Others are out of Harmony.
                                      We feel this way...
                      because we are intoxicated by our own Performance.

                            ! PLEASE SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE SHOW !

                                           Truth 315

                                     The very Life we live
                             is Universal Consciousness in Action.
                                             - - -
                               Universal Consciousness in Action
                                    is the Creator at Work.
                                             - - -
                                    ! We are this Creator !
                                             - - -
                            Our World... is a World of Appearances
                       for all Physical Things.... are visible Thoughts.
                              ! Our World is a Sensory Illusion !


                                           Truth 316

                        The World at the Present
                                           is exactly as it should be.
                        For all Things are the Result
                                 of the Collective Thought of Mankind.
                                             - - -
                         ! Our Thought is the Creator of our Reality !
                                             - - -
                            There is no other Force in the Universe
                             but the Force of the Creator in Man.
                                             - - -
                                    Good... Bad... or Ugly.


                                           Truth 317

                        Telepathy will be a Future Faculty of Mankind.
                      The Normal... the Paranormal... and the Supernormal
                                will all merge into one Medium.
                          We will learn to communicate without Words
                              and the Level of Interconnectedness
                           will be beyond our present Understanding.
                       We all will be One in the True Sense of the Word.
                           The Sciences and the Religions will unite
                      and the Disciplines of Life... as it will be called
                          will educate us beyond our wildest Dreams.
                        ! We will all see each other as true Brothers !

                         ! WE WILL FORM THE ONENESS OF LOVE ON EARTH !

                                           Truth 318

                      There will come a Time...
                              in which we will live as long as we please.
                      At the Present we die far too soon...
                                            for we do not know yet
                                            how to take care of our Body.
                      We feed it polluted Food and Water...
                                              we breathe our own Exhausts
                                              and our Attitudes are based
                                              on dying in the Future.
                      With Habits like that and a Negative Mindset...
                                  it's a Miracle we live as long as we do.


                                           Truth 319

                          The World for most People is what they see.
                           Their Reality is created by their Senses.
                                   However... what they see
                          are their Thoughts posing as their Reality.
                                             - - -
                                    Most People do not know
                            that their Circumstances on this Earth
                               are the Result of their Thoughts.
                                  ! That's why they suffer !
                          Most People are lost in their own Creation.
                               They have to learn what to think.


                                           Truth 320

                              The Whole of Creation is One Being
                           seemingly divided into Infinite Entities.
                         Some Entities are Older and Wiser than Others
                                 these are the Ones who create
                         Stars... Planets... People... Mice and Lice.
                       These Wise Ones then descend into their Creation
                               to become Servants of the Light.
                        They spread their Love and Wisdom in Abundance
                                    and Ages and Ages later
                        a few brave Men... Women and Children graduate
                           for they have attained the Light of Love.

                       ! WE ARE ALL THE INFINITE... AND PERPETUAL ONE !

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