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                                          Wisdom 181

                          Subatomic Particles... Atoms and Molecules
                           are not Spinning Miniature Solar Systems.
                       ! The Essence of the Physical Universe is Mind !
                      Our Thoughts or Ideas are Cosmic Energy Vibrations
                               and they assume Forms and Shapes
                          that mirror our Original Thoughts or Ideas.
                      Our Thoughts.... Ideas... or Consciousness in Forms
                       and their various Vibrations produce the Illusion
                             of Physical Reality and its Objects.
                                             - - -
                         ! Our Thoughts and Ideas are the very Form !

                        ! TO LEARN TO THINK... IS TO LEARN TO CREATE !

                                          Wisdom 182

                                   Since the Concepts of...
                         Infinity... Time and Space... Past and Future
                               are Aspects of the Physical Plane
                                 they are Illusive and False.
                       The Physical Universe is an Illusionary Reality.
                                             - - -
                               However... it is absolutely real
                           for those who are subjected to its Laws.
                                             - - -
                       The Physical Plane is like a Dream... and to ask
                                    ? How long is a Dream ?
                           ? How big are the Figures in your Dream ?
                           ? How long have you lived in your Dream ?
                                  are meaningless Questions.
                                             - - -
                                 The only Things that are real
                                 - The Emotional Impressions -
                         that were made on the Mind of the Individual.
                                      The Individual Mind
                            is the only Real Essence in any Dream.

                        ! IF LIFE IS FUNNY... AWAKENING IS HYSTERICAL !

                                          Wisdom 184

                         Since there is an Infinite Past... and Future
                                 - from Man's Point of View -
                                       it is not likely
                            that we just appear as Man for a while
                                  and then disappear forever.
                         ! In other words... we have always existed !
                               However... we do not necessarily
                            always have to appear in Physical Form.
                       Could it be that the Physical Universe of Mankind
                             is but the Scenery of a Gigantic Play
                          in which the Creator plays the Role of Man?

                           ? ARE WE THE CLOWNS IN A COSMIC CIRCUS ?

                                          Wisdom 185

                                    Since we as Miracles...
                            are born into a World full of Miracles
                          we do not see.... the Miracles as Miracles.
                             The greatest Miracle of all... is...
                        that we are the Creator of all these Miracles.
                             An even greater Miracle yet... is...
                           that we have managed to forget all this!
                       All Miracles are Holograms or Images of our Mind
                          and each Hologram is our Mind in Miniature.
                         All Miniatures are Mirror Images of the Whole
                                 for the Whole is each Image.

                      WE... THE IMAGE OF GOD... THE IMAGE OF THE CREATOR

                                          Wisdom 186

                      ! Since we are the Creator... we do as we please !
                     We create and we destroy... we pollute and we purify.
                         We hate and we love... we kill and we heal...
                                  we remember and we forget.
                                     But whatever we do...
                             we must experience the Consequences.
                         All Consequences teach us... unmistakably...
                                   that Love is the Answer.
                        So... the next time we disagree with Foreigners
                           we send them Bread... Cookies and Wine...
                                       instead of Bombs!


                                          Wisdom 187

                          Thoughts are manifested in Physical Reality
                                     by means of our Aura.
                          The Aura is the Intermediate Energy Sphere
                       between our Soul and the Reality of the Physical.
                        The Energy of our Aura represents and radiates
                                  our Character or Charisma.
                              Our Soulness or Inner Creative Self
                           is broadcast via the Energies of our Aura
                            and produces our Physical Environment.
                                             - - -
                       Our Aura is the Image or Hologram of the Creator.


                                          Wisdom 188

                              The Activity of the entire Universe
                       is the Play of God or the Play of Consciousness.
                           The Reality of this Play is very Illusive
                           but the Beauty of it is Absolutely Real.
                       The Play of Consciousness can only be experienced
                              in a Personal or Individual Manner.
                         ! Life therefore... is a do it yourself Job !
                               No other Entity can judge others
                             for we all are Independent Operators
                        within an Interdependent Theater of Operation.
                               ! This Theater is Consciousness !


                                          Wisdom 189

                                 The Atoms that form your Body
                        are Vibrations of Consciousness or Mind Energy.
                               Aspects of this Vibrating Energy
                           are the Signature of your Soul in Flesh.
                     That's why you are mentally and physically different
                                than your Brothers or Sisters.
                        Your Physical Expression is a Soul Expression.
                          The Atoms of your Body and their Vibrations
                              are faster than the Speed of Light.
                          How come.... that amongst all this Movement
                                 you are as steady as a Rock?

                         ! MANY IDENTICAL TWINS SHARE THE SAME SOUL !

                                          Wisdom 190

                                   !! Thoughts are Things !!
                            The Physical Reality of Time and Space
                           is the Playground upon which we manifest
                            our Thoughts into our daily Happenings.
                                 All Physical Activity however
                       occurs within the Boundaries of our Consciousness
                         for the entire visible and invisible Universe
                            is our Mind or Consciousness in Action.
                          Physical Reality and its Material Contents
                            are slowed down Vibrations of Thought.
                         ! Things and Thoughts live in the same Mind !


                                          Wisdom 191

                        To be alive as a Human Being.... does not mean
                           that you're here today and gone Tomorrow.
                        To be Human means... that you're alive Forever.
                                   ! Because you are Life !
                                      For a while though
                              you will live in different Bodies.
                                       Bodies however...
                              are like Pets.... they die on you.
                                    ! You will never die !
                            You are Life.... You are Life Forever.
                                  ! Remind yourself of this !


                                          Wisdom 192

                         The Body of Man is an Extension of his Mind.
                        The Mind of Man is the Infinite Creative Spirit
                           experiencing all Facets of its Creation.
                                   The Soul of Man is formed
                             by the collective Experiences of Man
                      in the Physical and Nonphysical Realms of Creation.
                               The Body/Mind/Soul Complex of Man
                                   is an Entity or God Being
                             that reaches toward its Greater Self
                           in order to enjoy all Facets of Creation.
                      All Facets of Creation radiate the Fullness of God.

                       ? WHY ARE YOU IN A HURRY... IF YOU LIVE FOREVER ?

                                          Wisdom 193

                       The Bible states that Adam fell into a deep sleep
                        and nowhere is it stated that he ever woke up.
                        Being asleep means.... being mentally separated
                               from the Creative Source or God.
                        Indeed.... our Ego or worldly Mind is separated
                           from the Creative Source or Higher Mind.
                          We as Human Beings have distanced ourselves
                                 from our Higher Consciousness
                     in order to descend deeper into our Matter Creation.
                         At the Present... we are at the deepest level
                      and it is hereby stated... that Adam is awakening!


                                          Wisdom 194

                      The creation of a Private Ghost is a simple Affair.
                       All you do.... is think about it for seven years.
                        Give it a pleasant Character and love it a lot
                                   for it is your Creation.
                                   Your Body is also a Ghost
                            and you have given it Physical Reality
                               because you think you live in it.
                         The whole Universe is created by the Thoughts
                                   of Trillions of Thinkers
                            who all live within their own Creation
                          as temporary Images of their Consciousness.


                                          Wisdom 195

                          The Concepts of Time and Space are created
                         by your Individual Mind.... Brain and Senses
                      and the Greatness of the Spaciotemporal Infinities
                            depend entirely upon your Imagination.
                       Wouldn't it be marvelous if your Individual Mind
                            could not only think of Time and Space
                              but actually be... Time and Space?
                         ! All Things then would exist in your Mind !
                        That would mean that you are the Grain of Mind
                                  that contains the Universe.
                                     ? How Great Are You ?

                       ! THE ONE MIND.... HAS INFINITE PERSONAL FACES !

                                          Wisdom 196

                             The Creation of the Physical Universe
                         is not an Event that took place in the Past.
                     The whole of Creation is a forever changing Activity
                              in the Infinite Moment of Nowness.
                       The Illusive Reality of Time... Space and Matter
                             is a psychologically created Scenario
                                   that can be surpassed by
                         bodily Death... Meditation or Enlightenment.
                               ! Even ordinary sleep can do it !
                              The Physical Universe and the World
                         are changing visible Postures of Mind Energy.

                        MATTER ENERGY SPACE TIME... OR MEST... ARE MIND

                                          Wisdom 197

                          ! The Earth is a School for Young and Old !
                              Therefore... do not become confused
                               by the Manners of the Baby Soul.
                       ! They have to have their Idols and their Gods !
                           Remember.... the Majority of Earth Souls
                             live in ignorance of their Greatness.
                               We are all Aspects of one another
                          and there is a bit of Each... in All of Us.
                           Since we are Divine.... Wise and Playful
                                    we must allow ourselves
                           to be Silly... Common... Wise and Crazy.

                        ! MANY PEOPLE TRY TO TEACH POETRY TO MONKEYS !

                                          Wisdom 198

                              The Ego of Man is an Aspect of Man
                                     that does not realize
                              that it is a self created Illusion.
                           The Ego always looks for its own Purpose
                          as well as for the Purpose of the Universe.
                               ! Both of them are non existent !
                       The Universe... IS ... and Isness has no Purpose.
                            Man in the Pursuit of Ego Satisfaction
                          never realizes... that the more he attains
                                  the more his Ego grumbles.
                           ! Egos always chase their own Illusions !

                       ! EGOS ARE LIKE SNOWBALLS IN HELL... IMPOSSIBLE !

                                          Wisdom 199

                          The Essence of Thought... Energy and Matter
                                   is Consciousness or Mind.
                                 Thought.... Energy and Matter
                               are like Steam... Water and Ice.
                        All are the same Substance in different Forms.
                        Consciousness is Aware Energy.... and therefore
                          all Things are Aware in different Degrees.
                                 The Universe in its Totality
                                     - The Relationship -
                                Consciousness has with itself.


                                          Wisdom 200

                            The Energy of the Unmanifested Universe
                            "An Homogeneous Sphere of Aware Energy"
                        in a Quiet... Dormant and Blissful Dream State.
                                             - - -
                               ! It is Consciousness in Bliss !
                                             - - -
                       All the Sleeping Energy of Consciousness however
                                 cannot stay at rest forever.
                        Within certain Aspects of this Blissful Energy
                                   Dreams or Thoughts arise
                             that create Disturbances or Patterns
                               the Unbroken Universal Wholeness.
                                             - - -
                            These Disturbances manifest themselves
                                as Virtual Worlds or Realities.
                                             - - -
                          All Things in the Universe... High and Low
                           are Changing Vibrational Energy Patterns
                            that form the Finite Virtual Scenarios
                                 we are... and ... experience.
                      ! We are Pure Consciousness in a Disturbed State !


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